100% Positive

Posted by: Emily

Occasionally, procrastination can be really helpful!

I have been putting off writing this review for weeks, because what I had to say wasn’t totally positive, and as you know if you read the blog regularly, we try really hard to mostly review products we love so that we can be positive. Of course, we occasionally feel compelled to let you know about a funny-smelling product, or to warn you against a pricey product on which we don’t want you to waste your money, but generally we’d rather write about stuff we just adore.

We adore the company 100% Pure, so when I was looking for a new foaming cleanser, I decided to buy theirs, sure I’d love it, so that I could then share the love with you.
But at first, I was not 100% Sure.

The cleanser I bought was the Cucumber Juice Facial Cleansing Foam, for Sensitive Skin types. I was excited because it really is 100% pure, and doesn’t even have any added scents, essential oils, nothing. It is about as simple as can be.

I can be a bit lazy (witness these slippers my mom gave me for Hanukkah, for those who really hate to clean!) so I liked that this is a self-foaming cleanser. Hey, when half the work is done for you, there is no excuse not to wash your face, even when it’s late and you already fell asleep watching TV on the couch. No that that has EVER happened to me 🙂 It’s $18, which I do find steep, but Duane Reade has that great deal at their Look Boutiques for New Yorkers where you get $5 off any purchase over $15, so I figured I’d go for it.

And at first, I was not impressed. It took 4 or 5 pumps of the foam to really cover my face in cleanser, and even then, one night, I wiped my “clean” face off on my new, organic, white towel, to see ugly streaks of makeup left behind! I figured it was user-error, being that it was midnight and I was feeling exceptionally lazy and grumpy having already been asleep on the couch with the TV going, and awoken gently by my loving husband, reminding me that I might want to wash, brush, and relocate to bed, so I decided to give it another chance.

And the same thing happened again (or was it the same makeup streaks from last time, because I was too lazy to wash that towel? We’ll never know) and I was about to give up on the Cucumber Juice Facial Cleansing Foam.

Too lazy to return it to Duane Reade (though apparently the Look Boutique has a great return policy, even for products one has tried) I put the Foam in my shower, figuring it’d be great for a light cleanse after Yoga, when I had no makeup on to begin with. I used it several times in that case, and was able to enjoy the light, fresh cucumber scent and how soft the foam felt, how it didn’t leave my skin tight or dry, and how even though I had to use several pumps of the foam, it didn’t seem to diminish the amount of liquid in the bottle very fast. On the contrary, it was lasting a really long time, making me feel like the price I paid was quite fair, given the amount of washings I was getting out of it.

And then, a Hanukkah miracle happened (Hanukkah is the holiday of miracles, specifically things lasting longer/working better than anticipated) and I found myself in the shower a few nights ago, having not only gotten in with a full face of makeup, but also forgotten to take off my mascara with Argan Oil first, as I always do, because most cleansers cannot handle mascara, and the only cleanser in my shower was, of course, the Cucumber Juice Facial Cleansing Foam.

So, again, too lazy to get out of the shower (do you notice a theme here?) to get Argan Oil or a different cleanser, and also not wanting to drip water all over the bathroom, which I would then have to clean, I decided to try the 100% Pure cleanser on makeup again. I ended up using it twice– once to really scrub off the mascara, and again on the whole face, and was shocked when exiting the shower 30 minutes later (yeah, I take really long showers, okay!) to find I had no raccoon eyes, no mascara residue, and absolutely no makeup left on my face! No makeup on my fresh, clean white towels (yes, I eventually washed them, thank you).

Apparently the secret to this cleanser is to use it twice in a row. Lather, rinse, repeat. And since, as I have mentioned, the foam is so light, fluffy, and non-drying, there are no downsides to using it twice in one washing, and since I have mentioned how a few pumps of foam doesn’t make much of a dent on the amount of cleanser in the bottle, there was no downside there to washing twice. (Also, with this method, I find I can get away with 3 pumps twice, as opposed to 5 pumps once, so we’re really only talking about one extra pump per use).
I must also make a confession, just to prove how well the foam worked: I had been wearing a [non-natural] waterproof mascara  that day. And the cleanser removed it ALL! That is the mark of a great cleanser, folks. [And as to why I was wearing said mascara, it is part of my continuing on-going saga of being a regular crier in a world where I need to look put-together for long amounts of time, and it’s something I am working on– not the crying, that’s just who I am, but the wearing of non-natural mascara– and I will write more about this dilemma soon, I promise.]
In conclusion, thanks to my being lazy and procrastinating for a few weeks, I can now say I’m a total fan of this foaming cleanser. Just do it twice if you’re wearing a lot of makeup.  Trust me, lazy people, it may seem like more work, but in the end, it will save you from having to re-wash towels, which is a lot more effort than washing your face again once it’s already wet and the cleaner foams itself…



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2 responses to “100% Positive

  1. I just finished using the 100% pure lemon juice cleansing foam and I had similar problems. It never quite washed away all my makeup and I usually just used a separate makeup remover after washing my face to get the rest of it all off. I never tried it twice in a row though. Now I’m using Trader Joe’s tea tree oil cleanser but now that I know the 100% pure secret maybe I’ll switch back eventually.

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