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Posted by: Emily

Happy Election Day, everyone! Hope you are planning to raise your voice at the polls today.

Here at PJR, we’re giving you an extra chance to be heard today! We received an email from a reader who needs your help. Please read her query, below, and post in the comments if you have any ideas for her (and for us!).

This will be a new, ongoing thing for us Junkies, as we’d like to get more write-in questions from you, our readers, which we will either try to answer on our own, or, if we have no personal experience or new ideas on the topic, we will open it up to the readers and get a whole community’s worth of advice and insight!

So raise your voice! Cast your vote! Help a fellow Junkie out! Tell us what you think.

(And if you have a burning question, please email us at Just know we might re-print parts of your email on the blog unless you specifically ask us not to! Don’t worry, we won’t use your last name for privacy…)

Here is a lovely email we received from Sarah in Chicago:

I think a helpful post would be shampoos for problem scalps. Maybe you are simply blessed and haven’t needed to review these products. I’m trying to stay away from shampoos with harsh chemicals that don’t really work and dry out my hair. Dandruff/ psoriasis treatments are full of these 😦 Maybe an essential oil?

Love the blog! Thanks,

Well, this is an issue neither Jordan nor I has had to deal with yet. (Don’t worry, we each have a ton of other issues, as you know from reading regularly) so we open it up to you. Please post ideas in the comments! Tell us (and Sarah!) what you think!
And don’t forget to vote in the election today, too!




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10 responses to “Vote here!

  1. amy

    While I haven’t tried it yet – I have read a lot about both tea tree oil and neem oil being miracle cures for scalps that are dry/itchy/dandruff or for people with psoriasis. I am planning on trying one this winter when I start to get my usual dry scalp/dandruff issues so will happily send in comments on what seems to work as I find out.

    The research I have done so far talks about mixing the oil in with your favorite shampoo. You can also find a lot of shampoos with the ingredients already in them (especially tea tree oil) at your local health food store. I would recommend checking them against the EWG Skin Deep database first though to make sure you are buying something you are comfortable with since the different shampoos seem to vary a lot in their EWG scores.

  2. Lydia

    Definitely clarifying shampoos with tea tree oil work- I use the Trader Joe’s brand currently (although I’m a little suspicious of how natural it is), but I really like Giovanni Triple Treat shampoo and conditioner. The peppermint really makes your scalp tingle.

    You might also try rubbing jojoba oil into your scalp, it’s supposed to both moisturize and help with any build-up. Added bonus, rub it into your face to remove makeup, moisturize, and clear pores.

  3. Maria


    I discovered your blog over the weekend. I have enjoyed reading it. Iam also trying to clean out my bathroom of toxic chemicals. If I remember correctly, one of you have a fair complexion. Have you found any nice, natural bronzer or blushes for your skintone?

    • Jordan

      Hi Maria! Thanks so much for chiming in! I’m the one blessed with the fair/reddish skin 🙂 I tend to go very light on the bronzers/blushes for this reason, so I can’t personally recommend very many products for you. I have used Korres bronzer and it’s pretty good for a light, natural bronzer. (Bare Minerals “warmth” was way too dark for me but Emily likes it a lot for her skin.) For blush I really don’t use much since I seem to blush at the drop of a hat. Lucky me. If anyone else wants to add their opinions to this question, we’d love to hear your recommendations for a natural blush for the fair-skinned folks!

    • Hey Maria!
      This weekend I’ll be posting my first video blog entry (!) in which I will recommend a new all-natural blush that I think is universally flattering! Hope it helps!!
      Thanks for reading!! –Emily

  4. Kim

    I really like Beauty Without Cruelty’s Rosemary Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, but tea tree oil in any natural shampoo works a charm as well. 🙂 Love this blog, btw! I’ve been looking for one just like it for a long time!

  5. Love your blog! I have been following for a few months now and love hearing all your reco’s on natural beauty products. I am a make-up artist in Los Angeles and have been making my own products for my kit and also using only eco-friendly, cruelty and chemical free products. It has been a challenge but so worth it, people seem to really appreciate it!
    ANYWAYS…I have had a problem with dandruff for awhile now and nothing works for me…I tried Tea Tree oil shampoo, making my own hair oil with olive oil and rosemary, but to no avail. I started taking Biotin vitamins a few months ago because a friend of mine told me they are really good for your hair and nails to grow faster and healthier. Not only has it done that for me but I don’t have dry itchy scalp anymore! Its worth a shot, I buy mine from the Vitamin Shoppe for about $7 a bottle. Just a suggestion!
    Have a Happy New Year!
    xoxoxoxo Jen

    • Hi Jen!
      Thanks for reading and for the suggestion!!
      I just checked out your website and blog– both so awesome! Love your work, and was just looking at your recipes for all the natural beauty gifts you made for your family and friends for the holidays. Can’t wait to try that! Amazing! So glad to have connected– keep in touch.
      Happy New Year, –Emily

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