Happy 1st Birthday, PJR! (Plus a huge giveaway!)

One year ago we started this natural beauty adventure, so we wanted to take a moment to make a toast…

Jordan’s Birthday Toast:

My mom’s favorite quote growing up was, “Jordan, when you look good, you feel good.”  When i was in elementary school and said I wasn’t feeling well (which was often), my mom would insist on putting some hot rollers in my hair.  I may have barfed up my breakfast on the bus, but at least i had bouncy curls!

Me and my beautiful momma on my wedding day

So I’d like to raise a toast to my mom on our blog’s 1st birthday…Mom, if it weren’t for you, I’d never be the product junkie I am today!

Emily’s Birthday Toast:

I really cared about the ingredients of my beauty products when we started this blog a year ago, but now I can honestly say I care even more–and for good reason: I’m going to be a mom in May 2011! Now, everything I put on my body affects my little one, so it has made me a new kind of Product Junkie!

Here’s a(n alcohol-free) toast to Baby, whoever you are (we’re not finding out the gender till it’s born)…Baby, thanks for helping me take even better care of myself. You’ve taught me so much already!

In honor of our first birthday we’re doing a grab-bag giveaway of some of our favorite full-size products from Melvita, Acorelle, Zoya, and Bella Lucce!  It’s a huge haul of excellent natural products (approximate retail value over $150), so you don’t want to miss out on a chance to win!!  The contest will end a week from today on Wednesday, 1/19 at midnight EST.  To enter just leave a comment below telling us about your 2011 new year’s beauty resolution. We’ll announce the winner, pulled at random, on 1/20!



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66 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, PJR! (Plus a huge giveaway!)

  1. Happy Birthday PJR! I have had a blast reading your journey into this great concept. You guys are doing great and cheers to 2011! I hope to eliminate all harsh products from my product cabinets. I have done a lot so far, but need to part with my MAC make-up. It will be a sad day, but well worth it.. especially since I have a little one who likes to try and nurse my cheek. 😉

    Congrats again!

  2. Jamie

    Oh! I want to be in the New Year’s contest for some fun goodies please!

    My beauty new years resolution is to continue reading PJR every week and learn all I can from these lovely ladies! 🙂

  3. Kneale

    Happy 1st birthday, PJR! Congratulations to you all! My New Year’s beauty resolution is to drink more green tea and put sunblock on my hands, no matter what the weather is like.

    • Jordan

      My mom always reminds me about the sunblock on my hands too!!!! Good one, Kneale…that’s going to be mine as well. It’s a hard one to remember so I need to just keep lots of little bottles of sunscreen on hand (in my purse, at my desk, by the front door) so I remember to do it. And I’m going to go make myself another cup of green tea right now too. Good reminders!

    • Great ideas. I will make those my resolutions, too! –Emily

  4. Kim

    My resolution is to finally switch my makeup! I’ve done well finding natural soaps, lotions etc but I’m still using my Maybelline…</3 It's time to part ways.

  5. Sarah M

    To eat more veggies! Mazel tov to life events and one year of PJR!

  6. Robin

    Congratulations on both the anniversary and the new baby! My beauty resolution is to use face cream every evening. I hate the feel but my skin is not what it once was…

  7. OMG on the baby and that wedding pic- I seriously thought it was from a movie until I read on. My beauty resolution is to lose some weight, because I’ll look and feel much healthier when I do.

  8. Congrats on both the baby and the 1 year anniversary. My resolution is to find an eco-version of my “can’t live without it” Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. Love the stuff. Hate the bad ingredients. I’ve tried so many eco body creams but none have lasted 24hrs like the Kiehl’s. I haven’t tried the Yes To Carrots butter yet, so I’ll pick that up next. Thanks for the video!

  9. Mita

    What wonderful news- one year for the blog and a BABY on the way!! My beauty resolution this year is to continue to try your suggestions and tell MORE people about your hard work!!
    ps- I do love the wedding picture! What a memorable day!!!

  10. Lyss

    Congrats to you both on the birthday of PJR! Your toasts are so sweet! And congrats to you Emily on becoming a Mom 🙂

  11. actorsdiet

    congrats! my 2011 resolution? clean my brushes more…

  12. Last year my resolution was to start replacing all my current beauty products with a greener version and I must say that I’ve done a pretty decent job. With the exception of some mac and urban decay products I pretty much use all natural/organic stuff.

    My new year’s resolution this year is to thin out my beauty supply. I’ve realized that I own tons of body lotions/moisturizers/cosmetics/etc. I would read up on one organic moisturizer and go ahead and purchase it before finishing up the one I’ve had. Now I have tons of facial masks and a bunch of other products that all serve the same purpose. How many lotions do you really need? My goal is to save money by only buying products I need and I really want to only invest in good quality stuff. I don’t need to get everything the latest magazine tells me about.

