PJR Interview on Kates Granola


Check out our interview on Kates Granola, a cool blog about one woman’s quest to “go granola”, making a conscious effort to make choices in her life that are more green, sustainable, and organic.  She puts a large emphasis on not only smart ecological choices, but also economical choices.  There’s nothing I like more than having someone break down for me, dollar by dollar, how making eco-conscious decisions is actually saving me money!

Thank you, Katie, for saying such sweet things about our blog…we feel honored that you’re one of our dedicated readers!



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7 responses to “PJR Interview on Kates Granola

  1. Congrats ladies! What a fabulous interview 🙂


  2. Thank you both, Emily and Jordan, for your time and for creating such an awesome blog for me to follow and be inspired by!!

  3. Maria

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing and letting us know you better.

  4. I went and read the interview; great job! Both websites are awesome!

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