At First Blush Episode 2 (Video Blog): Winter Skin Moisturizers

Posted by: Emily

I’m happy to present the second episode of  “At First Blush,” our video blog series where you get to see me try out new products for the first time LIVE on the inter-webs! Today’s topic: Moisturizers for dry winter skin.


Here are the 2 new moisturizers I tried out in this video (in depth reviews coming once I’ve had a chance to try them out for a while!):

And here are the other ones I mention:



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7 responses to “At First Blush Episode 2 (Video Blog): Winter Skin Moisturizers

  1. Maria

    Weleda really does have some great stuff. Iam loving the Birch Cellulite Oil at the moment. It smells soo good and makes my skin super smooth. Oils are definitely a must have for winter 🙂

    • Jordan

      Hey Maria! I’ve been wanting to try that one–I’ve tried a couple other of their body oils, but not that one so I think it will have to be next when I finish up my Pangea Organics oil (which is also really nice in the ginger/lemongrass scent!)

      • Maria

        What a coincident! I also have Pangea body oil, the Italian white sage & geranium scent. But I much prefer the birch oil. I like the scent better and it moisturizes much better. Less oily also, seems to absorb faster. You need to get the Birch oil! 🙂

      • Jordan

        It’s definitely on my list…thanks for the recommendation!

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