Weleda is my cotton t-shirt. And that’s a good thing!

Posted by: Emily

We’ve all heard women, both fictional and real, say that they feel most sexy and best in silk and other fancy fabrics.

I always wanted to be one of those women. I wanted to wear silky shirts under blazers to work and feel great all day. I wanted to want to sleep in silk nightgowns and feel so luxurious.

But the honest truth? I love a good cotton t-shirt. Preferably black or white. For me, that’s the best-feeling thing I can wear, with a a pair of jeans. I’ve had jobs in the past that required me to dress up every day, and I thought that it would be so good for me, and make me feel so great to be all dressed up. But at the end of the day (or truthfully, by 10 am) all I wanted to do was put on a t-shirt and jeans! That’s what makes me feel the most sexy.

Like the silky shirts and things, I’ve tried a lot of fancy, complicated skin creams in my time, because I thought they were supposed to make me feel great. But, like my cotton t-shirts, I recently came back around to my simple favorite.

Weleda’s Almond Intensive Facial Cream is my ultimate cotton t-shirt. And that’s a huge compliment. I discovered it months ago, fell in love with it, used it for a while, and then, being a true product junkie, went on to try other, more “silk-shirt-like” creams. But I am here to say that I’m back. I’m back to the truth, that nothing feels as good to me as my simple, wonderful Almond Intensive.

The other creams I tried in the meantime were more flashy– they made all kinds of crazy promises. “Perfecting.” “Revitalizing.” “Nourishing.” “Replenishing.” But the truth? They’re all just moisturizers. And some of them didn’t even moisturize particularly well!

But the biggest difference between these “silk-shirt-like” creams and my beloved Weleda Almond Intensive Facial Cream? The number of ingredients.

All these creams I’m talking about are all-natural, of course. I am religious about that. However, all-natural doesn’t mean pure and simple, and like my favorite cotton t-shirts, for me, I am learning, the more pure and simple the better.

Here’s a stat rundown of the number of ingredients in each of these creams:

“Revitalizing”: 46

“Perfecting”: 40

“Replenishing”: 30

“Nourishing”: 52  (I know! That’s a lot of ingredients!!)

And here, the number of ingredients in my “cotton t-shirt” favorite:

Weleda Almond Intensive Facial Creme: 9

Yes, just 9.

And it Nourishes, Replenishes, Revitalizes, and Perfects my skin better than all the others combined! I’ve realized recently that just being all-natural isn’t enough for me sometimes. I like knowing all the ingredients in my products. Being able to pronounce them, remember them, and read through them without using a ruler or highlighter to keep track of what line I’m on! It’s really, really important to me!

Like my cotton t-shirts, Weleda’s Almond Intensive Facial Cream makes me feel incredibly good, sexy, confident, and happy. It’s just that simple.


For those of you with “normal” or “oily” skin, I also recommend Weleda’s Almond Moisture Cream. Very similar, also only 9 ingredients. I have very dry skin so I go for the Intensive, but I’ve used the regular Moisture Cream and also found it very hydrating, soothing, and wonderful. Basically, I think the two creams are pretty similar. And pretty great!

The whole Almond line is great. And it all smells like, you guessed it, ALMONDS! Because it’s actually made from Almond Oil. As advertised! The smell reminds me of my mom’s Mandel bread cookies she makes every Hanukkah. Best smell ever!


FYI: I recently bought a new tube of Almond Intensive Facial Cream after getting a $2 off coupon from the Weleda Honestly Natural, Truly Beautiful Truck Tour! Yes– I went! And it was absolutely as wonderful as I’d hoped it’d be! There were free treatments, samples, fresh flowers, and the nicest staff ever! I just love Weleda!

If you live in one of the cities next on the truck tour, you have to go! (Upcoming cities include Toronto, Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!) Don’t miss it!

Here are 2 pictures from the truck tour (I went to the Union Square location):


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