Happy Snowy Day!

Posted by: Emily

Well, folks, we got 19 inches of snow here in NYC near Central Park. (I was trying to find the totals for Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where I am moving soon, hoping they got slightly less snow, so I can be even more excited about moving to a new borough, but I couldn’t find the data! Let’s assume Brooklyn got 18 inches 🙂 Yay, Brooklyn!)

Since it’s a snow day here, my Prenatal Yoga class was canceled, and I’m working from home, I did a little online shopping. (Don’t see the connection? Me neither, but it was fun!) And I came across an incredible deal!

I know, the last thing I need is more products, but I am, as you know, on a constant quest for moisturizer for my dry, winter skin. And I’ve been wanting to try more Revolution Organics products ever since falling in love with their Freedom Lip Gloss last summer. And Jordan raves about the All-Over Body Balm as a lip balm, so I wanted to try it and the All-Over Skin Creme, too.

So I was ready to just order them both from Amazon.com, where I have credit, when I stumbled across this INCREDIBLE deal: On Revolution Organics’ site, you can buy the All-Over Body Balm, All-Over Skin Creme, and Lip Balm for $14 less than buying them all individually, AND you will also get a FREE, BONUS Beauty Oil (worth $18), all for $69!! Which, I know, is kind of a lot of money, but you’re getting $101 worth of USDA certified Organic moisturizing products!

Winter always makes my skin super-dry, and pregnancy seems to have added to the dryness. I recently went to the dermatologist, who recommended all sorts of petroleum-based ointments to help my severe dry patches, but I would, of course, love to avoid petroleum. And all these products are multi-taskers– the Balm alone has 22+ uses, and Jordan guesses hers will last 5 years! So, it’s an investment!

I’m particularly excited about the bonus Beauty Oil– it contains argan, acai and marula oils, all good sources of Vitamin E, so I’m thinking it will make a great pregnancy belly oil. It can also be used in the bath, on hair, face, body, etc. I had never heard of of Marula Oil before this, but after a little research, it sounds GREAT!

So if the winter weather is getting you down, I recommend a little splurge like this one, which will last for winters to come, and pamper your dry skin with USDA certified organic ingredients!

I will be sure to review it all in a few weeks, when I’ve had a chance to use them all.


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