Kiss My Face “Peace Soap”

Posted by: Jordan

I finally got myself to go to the gym to work off some of my Thanksgiving weekend today–hooray! However, the pride of checking in at “Dodge YMCA” on my Foursquare app was quickly stomped on when I saw “you’ve been to this location 1 time in the past 2 weeks.” Well, the holiday season is off to a great start, I see. I was feeling a bit bad about myself and my failed resolution to “go to the gym more often before your yearly Puerto Rico winter trip when you’re super pasty pale, and puffy from all the holiday cocktail indulgence” when I got into the post-workout shower (and maybe I was also really hungry while I was waiting for the water to heat up, so I stuffed a few handfuls of Lay’s Naturals potato chips in my mouth). So, I was feeling a little deflated until I reached for my bottle of Kiss My Face 100% natural castile Peace Soap. As I read the label I suddenly started to feel a bit better about myself. Not only because I was using something completely pure and natural, which also happens to smell wonderfully of pomegranates and açai, but also because 10% of the profits of each bottle of Peace Soap go to an admirable non-profit called Seeds of Peace. This organization focuses on “empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence” by sending these youths from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries to summer camp in Maine together. Because if you can’t make lifelong friends over s’mores in Maine, well, then the world really is without hope. So I started imagining the teenagers who have been brought up their whole lives to hate each other, together in Maine playing Capture the Flag and making God’s Eyes during craft time (ok, I’m sure their camp experience is a bit different from my Indiana summer camp experience when I was 8, but this is my shower-time daydream, ok??). Suddenly my lack of gym time combined with love of the salty potato chip seemed not so important. ‘Tis the season for Peace and Pomegranates (or any of the other 3 addictive scents).



by | November 30, 2010 · 10:20 pm

4 responses to “Kiss My Face “Peace Soap”

  1. Mary Ann C

    J- love this post! I’ll be seeking out 3 bottles of this for stocking stuffers! The “pope” and “sissy” will love the global awareness of this product. And of course I’ll need a bottle for myself.

    • Jordan

      MA, “The Pope” and Sissy will LOVE this stuff–plus it has a million other uses! I had a hard time choosing which scent I wanted so let me know which ones you choose!

  2. bob

    nice comments !! 🙂

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