    • Jordan

      Um…yeah. I need to take this advice, for sure! I’m terrible about buying things that look fun and new, not because I necessarily need them at that moment. And it’s harder with natural products because their shelf life isn’t as long. So I’m right there with you on that resolution!

  13. My beauty new years resolution is to focus more on the quality if the products I use & to try to make sure that they don’t negatively impact the world we live in. Idealy I would love to convert to all organic products produced responsibly, both socially & environmentally, with reusable &/or recycled packaging while also being as good if not better than their mainstream counterparts. Of course living in Alaska makes it harder as so little is locally sources & costs up here are higher. But I’m still going to try! My non-beauty related new years resolution is to volunteer more. Thanks for your site – I love it!! Happy new year!

    • Jordan

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your resolutions with us, Jamie! I take for granted sometimes that I live in a place that the shopping I want is so accessible…I should remind myself that it’s not so easy everywhere. My props to you for making your beauty resolution a priority, even in a place where the products you desire are a little harder to come by!

  14. Vanessa

    My new years resolution is to take care of my skin better and to not waste money on things i dont need

  15. Brady

    EMILY! Congratulations! That is so exciting – I’m so happy for you and your husband.

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take exceptionally good care of myself. Using all-natural make-up, soaps, and lotions is absolutely a part of that.

    How exciting, ladies! I’m so glad you started this blog.

  16. Congratulations on your bloggerversay! 😀 This is always such a fun blog to read. And best wishes for many more. The baby! What great news!

    My 2011 resolution is to get more ‘real’ sleep – 2010 was an extremely stressful year, with my aged (90) father moving in, then out (he’s in a nursing home, of his own volition, so he can play cards all day – a great solution but the journey was rrrrufff! Lots of other drama, now smoothing out – but the end result is I probably haven’t slept through the night in a year! And it shows.

    So I’m doing long walks, lots of herbal tea w/honey and ……deep breathing/meditation. Who’dathunkit? It works!




  17. samalama

    Get more sleep. Sleep makes everything better.

    Super cute blog by the way ❤

  18. MAC

    Happy Anniversary PJR! What a fantastic celebration and here’s to many more years exploring all natural products. After a very crazy 2010, I’m vowing to be more natural with every part of my life… I have been very good in being sure that my baby (9 months) is getting all natural products, from his Earth’s Best baby food to his Weleda skin care products. Now I just need to do more of this for myself! I’ve decided to cut down my caffeine intake (mostly coffee) and switch to tea 4-5 days a week. Also, I’m trying to eat more all natural foods and would love more on that topic even though I know y’all are a product blog… but maybe you could throw in a food or diet type of blog each month or something, just a thought?!
    Congrats to both of you! And here’s to a great 2011!!! YAY for Baby PJR in 2011!

    • Jordan

      Thanks MA! I feel like a lot of new moms put only the purest and best products on their baby but then they use cheap, harmful products on themselves. Resolution: be just as good to yourself as you are to your precious little baby!

  19. Deanna G.

    My New Year’s beauty resolution is to try new things! Well, make-up wise anyhow. I tend to do my make-up the same everyday but I’m gonna spice things up this year. And happy 1st B-day! 🙂

  20. My resolution is to put only the best things in my body on a regular basis. This means veggies, fruits protein power foods and productive carbs. Toast to your anniversary & my losing pounds in 2011! Great blog :]

  21. shawna

    My beauty-related resolution is to find a natural mascara that doesn’t burn, sting, itch, or smudge. Seems like a tall order 😦

    • Jordan

      May the force be with you! And of course you must share with us your findings

    • I’ve been searching for a great natural mascara for over a year now. If you find one you must let us all know! It’s so hard to stick to natural mascaras when you seem someone wearing that “falsies” one and they have gorgeous lashes!

      Also, I was wearing the real purity mascara the other day when I got my eyebrows threaded and that stuff smudged all over the place. My eyes tend to water when I get my eyebrows done and when I looked at myself afterwards in the mirror I was completely shocked by the fact that I transformed into a raccoon. I had to dash out of the place and into my car and completely redo my eye makeup 😦

  22. Eve

    Happy Birthday!

    My resolution is to eat less possessed foods so that my skin can get better nutrients and look better naturally.

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  24. Happy Birthday, PJR!
    Congrats to Emily to your new bundle of joy! What an exciting way to start out the new year!

    My resolution combines working out on a regular basis, tossing my ‘old’ mascara and using 100% pure mascara, as well as continue my granola path.

