The (Green) Holidays are Coming!

Posted by:  Jordan

I can’t believe how the holidays have suddenly threatened to slap me in the face.  One moment I was slathering sunscreen on myself on the beach, and now it’s Thanksgiving next week?  Time to get busy on the holiday shopping!  Thankfully, Trish at Scent Hive compiled this list of fantastic natural beauty gift ideas in every price range.  Whew…what a lifesaver!  I’ve also got a few of my own ideas to add in…

Natural soaps from the SoapCreek Company ($10-$14):

I think artisanal, natural soaps wrapped in a square of burlap or a cute tea towel make the perfect hostess gifts for all the dinners/parties you’ll be attending.  Wouldn’t this Pumpkin Pie soap be the cutest thing to bring with you for your Thanksgiving dinner hostess?   Or this fresh-smelling Pacifica bar (which looks like rough ocean water) would be a wonderfully refreshing change from a bottle of Yellowtail!

And for those of us lucky enough to live in NYC, the SoapCreek Company has a booth at Bryant Park’s Holiday Shops.  Brilliant people that they are, their business cards are actually full-size containers of lip balm–completely free to everyone!  Stop by and pick up a “business card” in your choice of flavors (I chose Bergamot Blush!)  Isn’t the best gift the one that comes with a little treat for yourself at the same time?  I think so too.

Weleda’s Pomegranate Gift Kit ($18)

Something I really look forward to with the Winter season is pomegranates, so this gift kit, containing a creamy body wash and body oil in a perfect-for-the-season scent, is unbeatable.  The office gift exchange is calling!

Vapour Organic Beauty’s Essential Mini Collection ($29)

You know how much we love Vapour, and here are three of their best products, in one great set.  Go all out, and add one of their amazing lip glosses to this gift, and you just became the most popular elf on the holiday block.

Biggs & Featherbelle Mom-to-Be gift set ($34.99)


Perfect for your expecting friend or family member, and so affordable for all the products it contains.  The best part?  You don’t even have to wrap it–it’s ready to give as is!

Trance Essence Nectar Body Oil in Amma ($46)

I’ve already told you about how beautiful this moisturizing oil smells, but I have to reiterate how universally appealing it is.  It is just so feminine and pretty!  I can’t imagine any girly-girl on your gift list not falling in love with this scented body oil.

100% Pure’s All You Need Gift Box ($59)

For the makeup lover who wants to do a natural beauty overhaul, this set contains everything you need to get started.  I truly love the double-ended lip gloss (in shades Nude and Natural…can’t get more suits-every-skintone) and the mascara.  Like my beloved Hanky Panky underwear, one size fits all with this gift set!


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4 responses to “The (Green) Holidays are Coming!

  1. Thanks for the link Jordan, love your picks as well 🙂


  2. Yes, the holidays are officially here! Thanks for all of these great product ideas! Awesome choices to feature!

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