DIY Deodorant: Rave Reviews from a Deodorant Convert

Posted by:  Jordan

See, I’m not the only one who think this homemade deodorant recipe works!!!  DIY deodorant review from PJR friend, Jamie:

“Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Jordan’s homemade deodorant cream (eucalyptus scent!) and after the past two weeks of use I felt compelled to come to my good friend’s blog and share my feedback. THIS THING IS AMAZING!  Now, it should be stated that I am one of those girls who has fought the deodorant battle for many, many years. It’s not so much that I sweat profusely, it’s more smelliness that is my issue (ha!). I’m not kidding though – I could run 6 miles and not drip one bead of sweat, but I will stink to high heaven! And although I am new to the natural deodorant scene, I have definitely tried EVERY deodorant on the market. And sadly I will admit that for almost the entirety of the last ten years Old Spice for Men has been a staple in my medicine cabinet. Yep, that’s right – full strength men’s Old Spice. But I think it’s also important to note here that while Old Spice was the best that I’ve been able to find – it still had its “off” days and didn’t hold up against the hottest of summer days.

Listen, while I’m fully ashamed of my dirty little secret, at least I haven’t taken the “botox” route!  Have you guys heard about this? A good friend of mine from high school who shares in our armpit woes has recently told me that she has resorted to botox. After countless years of visiting dermatologists to battle her demons and trying every prescription deodorant on the market –  an actual member of the medical profession advised my friend of a “new fad” that seems to be working. Yep, you guessed it – botox injections in her armpits every few months! Girls, I can’t even tell you the shock when I heard that she was going to go through with it. And apparently it has cured her “ring around the armpit” so completely that she is sold on the entire process and gone back three times over the past 9 months. I’ve tried everything in my power to convince her of the harm she is doing by blocking her pores with this unnatural substance – but sadly, to no avail. (Completely off the subject but I thought that I might share this tidbit of information and enlighten the natural deodorant community of this new & horrifying occurrence).

OK back on track…enter my new hero…Jordan’s special homemade recipe deodorant! As I mentioned, it has been a little over two weeks of use and this product has withstood the test of time in my book (OK maybe I’ll have to get back to you after the heat of August but for now – I’m sold). Once you get used to the fact that you kind of have to scrape the solid material a bit with your fingernail to gather a small amount (and truth be told it almost turned me off to trying it but I’m glad that I held strong) and then spread it onto your armpits with your bare hands for a few moments, it’s dryness and smell resistant capabilities are god-like. At the end of each day (and I’ve had a rough two weeks between juggling work, classes at night, a two-hour commute each direction and a new house to unpack) I am so satisfied and I can’t say enough good things. So ladies, please either try a batch according to Jordan’s recipe or join me in encouraging Jordan as to how she is going to make her first million – bottle this crap and get it on the market, girl! All you need is a line of like 4-6 different scents (I will even design all of your packaging!) and make a go at it. I think that you’ve got a real winner here, Jord!”

While Jamie’s enthusiasm made my day, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make a million by packaging something SO incredibly easy to make at home.  If you’ve been wanting a natural deodorant that actually works, stop your searching, go to your kitchen, and whip up a batch.  If you’re half as enthusiastic as Jamie is about the outcome, I think you’ll be satisfied!  And a note on the consistency:  the deodorant cream solidifies in the cold and becomes creamier in the warmth.  So just warm a little of the cream in your hands before spreading on your armpits until the warmer months come.

Again, here’s the recipe I’ve been using:

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup corn starch
4 tablespoons coconut oil
5-10 drops essential oil depending on the strength of your oils (*a note on essential oils–any scent you like will do, but some oils have more naturally deodorizing properties than others, such as Geranium, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, and Lemon. I’m recently loving doTerra’s “Purify” oil blend which includes lemon, lime, tea tree oil, pine, and cilantro.)

Just mix everything together and spoon into a jar…no heating required!



