Natural anti-aging treatments…send us YOUR recommendations!

Posted by:  Jordan

We have another skincare question for all the natural product junkies out there to weigh in on.  This time it comes from Kneale in Texas.  Kneale asks us:

What are some anti-aging treatments you can recommend that are free of awful ingredients? I am looking specifically for items such as exfoliating peels, brightening treatments, and/or soothing masks. I have combination skin that is sometimes sensitive.

Well, I can say that I too have combination skin that is often sensitive, so there are a few products I’ve tried that fit the bill for this question (see my reviews on Bella Luccé’s Watermelon, Baobab & Banana conditioning mask for a soothing and moisturizing mask, Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel for an exfoliating/brightening treatment, and something I haven’t tried but have been dying to: Weleda’s Wild Rose Intensive Facial Masque) but I’d love to hear what anyone else could recommend for Kneale.

Please leave your comments and let’s help Kneale out!



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4 responses to “Natural anti-aging treatments…send us YOUR recommendations!

  1. Don’t have children or pets 😉 only kidding! I wish I had some good anti aging techniques.. but lo and behold.. the aging isn’t so anti around here

  2. I also have delicate skin that reacts to almost everything. My favorite “skin therapy” comes from my kitchen. Organic super fine sugar, for when my skin looks dull – mix in a little water or almond oil and gently apply- my skin perks right up – works on my whole body. My other fave is pure honey for problem skin such as strange break outs or chapped skin. A real miracle cure!

  3. Maria

    REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal peel mask is amazing! I have sensitive, combination skin and this really brightens my complexion, and leaves it smooth and soft. Also, Weleda is a great brand with lots of amazing products. I haven’t tried any of the masks but I can recommend the Wild rose smoothing eye cream. Really good for sensitive skin.

  4. Kneale

    Thanks to all for the great recs! I am especially interested in the Ren Glycolactic.

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