Have/Love/Want Volume 5

Posted by: Emily


I wish this product could be in the “Love” category, but the thing that is really keeping it squarely in the “Have” is its scent. The product in question is Revolution Organics’ All-Over Skin Cream. There are certainly a lot of things I do absolutely love about it– its organic ingredients, the fact that it works really well, it has a great texture, that I got a good deal on it (this bargain is still going on!), etc.

The thing holding me back is a smell I just can’t quite describe. It’s not terrible, and in fact, I bet a lot of you out there won’t even mind it. It’s not bad. I just don’t love it. I don’t know how to begin to describe it, so I will just have to encourage you to try this cream out if you’re at all curious. (And I must also give the disclaimer here that I am normally sensitive to scents– see my post about the importance of lip gloss smells!– and that pregnancy has made me about 100 times more sensitive, so it’s entirely possible this smell is an issue only for me, and only for now.)

It’s a little lighter  in texture than Weleda’s Skin Food, but thicker and much more moisturizing than a lot of other disappointing creams I’ve tried. This is a nice frequent-use texture. I keep it near my bathroom sink to moisturize my hands after washing, which I do about a million times a day.


I have NO idea what took me so long to try Weleda Everon Lip Balm. Seriously– I have been looking for a good lip balm forever, and so why did I only just now try this one out? I guess I thought it would be expensive or something, but IT’S ONLY $5.50!!! Which is amazing for an all-natural, top-quality lip balm.

Speaking of scents, this one has a really interesting scent I really like– it has notes of Vanilla and Rose, a combo I would never have thought I’d like, but I really do!

And with Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax, this balm really works. I just totally love it. Another win for Weleda. How do they do it? I love everything they make!


Usually, when writing this column, the “Want” portion is the easiest, because there are always things I want to try. Or, in a way, it’s the hardest because there are so many “Want” things to choose from. Tonight I was having trouble thinking of something I’m really desiring, which is nice, in a way– I’m  pretty content lady at the moment!

But one thing kept popping into my mind, and it’s something I’ve tried before– usually the “Want” is something totally new I’ve never used– but this time I keep thinking back to a review/giveaway we did almost a year ago. The company is Living Tree Botanicals, and everything they sent us to try was incredible, but I just cannot stop thinking about their Shea Rosehip Body Butter, even a year later. It was just amazing. So unique.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to this wonderful, artisanal company from upstate NY. Read our review here, and check out their new Etsy store. They’re only selling 2 products at the moment there… hope that’s not a bad sign– I love this company. I even went so far as to call them “the next Weleda” in our review last year; incredibly high praise! I really want to start using this body butter again. It’s really wonderful. I hope you’ll try it, too– I know you’ll love it!



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  1. Hey there! Thanks for loving Living Tree! We are setting up our new shop, no worry not…we have lots of products to put up. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just let us know and we’ll help you out.

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