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42 responses to “DIY Deodorant: Rave Reviews from a Deodorant Convert

  1. Fiona

    When I saw this recipe, I was amazed how close it is to a recipe I’ve been using which I got from another blog (forget where) – which was just baking soda, cornstarch, and tea tree oil! Apply with a powder puff.

    Jordan’s recipe could be more portable but I’m a little confused. Every coconut oil I’ve ever had has been solid at room temperature. So wouldn’t you have to heat it to combine it with the other ingredients?

    And yes, these baking soda recipes work so well and are so simple that you wonder how Tom’s of Maine could have got it so wrong….Sorry Tom’s. I like your toothpastes.

    • Jordan

      Oh yes, this recipe sounds way easier to travel with than the powder recipe you’ve been using…but similar active ingredients, so I bet it works just as well! You’re right, coconut oil is solid at room temperature (unless it’s a really warm room like my un-air-conditioned apartment in the summer!) When mixing the ingredients you could definitely make life a little easier by heating the coconut oil for a few seconds in the microwave. But since we don’t have a microwave, and I didn’t feel like washing a pan from heating it on the stove, I just scooped some into a bowl with a spoon, added the baking soda and corn starch, and mixed all the ingredients with my hands. The body heat warmed it within a few seconds and I got a little bonus moisturizing hand treatment at the same time!
      Totally agree with you on the Tom’s deodorants–they’re the pits.

  2. Ohh, awesome! I agree with Jamie; Jordan, I think you should bottle it up, have Jamie design the packaging and sell it!

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  4. I think I need to try this. I love my Dr. Hauschka, but it is admittedly very expensive!

    Thanks for the post,

  5. Eve

    This recipe is awesome! I put it to the test this week with a 2 hour yoga intensive and an audition for a reputable theatre (both of which make me sweat in a good way). On both occasions I came away smelling like coconut and essential oil goodness – no funk to be found! Thanks for converting me for good.

    • Jordan

      That’s so wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback, Eve. And I hope the audition went well!!

  6. raegan

    hello… i saw your blog and read about your deodorant hunt…
    i have been in my own deodorant hunt for as long as i can remember…
    (but still.. i haven’t found the “one” that works for me..)

    i’m going to try the coconut oil deodorant.. im going to make 2 of these.. the other one is peppermint.. what essential oil would you suggest?

    thank you.. and i love your blog.. 😀
    have a nice day..

    • Jordan

      Hi Raegan! Thanks so much for writing in! I do love the DIY coconut oil/baking soda deodorant. My two favorite essential oils I’ve tried in the deodorants so far are eucalyptus and rosemary/peppermint. Lavender would also be lovely, I’m sure! In addition to the homemade deodorant, I’m currently testing out Soapwalla deodorant cream with great results! Stay tuned for a more formal review of it, but so far it’s great!! You really just have to try a bunch to find what works best for you–everyone is different!

  7. raegan

    i have another question..
    are the essential oils you’re using the same with the ones burning on candles?
    my mom hesitated on buying me the scents because i might have an allergic reaction…

    thank you… have a nice day.. 😀

    • Jordan

      Hi Raegan,
      Your mom is probably right in being hesitant to buy the essential oils for candles…i’m not sure what exactly is in the ones you use, but I’d be concerned that they’re not 100% pure essential oils…they might be fragrance oils (unnatural fragrances) blended with a carrier oil. I buy 100% pure essential oils from Whole Foods and any natural food store (usually founds near the cosmetics). If you’re worried about an allergic reaction from the essential oils, you can certainly make the deodorants unscented. You really only smell the scent right when you put it on, and then it dissipates within minutes; so the scent is really not very important. It’s not like regular deodorants where you smell the scent all day long.

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  9. Kelly

    I finally made it out and got some coconut oil. I’ve used my homemade deodorant for two days and have had no smelliness. And for an added bonus by armpits have never been so soft!!!

  10. khadija

    Going to try it. I am out of tea tree oil and don’t have any other essential oils, it should still be fine right?

