Behind the Scenes, or “The Real Product Junkies of Brooklyn”

Posted by: Emily

Lately, several friends and readers have asked me, “so, what products do you REALLY use?” One even suggested we post a picture or description of what is in our medicine cabinets. I think that’s a great idea, but since I just moved, you’ll have to wait for my picture till I’m a little more unpacked and organized!

But the question remains a good one: what do we really use? We write about a lot of products we try, some we love, and a few we’re not that crazy about or that we deem not natural enough for us. But what are our daily “musts”? I got a unique opportunity recently to discover the answer to this question: I moved.

This process made me really think about what I need on a daily basis– not just things I like to use occasionally or things I’ve tried recently and like enough to throw in to my rotation, but what are the things I cannot live without? These are the products that went into my “carry-on” bag, the small suitcase I took with me in the cab from my old apartment to my new place. And there were a few more things that went in a last-packed first-unpacked “immediate” box I sent reluctantly with the movers, because I couldn’t carry it all. I am, after all, a product junkie!

I would like to share with you all the things that are in my daily routine. Keep in mind that this list changes periodically as I try and love new products, but this list has been consistent for several months now, and these are all things I just love. In order of use:

I also use Argan oil constantly (I try all different brands, as long as it’s 100% organic pure Argan Oil)– I mix it in to make moisturizers richer and use it as eye makeup remover sometimes, or as a moisturizer on its own. It’s absolutely indispensable.

Wow. That’s a lot of must-have products for one person! But I’m a self-proclaimed Junkie, so what did you expect?!

Also must plug one more “product” I can not live without. I have only owned it for about 2 days, but I am OBSESSED!

It is a Tube-Wringer, which crimps the ends of metal product tubes, like the ones Weleda products are in, and allows you to get 35% more of your products out of the tubes!! I have wrung every tube I own! I can’t wait to use more toothpaste so I can wring the tube again! It is SO fun. I purchased this tube-wringer at the Weleda Spa and Store this weekend, when Jordan and I were there, which was a divine experience– we will definitely write more about it soon– stay tuned!

In the comments, tell us what product(s) are in your “carry-on bag” of life– what can you not live without?



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13 responses to “Behind the Scenes, or “The Real Product Junkies of Brooklyn”

  1. Thanks for the blog. Moving really does make you think about the items that you use on a daily basis. Aside from the usual, I can’t live with out my Lip Balm. It’s a must! Thanks again!

  2. Fiona

    You really are a product junkie – you are not kidding! lol

    I’ve been wanting to try more of the 100% Pure products. It’s a very interesting concept. I won a few trial size products from their daily facebook giveaways, which are very nice. The only thing that’s stopping me is I will have to buy a lot at once to justify the shipping, and I’m not ready yet.

    I’m presently using Physician’s Formula organic jumbo mascara, and next I want to try the 100% Pure blackberry one, and/or Pure Anada’s new natural mascara. None of these claim to be waterproof however. I wonder if there is some reason a natural mascara cannot be waterproof? What makes them waterproof anyway? hmm….

    • Hi Fiona! You have hit upon my very issue: natural mascara cannot be waterproof (yet!– I live in hope of some innovation that can make this possible in the near future!)!! I must say that 100% Pure’s mascara is, although not waterproof, pretty easy to wear when crying. (I am a daily crier– I wish I could blame it on pregnancy, but I was always like this!). I have found that 100% Pure mascara cries off very easily, but is also easy to clean up– doesn’t leave streaks down your face or anything– and reapply. So, in lieu of waterproof, this is not a bad alternative, as long as one is in a place where one can reapply easily.
      Maybe ordering it will put you over the shipping justification limit 🙂 I really do love their make-up (I am less crazy about the smells of most of their lotions and hair care, but that’s another story and a personal preference) but I recommend their tinted moisturizer, blushes, lip glosses, and mascara– great, natural products. Let us know if you try some! Hope you like them!
      Best, Emily

  3. I recently have tried the Physician’s Formula Natural Jumbo Mascara and think its one of the best natural ones out there. Its a new one (not the original one from their organic line). I have lots of allergies and my eyes are always tearing but this one is pretty good about staying put.

