Kae Argan Oil Therapy

Posted by:  Jordan

I am positively infatuated with the line of Argan Oil-infused serums and balms from Kaé!   Emily and I received samples of the Vitality Day Serum, the Repairing Night Serum, and the Repairing Night Balm.  All of these products are composed of the highest quality, 100% natural, organic ingredients.

Both the Repairing Night Serum and the Repairing Night Balm are intended for problem skin and the occasional breakouts, but really, any skin type would benefit from these beauties. Words cannot express how soothing and comforting the Night Serum and balm smell on your skin–the lavender brings me right back to a sunny afternoon in Sonoma–and the calming scent lingers, lulling you to a relaxing state before bedtime.  It’s aromatheraphy at its most delightful, in my opinion.  At night I enjoy applying one drop of the serum to my face, letting that soak in for a few minutes, and then applying a tiny amount of the balm.  Both products absorb incredibly, leaving only a soft suppleness to my skin–no residual oiliness here!

The Day Serum prepares your skin for the day by toning and tightening with rose and geranium oils.  I like to apply one drop of the Day Serum to my skin right after the shower and then dry my hair, allowing the skin to absorb the serum before applying my tinted moisturizer.  This is especially beneficial now that the weather is changing and I need a little oomph under my daytime moisturizer.

The serums cost $38 each, the balm a bit more expensive at $64; however, I will be the first to tell you when a product is worth splurging on versus when it’s just “ehhhh”.  These products are absolutely worth every cent…plus, they will last an insanely long time, so you could realistically split them with a friend if the cost is a bit much to consider.  And let’s not forget that each of these products contains the anti-aging benefits of the beloved Argan Oil.  I know a lot of my 30-something  friends who are, like me, now concerning themselves with not only breakouts, but suddenly crow’s feet too.  These products–the Night Serum and balm, in particular–will combat both of those issues at once, so if you stop and think about it, you’re streamlining your beauty routine and thereby saving money!  See, if you need justification on why you should treat yourself to truly amazing, luxurious products, you’ve come to the right blog!

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