Shampoo Roundup

Posted by: Emily

Having run out of my Melvita Shampoo and Conditioner, and tired of the weird smells that accompany some Whole Foods 365 Shampoos, I’ve recently been trying out some new Shampoos and Conditioners. Below are 3 I wanted to tell you about!

Bella Lucce African Adventures collection Baobab & Red Tea Naturally Nourishing Shampoo and Mongogo & Shea Nutritive Hair Conditioner

I have, in the past, mentioned how dry my skin is. Well, my hair is a perfect match– I can only wash it 2 or 3 times a week or it gets ever more dry, and when I do, it requires copious amounts of conditioner.

But this shampoo is SO moisturizing that I (and I can’t BELIEVE I’m about to say this) almost don’t need conditioner!! In addition to being moisturizing, it also lathers really well, cleans perfectly, and smells terrific. Great shampoo.

The conditioner is wonderful as well, though on top of the shampoo, it can be (and again, can’t believe I’m saying this) too much even for my super-dry hair. So I have learned, after one greasy-haired, flat, frizzy experience, to use only a tiny amount– probably the normal amount that normal people use on normal hair. And then, it was perfect.

In summary, I think these are great products. However, if you have very thin, oily, or even normal hair, I’d recommend using in moderation, or trying a different, less moisturizing variety of Bella Lucce’s Shampoos and Conditioners– they make several other kinds. This one’s perfect for us girls with very thirsty hair!

Giovanni Cosmetics 50-50 Balanced  Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo and Hydrating-Calming Conditioner

I don’t quite know what to make of Giovanni’s Shampoo and Conditioner– I mean, I absolutely loved it upon use (see below– I hadn’t checked the ingredients yet), but I am not sure it’s totally natural. On the one hand, these products contain no Sodium Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfates, and no Phthalates. Most Giovanni products, these 2 included, are vegan. They are all made with “Organic Ingredients.” They’re sold at Whole Foods, so I was overjoyed when I was given these as presents recently.

Thus, I was confused when, after using the shampoo and conditioner a few times without ever checking the ingredients, I saw the following questionable ingredients in the list: sodium cocoamphoacetate, lauryl glucoside, sodium lauroyl glutamate, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate… (I know, I should’ve looked more closely before using, but I was blinded by the “Organic” in the name)… and I could go on– there are a few more questionable ingredients– but here’s what I found out.

Upon investigating, Skin Deep Cosmetics Database says most of these ingredients pose low threats individually, and sodium cocoamphoacetate is actually made from Coconut oil, but I was still sad to see so many unfamiliar, unpronouncable words in the ingredient list. If we should only eat things we would have in our pantries, and things our grandmothers had in theirs, then shouldn’t we want the same of our cosmetic ingredients? I certainly don’t have sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate lying around.

The bottom line is that there are some ingredients in these products I don’t usually see in natural products, and while none of them seem particularly harmful individually, the overall rating of the shampoo on Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is a 3 (moderate hazard), and the conditioner rates a 5 (also moderate). Which isn’t that great for a “natural” product.

I leave it up to each of you, individually, to decide if these are the right products for you. I can tell you that if you decide to give it a go, they work really well! But look at the ingredients and decide how you feel.

100% Pure’s Glossy Locks Honey Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

Here’s the deal. Unlike the Giovanni products, this is totally pure and natural.

HOWEVER, before I was able to try these, I took them out of the box in which they were mailed, and… THE SMELL SMACKED ME OVER THE HEAD AND I COULDN’T CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING ELSE. I went to the other side of my (admittedly not huge, but still!) apartment, and I COULD STILL SMELL IT! I don’t know how to describe it– other online reviews (which I should have read before ordering) describe the smell like butterscotch, which I admittedly hate, but still, this is not butterscotch. It’s so strong, it almost doesn’t even matter what it is– I don’t think anyone wants to smell that much. Even if it were a good smell, it’s too much.

So I haven’t used the Honey Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. I hear they work really well, and I know they’re really pure. But I. Can’t. Stand. The. Smell. Which is really a shame!



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4 responses to “Shampoo Roundup

  1. Maria

    I’ve had the same experience with Giovanni. I was also blinded with the Organic labeling. I really think they’re a fake natural/organic company. The more I’ve read about the ingredients and read other people’s opinions about the company the more I believe they’re just fake 😦 It’s the same thing with Avalon Organics. I really liked their shampoo, the lavender nourishing. I didn’t like Giovanni, but Avalon was great. But I question Avalon’s organic labeling too. The major cleansing ingredient is Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Dr Bronner’s did some lawsuit against Avalon Organics and other “organic brands”. They claim that Cocamidopropyl Betaine is not organic. Also, Avalon tends to change their ingredients quite often. I don’t know if it’s because they found new ways to make their products more organic or to fool consumers.

    Are you going to do a favorites of 2010? Maybe favorite products, interesting books you’ve read, other websites you follow, things that have inspired you, new discoveries, stuff you would recommend/not recommend etc.?

  2. I love the way Giovanni’s conditioners make my hair feel but I was also so bummed out about their ingredients. I also looked at their scores on EWG and they posed a moderate hazard but it just kills me how these companies mislead alot of us. It really disgusts me. I plan on trying to find something that is truly natural that my hair loves and using these until then because the hardest thing for me to find is a conditioner that really moisturises my hair unfortunately :/

    • I know– “greenwashing” is so unfortunate. Even products that have “organic ingredients” often have other stuff in them that’s not so friendly. You have to really read labels. I know what you mean about having a hard time finding a good conditioner. I think that California Baby’s conditioner is very moisturizing. Maybe give it a try? Let us know how it goes. ~Emily

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