Zakia’s Morocco: Multi-tasking Argan Oil Wonders

Posted by:  Jordan

What is it about multi-tasking products that make me and Emily fall to our knees in praise?  It certainly isn’t because we want to streamline our products…what fun would our lives be without our beloved plethora of new products to discover and fall in love with?  Rather, it’s more like “well, if I were stranded on a deserted island, I could pretty much rely on just this one product to do everything.”  Or take traveling, for instance, when you’re limited to one little Ziploc baggie full of precious 3 oz liquids.  That’s when our multi-taskers really shine!  Emily and I agree that one our favorite multi-taskers recently has been an unassuming bottle of Argan Oil we received from Zakia’s Morocco.  I know we’ve been praising Argan Oil for a while now, but this is pure, simple Argan Oil–no fancy essential oils or other exotic ingredients added in.  And it’s simply wonderful!  I love to use it as my nightly makeup remover (massage a small amount over your face, giving your tense muscles a relaxing one-minute massage, and then tissue off), followed by a foaming cleanser.  It really gets my face extra clean without stripping it of moisture.  And because it’s my go-to multi-tasking product these days, I not only remove my makeup with it, but it obviously also makes for an unbeatable facial moisturizer after cleansing.  It’s absolutely perfect when traveling–two products in one 1.69 oz bottle (four really, if you also use it as a body moisturizer and a leave-in hair conditioner, which I do!)  If you’re a frequent traveler, I definitely recommend a bottle of this high-quality Argan Oil as your multi-tasker.

Speaking of 2-in-1 products, Zakia’s also makes an incredible Black Soap that doubles as the best natural shave gel I’ve found.  This soap, made from an olive oil and vitamin E base with Argan Oil, is just about the coolest texture I’ve ever seen in a soap.  It’s like a firm jelly which lathers up.  So much fun to dig your fingertips into!  The suggested method in using this soap is described on Zakia’s website:

First: Make sure your bath or shower is hot and as steamy as possible.  It is important for your skin to be already warm, moist and humid for best results.  Apply to your face and body in small circular movements.  Leave the soap for between five and ten minutes so that the Black Soap may assist in unclogging your skin’s pores and starting the cleansing process.  Rinse thoroughly.

Second: For extraordinary smoothing results follow the Black Soap wash with a thorough exfoliation using the Moroccan exfoliating glove or “Kessa” .  Rub energetically in a vertical motion (not circular) in order to remove all the dead cells.  You will see the dead skin peel away.  Rinse off and you will be amazed and delighted with the result. Smooth, silky and radiant.

Third: After drying, and for the perfect complement to the Black Soap treatment continue with a massage using Zakia’s pure Argan Oil or one of our special facial oils. Your skin will never be as silky and luminous.

I tried this out and, while I got a bit cold standing around in the shower for 5 minutes waiting for the soap to unclog my pores, it did make my skin extremely soft afterwards!  But I’ve found my favorite method is to wash my hair, giving my skin time to open its pores in the steam, then turn the water off and apply the jelly-like black soap with my hands.  While you’re waiting for the soap to detoxify and do all of its little tricks, use the lather on your legs to shave.  When you’re done shaving grab an exfoliating sponge (wet with warm water first) and massage your soapy body.  The results of all this work are worth it.  Not a daily ritual by any means, but as a once a week mini-spa experience, it’s fabulous!

Not only will your skin look and feel beautiful, but you can also feel good about using Zakia’s products, socially and environmentally; they make a true concerted effort to preserve the Argan Trees’ ancient natural forests while empowering local women by employing them at fair wages.  Zakia’s has several other products which I’m certain are just as lovely, but we haven’t yet tried–Jasmine Clay Mask, I’m looking at you!



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4 responses to “Zakia’s Morocco: Multi-tasking Argan Oil Wonders

  1. Wow, this product looks awesome!

  2. am morrocan and first time i saw ur hair product, where is your location please thank you

  3. abby

    hi im abby from davao city philippinenes. wer can i buy the morrocan black soap that near in my location. thnx

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