    I wish you so much success in 2011, you two are wonderful and I love what you are doing!!

    • Jordan

      Thank you so much, Kates! Let us know how you like 100% Pure’s mascara…I think it’s pretty good, but I’m still going to try out others to maybe find one that doesn’t smudge quite as much…will of course keep you posted!

  25. Hola PJR, Happy 1st birthday!

    My new years resolution is to lead a healthier life this year for real! Which includes better eating habits, meditation, running and the use of more natural products! In my travels this past year I’ve been trying a lot of natural products, theres are a lot of them out there. My favorites have been from Utama Spice in Bali and the Ayurvedic Himalaya and Biotique Botanicals body & hair products from India. I’m excited to continue the trend and try new things.

    I’m looking forward for more expert beauty recommendations from PRJ!

  26. Jane

    I have been heading more & more in the natural direction for a couple of years. There is one thing I have continued to use even though I know it’s terrible for me. I just can’t let go. But it’s finally time. This year I’ve decided to tackle the NAIL POLISH issue! I’ve thrown away all my pretty, pretty bottles (30 or so!) of toxic polish & I’m going to see if I can find a sufficiently natural alternative. I find it strangely exciting to throw away all the things I thought I loved, (be it lip gloss, lotion, polish) for a good cause. Thanks for all your research & support on this journey! Happy New Year, ladies!

    • Hi Jane! Zoya Nail Polish used to have a great exchange program, where you could send them your old, pretty, toxic nail polishes and get new Zoya ones for a small fee. I was going to send you the info, but it looks like the program ended in June. Maybe they’ll do it again soon? Keep an eye out. But in the meantime, good riddance to that toxic stuff! Let it go and breathe a clean sigh of relief! Enjoy throwing away the bad stuff– I love that! We’ve reviewed some nail polish alternatives on this site and plan to continue to do so. Let us know what you find, too! — Emily

  27. Hello lovely PJR ladies!

    My New Years resolution is to wear makeup more often. I don’t wear much, but I know that it makes me feel great even if I’m just wearing a little bit. I guess then, the next step should be attempting to find some really great natural mascaras and eyeliners.

    I did also want to ask – have either of you tried Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment? In the Antipodes I can tell you it’s almost universally loved for everything from lipbalm to spots to burns to insect bites.

    • Oh, scratch that last bit: I just found out that my wonderful papaw contains petrochemicals. Sad face.

      • Jordan

        Hi Ginger, I’m sorry to hear that your beloved product has petrochemicals in it…I know that feeling all too well when you have a product you love and have used for years and then you actually look to see what’s in it, and do research on those products, and you feel like you lost a best friend! I’ve been through that mourning process with my products!

  28. Jordan,
    Congratulations on your first year anniversary . The blog is great and Zakia and I are delighted to have been part of your growing fans.

    All the best,
    Ralph and Zakia

    • Jordan

      Ralph & Zakia, thank you so much for your support! You were one of our first fans, and we’re still loving our Zakia’s Morocco argan oil and black soap!

  29. gloria

    I only just stumbled across your blog, but I look forward to reading it! Mazel tov on the baby! My resolution is to look more put together like my “big sister” 🙂

    ❤ Gloria

  30. Anna

    New Year’s resolutions – get myself on the yoga mat more often and start switching out my chemical-y junk for all the great picks on here!!

    • Hi Anna! Great resolutions– I, too, am trying to do more yoga this year!! Thanks for reading the blog 🙂 Hope you win the big giveaway– that would help you replace a lot of products with new, chemical-free ones…

  31. scentualsoundtracks

    My main new year’s resolution is to make more products myself. To date I have made body butters, serums, scrubs, masques, infused oils, and so many products that I’ve liked much more than most items I’ve gotten. I want to harness this knowledge of natural ingredients I’ve been developing over the last several years and really get a core line of products out there. Thank you for this giveaway!

    • Jordan

      I love making my own products too! I haven’t delved nearly as far into it as you have, but it’s so rewarding to use a product that you know EXACTLY what is in it because you made it!

  32. Tonya

    I am going to get some good face cream and use it every day.

  33. Mary

    Happy 1st Birthday! My new year’s beauty resolution is to finally quit using concealer under my mineral makeup; use organic soap; excerise at least five times a week; and get a nice new hair cut.

  34. Lyss

    I know I’m late with this but when I wished you a happy bday I couldn’t think of resolution. I have now decided I must use eye and/or face cream each night. We aren’t getting any younger and I need all the help I can get under the eyes. Suggestions on products are appreciated….I think I’ve tried an endless amount.

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