Weleda Forever

Posted by:  Jordan

Unlike Johnny’s “Winona Forever” tattoo, our love for Weleda isn’t going anywhere.  Maybe I’m not ready to have “Weleda Forever” tattooed on my bicep, but it’s an obsession that nearly rivals Johnny’s bygone passion for his young love, Winona.

If you feel the same way that we do about Weleda, declare your love!  Weleda was nominated by The Daily Green as one of the “Best Natural Beauty Products” in their annual Heart of Green Awards! Please click this link to vote for them!

Recently Emily and I made our second pilgrimage to the Weleda Spa and Boutique in Palisades, NY.  What a wonderful treat!  Not only did we have an incredible facial (me) and prenatal massage (Emily) by their on-site masseuse/esthetician/genius, Patricia, but we also stocked up on some new Weleda products to try out!  My newest favorite is the Pine Bath Milk.    It’s such an amazing scent–like relaxing in a big hot tub in the middle of a fresh, crisp pine forest.  Too bad my tiny NY apartment-sized bathtub isn’t as relaxing as the vision conjured from this aromatherapeutic scent.

Emily and I are also in the early stages of testing out Weleda’s new Pomegranate firming line.  We’ll share our thoughts on it once we’ve been using it a little longer!  Has anyone else tried it?  We’d love to hear your preliminary thoughts!

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