Melvita Apicosma Fondant Body Balm and I love my sister. (The two are kind of related).

Posted by: Emily

I admire my sister for a million reasons– she’s kind and generous, a great listener, an amazing mother, a talented musician, a gifted teacher. There’s nothing to not admire. But there’s one thing that I remember admiring from very early on in our childhood at which I still marvel, and that is at her ability to savor something she likes.

Example: Someone gives us each a cookie. A really, really good cookie. Mine is gone in 10 bites, and I’ve loved every taste of it. And then it’s just gone, and I’m sad, because, well, I’m 5. My sister, who is both older and wiser, has taken just 3 bites of her cookie in the time I’ve polished the whole thing off, and has carefully wrapped the remaining portion of the cookie up to save for later.*

*And, invariably, she will share her remaining cookie with me the following day, when I am still sad that my whole cookie is gone and she still has most of one. I know– I have the best sister ever!

But this is not just about my sister being older and wiser. It’s also a different way to enjoy life. I tend to do things fast and immediately. If there’s something fun on my DVR, I’ll watch it as soon as possible, even if I’m exhausted and fall asleep half-way through it, making myself frustrated. If I have 5 tasks on my To Do list, and one of them is really enjoyable, I’ll do it first, leaving myself with 4 remaining icky tasks and nothing to look forward to.  My mom had this magnet on our fridge when I was a kid; it said, “Life is Uncertain. Eat Dessert First.” I guess I took it to heart. It’s just how I attack life.

And this goes for beauty products, too. If I get a delicious lip gloss, I will use it every day for a month, until it’s gone and I’m wishing I had made it last a little longer.

But I recently met my match. I met a product that made me want to savor it. In fact, I love it so much, I am absolutely terrified to use it because I am afraid of life without it. I know, that sounds dramatic. I know I can buy more when I finish this container. But have you ever loved a product so much you just didn’t want to use it up?

Meet Melvita’s Apicosma Fondant Body Balm. They list as its active ingredients Honey, Stevia, and Cocoa, and yes, all of those are food sweeteners and it is no coincidence that the name of this product suggests a food-grade loveliness. (While it is 99.15% natural and 20.34% Organic, don’t eat it. It is not meant to be eaten, and you will not enjoy the skin-softening benefits that way.)

It does smell like a wonderful confection. When I first smelled it, I thought maybe it was too sweet-smelling. But I was wrong, it is lovely. Saying it is too sweet-smelling would be like saying it’s too wonderful or moisturizes too well, neither of which is possible, and both of which are true. The scent is nice and subtle once you spread it on, and smells neither like flowers or food, but some wonderful combination of both I cannot describe.

It is not the least bit greasy, and yet is incredibly moisturizing. I think I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how dry my skin can be– past comparisons include such cliches as the Sahara, a bone, toast, and a whistle. This is the answer. It goes on smooth, absorbs easy, and moisturizes until your next shower. I am even tempted sometimes to skip my next shower, just to see how long the moisture lasts, but that’s gross, so let’s pretend I did not just suggest that.

The only problem with the Fondant Body Balm is that I don’t want it to go the way of my cookies, DVR’d shows, and all enjoyable activities. I don’t want to feel sad it’s all gone in a few weeks.

So I’m taking a page from my older, wiser sister. I am taking my metaphorical 3 bites and savoring this one. So far, it’s lasted a few months. I started using it in the summer, but I really can’t wait to take it for a spin in the cold, skin-drying winter, so I am making it last.

And as a thank you for all the cookies she shared with me, and all the other wonderful things she has done and continued to do for me, I’m sending my big sister a tub of Fondant Body Balm. So if I ever run out, and they, God Forbid, stop making it, I know someone who will have half a tub left and might be willing to share it with me… Just kidding! I hope she takes a page from my book and uses it all up fast, loving every minute of it.



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4 responses to “Melvita Apicosma Fondant Body Balm and I love my sister. (The two are kind of related).

  1. amy

    Sounds excellent – can’t wait to try it on my moisture-starved skin! Have you been able to find it in stores or only online?

  2. You can always buy more at!!! Just $28. Go for it!

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