Lipstick for the Lazy

Posted by:  Jordan

Maybe I’m just getting a lot lazier as I age, but applying lipstick several times a day is just too much work for me.  It’s more of a special occasion thing for me.  I wish I were the type of woman who always looked impeccably put together, wearing heels and lipstick on a regular basis.  Maybe in my early 20’s I was ambitious enough to be like that, but these days I’m definitely more of a flats and lip balm type of woman.  I am, however, addicted to feeling something moisturizing and creamy on my lips, so I always carry around a lip balm (for as long as I can remember I’ve been doing this, even back in my teenage Bonne Belle days).  In the past year I’ve tried to make an effort to increase my put-togetherness by using a tinted lip balm.  It’s easy to apply, just like a regular lip balm, but gives your face just a touch of color.  So I call it lipstick for lazy people.  The first two natural tinted balms I tried from The Savannah Bee Company (read my reviews of those here and here) were a daily indulgence that I kept at my desk and reapplied about 20 times a day.  Unfortunately, The Savannah Bee Company changed their formulas and the Lip Tints are now shimmery.  I’m sure they’re just as lovely of a product, but I personally just have an aversion to shimmery lips so I was on the search for a new tinted balm.  And wouldn’t you guess, I just ran out of my two tubes of Blackberry and Peach tinted balms.  I was starting to feel panicky and I needed a replacement balm (or two) to keep near my body at all times.


Thankfully Jean Godfrey-June, beauty editor at Lucky Magazine, came to my rescue!  Her latest column from the March 2011 issue  features Burt’s Bees new 100% natural Tinted Lip Balm!  It’s like she was reading my mind.  Also, I really need to have a word with this woman, because she has such a knack for making me immediately want to buy whatever her latest beauty product obsession might be that month.  So of course, I made a point of going directly out and finding a replacement to my old tinted balm.  It seems that lots of other New York women were thinking the same thing because I went to five stores yesterday in Manhattan and Brooklyn before I finally found a store that had them in stock (if you live in Brooklyn, they have a brand new shipment at Park Natural Foods on Court Street in Cobble Hill.)  After the thrill of the hunt was finally over, I had a new thrill–choosing which of the six colors I was going to buy!  I tested all six colors on my hand, and I had a tough time deciding between Rose and Tiger Lilly.  I ended up with Rose, but at $6.49, I might have to go back and buy a tube of Tiger Lilly too!  The texture is perfection–smooth and creamy–and the color is a very sheer, warm, dark pink.  The scent (since I know this is an extremely important factor in any lip product for Emily) is subtly sweet– barely detectable, in fact.


I should mention that in the reviews on Burt’s Bees’ website, one of the customers was upset that they use Carmine as the dying agent in some of the pink and red colors.  Carmine, if you’re not aware, is a natural food and cosmetic dye made from carminic acid–which is produced from boiling scaled insects (like beetles) to get a natural red dye.  This doesn’t bother me at all–it’s not like I’m eating the insects.  But, for the ultra squeamish or strict vegans, it should be noted.  I’m actually more upset at Campari, the Italian bitter liquor, that replaced the carmine in their signature red liquor with an artificial color!!!  Now I can’t drink delicious Campari and Grapefruit cocktails, and this is WAY more upsetting to me than drinking a dye made from a beetle.  If anyone, as a side topic, would like to recommend an all-natural alternative to the new non-natural Campari, I’d be forever grateful.


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3 responses to “Lipstick for the Lazy

  1. Ellen

    Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for the info on Burt’s Bees lip baum! I’m loving my Sweet Beauty lip baum these days – made with Theo chocolate!

  2. A fantastic lip balm is Fresh’s Sugar Rose—catch is the $22.50. Yikes. You can bet I am on my way to Whole Foods (a/k/a Whole Paycheck) to try Burt’s Bees. Grazie!

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