We all have our neuroses

Posted by: Jordan


My top phobias in order of least anxiety-inducing to most terrifying:

#3: Waiting for my baggage to come down the baggage carousel and fearing that all 180 people around me will see all of my underwear spilling out of an open pocket of the luggage, and then, being too embarrassed to scoop it all up off the carousel, I just watch it go round and round.

#2: Overflowing toilets.

#1: Like 98% of all New Yorkers – bed bugs.

Thanks to my completely unoriginal phobia of these fang-y pests, at least once a month I’ll wake up having a horrible nightmare about having bed bugs, and often I’ll have a scalp scratched raw from subconsciously scratching myself in my horrible nightmare.  This recurring nightmare was made even more real to my subconscious this past week when we were in Puerto Rico.  In addition to the abundant sunshine, they also have an abundance of mosquitos, or some similar insect that leaves me with itchy bug bites.  Because of these pesky bites I woke up from my bed bug nightmare itching very real bug bites all over my body (thankfully, not from bed bugs).

As soon as I got home I reached for the yet-to-be-tested sample of Anti-Itch Formula from Neem Tree Farms.  I had received a sample of this soothing oil from the company’s owner after she related to my post about my first experience with the exceptionally stinky neem oil.  She sent me a couple samples of her products along with the promise that they smelled much better!  And she’s right!!  The Anti-Itch Formula mostly smells of lemongrass and lavender, and only faintly of neem (I think because my nose is now trained to sniff out straight neem, it’s easily detectable for me, but for a “neem virgin”, I don’t think you’d detect it at all in the Anti-Itch Formula).  Immediately after applying the oil, my mosquito bites stopped itching and became less inflamed and red.  I have a feeling this oil will be a staple in our house this summer!

I also tried out the Neem Bark Toothpowder, which I really loved.  Thank god, it tastes nothing like neem; rather it tastes like a winter dessert full of cinnamon and cloves.  It’s kind of fun to use too–you just dip your toothbrush loaded with toothpaste into the powder to get a light coating on top of your toothpaste.

Thank you, Neem Tree Farms, for showing me that neem oil can be beneficial, while not making me stink like a garlicky everything bagel!


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  1. scentualsoundtracks

    I love neem. I use neem leaf powder in my facial masques. Thanks for a great post, as always. Please link to my blog and I’ll do the same: http://scentualsoundtracks.wordpress.com

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