  11. Bethany

    Hi! I am a very recent convert to the anti-skin-toxin movement. I made deodorant with this recipe 3 days ago. All I have to say is WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE WASTE TIME AND MONEY and expose themselves to the ingredients in store bought (even things like Tom’s) deodorant when they could do this? I mean, no odor all day long. I haven’t exercised yet…I’ve just been at work where it’s cool, but still. It’s wonderful. And the added bonus is the compound is abrasive (meaning exfoliative) due to the cornstarch. I rub it on my hands. The antibacterial EO reduces hand bacteria (I used eucalyptus, peppermint, lavendar and fir EO). The starches immediately dissolve in water and leave behind the moisturizing effect of the coconut oil. It’s like antibacterial hand solution that’s not drying and natural. I’m a doctor, washing my hands all day long, and love the idea of a natural antibacterial. I’m thinking about making a formulation to carry with me so that I cleanse and moisturize my hands during the day. GENIUS!!!

    • Jordan

      Hi Bethany,
      Thank you for the incredible feedback, and I’m so thrilled the homemade recipe is working well for you! The cream deodorants are all I use now because they are so effective for me. And playing with the essential oils in the recipes is a lot of fun!

    • Bethany! Thanks for the awesome comment! I love that a doctor is on the no-skin-toxin bandwagon– I don’t find that a lot. And I love your endorsement of the cream as hand treatment. As a mom of a young kid, I, too, wash my hands constantly, so I’ll try this on my hands. And most of all, your enthusiasm renews my quest to find a deodorant cream that works for me. I’ve had irritation from some recipes in the past, but you make me want to keep trying to find one that is good for me. Thanks!!!!

      • Bethany

        Hi guys! I just got an update from Renie’s post below, so wanted to submit an update of my own. It’s been 6 months, and I’m still using this deodorant. There have been times when I was out of town on an extended trip and couldn’t make my own without effort, so I went to the health food store and purchased over-the-counter natural deodorant…and NOTHING works as well as this. I have been toying with a home-made roll-on as well. I use witchazel base (which is an alcohol…although you should be able to use a denatured alcohol like a high-proof vodka which is also antibacterial), add baking soda and corn starch, and then add added tea tree oil. It didn’t prevent smell as effectively as my cream deodorant, but I haven’t given up on it yet. I’ll use my normal EO additions next time (rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint) and see if that works better. The reason I am toying with the roll-on is that the oil in the cream will leave an oily stain on your clothes. To deal with that, I put it on as soon as I get out of the shower to give the oil time to soak in. I still moisturize my hands with this every day…and if I don’t for a few days, I can tell. Oh…and one more thing…if you’re in a pinch, don’t be afraid to use the cream/paste deodorant as a toothpaste. Baking soda has forever been known as a great tooth cleanser. This deodorant is simply baking soda in a paste form, and the paste is just coconut oil which people cook with (as are cornstarch and arrowroot poweder), so it won’t hurt you. I swear to you, your teeth will feel fantastic after you brush your teeth with this. Have a great day, Bethany

      • Jordan

        Bethany, I am SO trying this as a toothpaste tonight–thank you so much for the tip!!

  12. Renie

    I’ve only been wearing this DIY deodorant for 15 hours and it’s AMAZING- I am usually wet and stinky by now. If this trend continues, then I think I will have discovered the world’s best-kept secret! Not only am I a major sweater, but also a nervous sweater in public and stinky beyond belief, which only makes me nervously sweat even more. I keep a spray bottle of Shout by my hamper to pre-treat the stinky pits of my shirts, which I change once or twice daily. Today I whipped up a batch with lavender and tea tree oils and applied just a pinch after I showered, then began my errands for the day. From getting a pedicure to ending up panicked in the ER after my partner fell down a steep flight of wet stairs, I don’t even smell in the slightest! I keep sniffing my underarms in disbelief. Powdery coconut is all I’m getting. Pinch me!!

    • Hi Renie,
      I’m so excited that you’re having such great success with the deodorant!! That is fantastic news! Please keep us posted and let us know if it continues to work!
      Sorry about the ER visit! Hope your partner is okay!
      Thanks for reading,

    • Jordan

      What an amazing success story!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Hoping your partner is ok! What a test of a deodorant–an ER trip!

