Guest Post: Mishaps and Miracles Episode 1 – Whiteheads, Blackheads, and Zits Oh My!

Posted by: Amy (one of PJR’s very first readers/guest poster!)

As a devotee of the blog I am constantly thinking of things (or mistakes I made) that would be helpful to share…so I decided to send Jordan and Emily my own little posting and share my mis-adventures as a developing product junkie who knows enough to be dangerous but still has a lot to learn!

I started October off with a bang, a crazy fun wedding for my boyfriend’s younger sister. On the day of the wedding, everyone I was hanging out with decided to get makeovers at Macy’s and I caved in to the Chanel counter. I figured one non-natural evening wouldn’t hurt….plus Chanel is so high end….I would be fine. WOW. My face has never broken out faster! Now, I have always had very sensitive skin but this was crazy….I used unnatural products for the first 31 years of my life but I guess it just goes to show you once you get your skin used to natural how much better it is for you!

So with a second big wedding coming up (that this time I was in and therefore very concerned about pending photographs), I needed to figure out a natural cure…fast! I have my usual chin and t-zone issues occasionally but usually just depend on Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy and everything goes away in a few days.  However, this was a patch that was smack in the middle of my cheek and it was not going anywhere with my usual methods. So I checked the blog, started applying frozen grapes, and emailed my experts, Jordan and Emily, in a panic.

Emily reminded me of her success with salicylic acid, so I ran out and bought the Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Pore Refining Scrub, which I liked the feel of a lot, and noticed a small improvement right away. Now, a little background on me – I am impatient and also a big skier. We have in “ski-world” what we call a “quiver” – like a quiver of arrows in Robin Hood days – it is basically the philosophy that different types of skis are needed for different types of conditions. I have noticed over the years that this philosophy has gotten ingrained in me in more ways than I would sometimes like (at least when it comes to my budget!) and I now have many “quivers” in my daily life.  So in this case, even though I could tell the salicylic acid was helping, I was still looking for a miracle – the “ski” wasn’t perfect (plus I don’t like to exfoliate my face every day…I am more a once or twice a week exfoliater).

Emily had also mentioned tea tree oil to me, so when I saw a little jar of Desert Essence pure tea tree oil at my local health food store, I grabbed it.  I had read it is generally too strong to use alone on your whole face so I also grabbed their Jojoba oil to use as a diluter.  Well mishap #1….tea tree oil is STRONG!  When they say diluted they must mean basically just wave it over the jojoba but don’t actually use any of it!  Man, did it make my sensitive skin burn….especially around my poor nose which was all raw from allergy season – ouch!  BUT….I noticed my cheek looked a million times better that next morning so I wanted to keep trying….leading to my miracle cure.  Pure tea tree oil on a cotton ball then just blotted on the spot doesn’t sting and it makes an awesome spot treatment!  After 3 days it is almost completely gone and I am able to completely cover it without concealer and just my 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer (shameless plug, but I truly can’t live without it!).  A complete success in my book!  I will note that it has a very medicinal smell that isn’t very pleasant (although it sounds like it smells like roses compared to Jordan’s recent Neem oil adventures).  The good news is the smell only lasts about 5-10 minutes so I found it easy to deal with.

So, my acne quiver is now established….2 good products that I really like for weekly/everyday use….and one miracle cure for flare-ups!  As a side note, the Jojoba oil (by itself and applied with a cotton ball) has made a great evening moisturizer. I have very dry skin and love how it makes my skin so soft in the morning when I wake up…who needs thick expensive creams?


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One response to “Guest Post: Mishaps and Miracles Episode 1 – Whiteheads, Blackheads, and Zits Oh My!

  1. actorsdiet

    i swear by tea tree oil – my skin seems to able to handle it straight up (on a qtip) and it works better than mario badescu or any other overpriced chemical product.

    i had no idea about the bare escentuals blemish thingie!

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