Vapour Organic Beauty: Find Your Perfect Shade!

Posted by:  Jordan

Vapour has added a fantastic new service (and if you remember reading earlier, Emily raves about their customer service), so this just adds the (all-natural) cherry on top of the ice cream sundae known as Vapour. They are now offering a free consulting service to ensure you find the absolute best shade of foundation and concealer for your skin.  Here’s how it works:
Gain instant access to Vapour’s beauty team by sending an email to info@vapourbeauty.comRespond to the following questions and attach a photo, and Vapour’s experts will evaluate your information and photo to help determine which Vapour products are best for you!-   Where you fall in the shade chart (below)

–   What is your skin type (dry/oily/combination)?

–   What is the climate like where you live (dry, humid, temperate, etc.)?

–   How does the sun affect your skin when you don’t wear sunscreen (always burn, tan, burn-and-turn’)?

–   What is your current foundation brand and shade (i.e. MAC Cosmetics, NC30 etc)?

It’s really that simple–they’ll respond to your email with your personalized shade recommendation.  And as a special thank you for our devoted readers, Vapour is offering a generous gift with purchase throughout the month of Feb 2011: a free concealer in your personalized shade with any purchase!  All you have to do is mention Product Junkies Rehab blog in the email you send to the beauty team consultants.
Need help deciding what to purchase in order to get your free concealer?  As you know, Emily and I are huge fans of just about all of their products, but my latest favorite is the Aura Multi-Use Blush in “Spark” .  It’s the best shade I’ve ever found for my skin.  One of our readers, Maria, wrote in a couple months ago asking us for a recommendation on a great blush shade for fair skin.  Being extremely fair skinned it was hard for me to answer this question as it’s usually hard for me to wear blush since I unfortunately blush so easily naturally.  But this creamy blush adds just that little bit of peach warmth that isn’t too heavy and gives me just the perk I need in the dead of winter.  And since this is a multi-use product, you can also use it as a lipstick.  I particularly love it underneath my favorite Vapour Elixir Plumping Gloss shade, “Pout” (a beautiful nude shade, but like all plumping glosses I’ve tried, it honestly doesn’t really plump…but don’t let that deter you, the color alone is perfection!).  Pout is a necessity for that “smoldering eye/nude lip” look that all the models pull off effortlessy, but we mortals look a bit goth trying out.  Spark blush/lipstick combined with Pout gloss is great for this look, though, because it adds warmth instead of making you look like a beige corpse.  And it goes without saying that both of these products are 100% natural and at least 70% organic.
If you’re still dragging your feet on trying out Vapour, now is the time to jump on this offer, because the free concealer with purchase only applies for the month of February!  *Update: This offer has EXPIRED


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8 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty: Find Your Perfect Shade!

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Vapour for awhile now on your previous recommendation, I will definitely check this out!

    You girls rule! 🙂


  2. This wonderful offer is not helping with my resolution to stop buying beauty products just because they are on sale or there is a special offer. I love Vapour though. On Black Friday I got their mini set and then purchased a full sized foundation because it was so amazing! I’m sure the concealer is just as awesome.

    • Haha! Sorry, Jessica! I have a similar resolution, but deals like this are too hard to pass up!!! Vapour is great, and I’m always impressed at how long the products last– so it’s a good investment 🙂 The concealer is one of my favorites– great coverage. Enjoy! –Emily

  3. Maria

    Jordan, thanks for the recommendation. I just sent my email to Vapour 🙂 I definitely want to try the soft focus foundation.

  4. There cosmetic products are not just great but also the service they render to their loyal and first time customers. A free consultation service is a nice way to get in touch with valued consumers.vapour organic beauty

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