      • Renie

        Update: Day 4 and no odor or irritation, even after shaving, and I have sensitive skin. I don’t rub it in- I gently spread on a small amount in a few strokes (versus the endless strokes of store-bought antiperspirant I used to pile on, which still didn’t work) and let it sink in while I’m doing my hair, before getting dressed. Next time I’ll make a smaller batch so I can try new scents as the amount this recipe makes will likely last the better part of a year.
        I’m also much drier than I was with traditional antiperspirant/deodorant. Maybe it’s the absorbent properties of the cornstarch, but I think I’m sweating less. I wonder if I had some awry chemistry happening with aluminum-based antiperspirants, or maybe I’m nervously sweating less because I’m not self-conscious of parading my stinky wet pits in public. Or both! Seriously- this DIY deodorant is changing my life.

  13. Renie

    Final update (can’t resist): day 10 & this DIY deodorant has passed my ultimate test- work. My job is physical and requires traveling and working with the public. Not only do I not stink anymore, but I can also make one uniform shirt stretch for two days- no pit stains/odor and less packing in my suitcase! I only wish I could smell the essentials oils more, which fade away after application.

  14. cathy

    Can anyone recommend some essential oils to mix in so it smells like a guy’s deodorant? I’ve been using it for about 6 months and love it for myself and finally my husband last night said he wanted me to make him some 🙂

    • Jordan

      Hi Cathy,
      I find peppermint to be unisex and really refreshing. Another idea might be lime or tea tree oil. So glad you’re getting your husband to convert to a natural deodorant! I’m still working on my husband!

    • Renie

      Cathy, Sandalwood is a nice woody masculine scent. I had an old boyfriend who showered with Chinese sandalwood soap and it was a pleasant smell on him. You could also leave it unscented & just enjoy the natural coconut oil aroma.

  15. Hi! I just whipped up a batch of this and just want to check that I made it right. How much like a cream should it be? Mine’s very creamy (a pleasant texture, really) and I just wanna make sure that’s right! I used eucalyptus and a few drops of lemon essential oil and it smells like lemon icing!

    I’m new to the DIY deodorant concept (I recently switched from using anti-perspirants since they don’t work for me to deodorants, which then gave me a rash, so here I am!) and am also going no-poo and no-soap and it’s… May. So, trying not to be a stink bomb!

    • Jordan

      Oooh, eucalyptus lemon sounds lovely! Yes, it sounds like the texture is just right!

      • aladrick

        I have a question! Again! I’m having some dryness/irritation with my mixture—what part of the equation do you think could be causing this? I’m wondering if it would be solved if I upped the coconut oil so some extra moisturizing effect is in there? Maybe it’s too much cornstarch for me? I’m otherwise so happy with it I don’t want to give up on it. Any advice?

      • Jordan

        Hi! Absolutely try increasing the coconut oil or decreasing the cornstarch/arrowroot. That will probably help!

      • Renie

        The first batch worked like a dream for me but by the second batch I had dryness, itchy red patches, irritation & eventually tender bumps. I tried varying the baking soda and cornstarch & couldn’t find a ratio that could nix stink without irritation. I reluctantly gave up on DIY deodorant & switched to Primal Pit Paste light which is essentially the same recipe with less baking soda & arrowroot instead of cornstarch. It’s works great & stays solid at warm temps. I also have their stick deodorant which has higher baking soda content, which gives me some irritation, so at least I know the culprit now. When my jar of PPP light runs out I might try to replicate the recipe at home!

      • aladrick

        thanks so much! i’ll try toying with the recipe, i have a container big enough to be able to add to what i’d already made so hopefully it’ll be as simple as adding some more coconut oil or making a new batch to add to the current one with arrowroot instead of cornstarch. fingers crosseddd 🙂

  16. Josh

    Is there a substitute for coconut oil? It reminds me of sun screen. Even after essential oils are added, I find the coconut scent to be too strong.

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