    I also love the skin and bones moisturizing oil. If you send an e-mail to they will send you a sample. It comes in a cute little glass spray bottle.

  4. Fiona

    As for 100% Pure, I will definitely getting around to trying them, once I have some money, it’s only a matter of time…..I keep hearing good things about them.

  5. Maria

    On my must-have list there are quite many products as well, you’re not alone to be a product junkie:)

    My main face cleanser is Dr Hauschka Cleansing Milk. I use it every morning. In the evening I remove my makeup with the same cleanser or with Weleda Almond Soothing Facial oil. I like to wash my face twice, so after my first wash I follow with another cleanser; Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream. I always use toner. If any product is an absolute must for me, it’s the Dr Hauschka Facial Toner. It’s just amazing, I cannot go without it. I use Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion for both day and night. If my skin feels extra dry I will use Weleda Almond Facial oil. My eyecream is Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream. This started as an impulse buy for me when I needed something in a hurry. Now I’ve gone through 4 or 5 tubes:) Love it! My eyelids tend to get dry and this is perfect if you need an eyecream that you can use all around your eyes, not just on the under-eye area. For the occassional spot I use Bare Escentuals Rareminerals Blemish Therapy.

    My makeup routine is really simple at the moment. I don’t even bother with eyeshadow even though I have a great collection; Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, Lily Lolo, RMS beauty (I recommend all of those). BareMinerals eyeshadow Soul is really good for inner tear duct, browbone, anywhere you wanna highlight. I use BareMinerals Matte or Lily Lolo for foundation and Lily Lolo Blush Away concealer for redness and spots. I absolutely love my Ecotools Bronzer brush and BareMinerals Maximum coverage concealer brush. The Ecotools bronzer brush works great for mineral foundation. I still use non- natural mascara and even though I have mineral blushes I have a really hard time to let go off my Bobbi Brown blush and bronzer.

    In the shower I use Dr Bronner’s or Nubian Heritage soap bars. I also like Dr Bronner’s unscented baby-mild soap. I buy the liquid soap, dilute it and use it as hand soap. The best shampoo I’ve found so far is Aubrey Organics, so Iam sticking to that. Love Weleda Birch Cellulite oil. Nubian Heritage body butter is also good.

    Wow, my list is really long. And I can assure you that this wasn’t all of my products:)

    • Hi Maria!! Yay, another true product junkie! Thanks for sharing your must-list– I feel like I got some good ideas from reading it! I’ve been wanting to try RMS– glad to hear you like it. And I just got some new Weleda products to try, including the Wild Rose Facial Lotion. And I also got their new Pomegranate line– cannot wait to try it! And a sample of the Birch Cellulite oil– I remembered you’d recommended it and I will try it! Thanks!! –Emily

      • Maria

        You have to tell us your thoughts about the Pomegranate line! So far I’ve tried the RMS eyeshadows and lip2cheeks. The eyeshadows do crease, so you need to touch up and reapply during the day, but knowing how clean the ingredients are makes it totally worth it. The lip2cheeks are amazing! Super pigmented, natural looking shades. I sometimes use a powder blush after the lip2cheeks, and it lasts all day long.

  6. Jana

    Hey there,
    Just wondering if you have been using anything special on your belly for stretch marks. I am pregnant with twins and its still pretty early but i would love to start using something now if you have any suggestions!

    • Hi Jana!
      Congratulations!! Twins– so exciting!!
      I have been using various things on my belly: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter (both of which you can get in their pure forms at any health food store), Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter, Almond Oil, Argan Oil, and, of course, my favorite Weleda Skin Food.
      However, brace yourself for some bad news: I have both read and heard from my OB and my dermatologist that sadly, nothing can prevent stretch marks– they’re genetically determined. However, belly moisturization is still incredibly important because it helps keep the skin on your belly from getting tight and itchy, so I really recommend lots of moisturizing! I just got Weleda Pregnancy Oil over the weekend and am very excited about it. It smells great, too! So I hope that helps give you some ideas– let us know what you use and like! And I hope your pregnancy is going great.

  7. Ellen

    Great post!

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