On the Search: Natural Eyeshadow Primer

Posted by:  Jordan

Emily and I really loved our Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion before we made our commitment to natural cosmetics.  I’ve mentioned that my eyelids get oily (sounds a little gross, but it’s true!  If I’m not carefully checking on my eye makeup, by 5:00pm I look like it’s 5:00am and I’ve been hanging outside of a truck stop on the highway all night), so a primer can sometimes work wonders for me.  Now, I have to admit to you all that I have held on to my Urban Decay Potion for very special occasions when I need my carefully applied dramatic eye makeup to stay put all evening.  I’ve used it maybe twice this year; I figured it was ok if I was using it so sparingly.  But when we had a reader–Jessica from Queens, NY– write us last week asking for recommendations for a natural eyeshadow primer, I had to fess up that I haven’t even looked because I’ve been relying on my Potion.  I did a quick search for some natural/organic Potion replacements and came up with very few products.  Bare Escentuals has this sort of natural one, but it has PEG’s in it, which have been linked to cancer and reproductive toxicity.  Jessica, our reader on the quest, found this option on Etsy, but was wondering if we had tried it, or had any other ideas.  I told her that unfortunately, shamefully, we didn’t have any suggestions…but thankfully we have some readers who likely have some wisdom to share!

So please, natural product junkies, send Jessica (and me and Emily who are equally ignorant on this subject) some great personal feedback/suggestions.  Leave a comment and enlighten us on how to keep our natural eye makeup on our eyes rather than under them!




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14 responses to “On the Search: Natural Eyeshadow Primer

  1. I actually just got the Bare Escentuals primer. It was only $9 on Sephora.com and I had my $20 gift certificate for being a beauty insider so I figured I might as well get it. I teach dance and gymnastics during the week for up to 6 hours consecutively so I totally need something there to keep my makeup on. Kids will say anything to you. One time I was breaking out pretty bad around that time of the month and this girl I was spotting on the beam looks at me and goes “what’s up with those dots on your face”. I’ve had that happen twice so now I’m all about looking good at work so that I don’t get anymore comments from the kiddies. I know pathetic right lol!

  2. I’ve never used eyeshadow primer, but it seems I could use some- I’ve found my eye makeup’s been smearing and smudging really early in the day lately. Must have something to do with winter. *shrug* But what’s wrong with putting a bit of foundation or loose powder (that you might already have) on your eyelids first? Won’t that work as well?

    • Jordan

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying out foundation or loose powder as a primer, but I need something way more heavy duty. I have even tried my Vapour skin primer in hopes that it would double as an eyeshadow primer, but it just slides right off with my eye makeup by mid-day.

  3. Maria

    Most makeup artists use concealer and powder. I’ve tried the Bare Escentuals primer, but it irritated my skin. Right now Iam using Jane Iredale eye gloss as a primer. It works really well. Only complaint is that it’s quite sparkly and shiny. I would prefer a matte finish.

    • Jordan

      I have been wanting to try out Jane Iredale cosmetics, but I haven’t yet. I bought some of her lipstick for my mom for her bday and she really liked it. The eye gloss looks cool…it doesn’t crease at all? We should suggest that they have a matte and shimmer version though, you’re right. Some occasions just don’t call for shimmery eyes.

      • Maria

        Well, it will crease a little if you are wearing it the whole day. I’ve worn it from 6am to 11pm and yes it has creased a little. But I think it goes without creasing for many hours. Probably half a day, maybe more. Jane Iredale does have an eye primer also (called Lid primer), but I’ve read quite a lot of bad reviews.
        I’ve thought about trying the Tarte primer (Lifted Natural eye primer), but Iam not sure about the ingredients.

      • I will look into the Tarte primer– I used to be OBSESSED with all their products, but then realized they’re not totally natural. I haven’t checked anything besides the lipglosses and foundation, though, so maybe the eye primer is good. I’m super hoping that Tarte will refine their formulas to be more natural so I can start using their stuff again. They used to be my favorite and I miss Tarte 🙂 –Emily

    • Hey Maria! It’s so funny you mentioned the Bare Escentuals primer irritating your skin, because YEARS ago, when the line first came out, I tried their face primer and it made my face burn! I tried it at the same time as trying the foundation, so of course I thought it was the foundation, and it kept me from using it for a long, long time! Luckily, I tried the foundation sans primer again over a year ago and realized the foundation is AWESOME, and the primer is irritating 🙂 –Emily

  4. Maria

    Emily – Yes, it is a shame that Tarte claims to be natural and organic, but all their ingredients aren’t. I would guess that quite many people buy their stuff and think that it’s all safe. Let us know how you like the primer if you try it.

    • That’s how most of the stuff at Sephora is. When I first found out about all the bad chemicals in cosmetics I thought, “this will be easy, I’l just buy from the natural section at sephora.” Of course, then I did my research and realized that wouldn’t cut it, but I wonder about how many people do trust the natural claim.

  5. I found this article about a Vegan Primer. I’m not sure about the ingredients because Vegan cosmetics can still be filled with harmful ingredients. I wish they listed the ingredients. All it says is “*Please note this does contain Silicone’s*”.


    • Jordan

      Thanks so much for sending this link, Jessica! I’m going to contact the company, SoBe Botanicals, today and see if we can’t find out the ingredients…fingers crossed it’s the answer to our primer prayers!! Will keep you posted…

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