We could all use a little Prayer every now and then

Posted by:  Jordan

I’ve previously touched on some of the other Trance Essence Body Nectar scents in a previous post, and chose the ultra-feminine Amma body oil as one of my top gift ideas last Fall, but I had never had the opportunity to smell Prayer–another of the natural body oils loving handcrafted by artisan, Janna Sheehan–until just this week when Janna sent me a sample of Prayer.  I remember how Trish from Scent Hive mentioned that she wanted to rub it on her face to experience its overwhelming warmth and comfort, and I have to agree with her.  The frankincense, cardamom, and lavender bestow a warm, comforting, woodsy fragrance on your skin…definitely a wind-down scent.  And what’s even more comforting about this luxuriously moisturizing oil is the fact that Prayer is doing its part to help relief efforts in the most devastated areas of Japan.  Trance Essence is generously donating half the proceeds of every bottle of Prayer until 3/31/11 to the American Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan.  Just as Amma was the perfect gift for the girly-girl in your life, Prayer is the perfect gift for anyone, including yourself, who could benefit from a little extra prayer right now.  You can buy Prayer, along with all of the other beautiful scents, on their website.

And if Trance Essence weren’t already charitable enough by donating half the proceeds of Prayer to Japan, they’re sponsoring a very generous giveaway to one PJR reader!  All you have to do is leave a comment below describing someone/something you’d like to send a special prayer or loving thought to, and you’ll be entered to win a full-size 2 ounce bottle of Trance Essence Nectar Body Oil in Ripe (worth $46)!  Ripe is a sweet, floral, honeyed fragrance–absolutely perfect for the approaching Spring and Summer weather.  For a bonus entry please go to Trance Essence’s Facebook page and leave a comment. Please let me know if you comment on their Facebook page so I can credit you with a bonus entry!  Unfortunately I can only ship to US addresses for this giveaway.  Giveaway ends on 3/31 at midnight EST.  I will announce the winner on April 1st.  Best of luck, and may all of your prayers–no matter how big or small–be answered.


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40 responses to “We could all use a little Prayer every now and then

  1. I’d like to say a little prayer for my HS friend, Mamiko. She was an exchange student from Japan, who I rather unfortunately was unable to keep in touch with. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family during this tragic time in Japan!


  2. Theresa Meyer

    Am making a purchase tonight – thanks for the great review. I left a comment on their facebook page also!

  3. Jamie

    Here’s a little prayer for my husband who for no particular reason is having a rough week – hope that it gets better! There’s lots to be grateful for 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your posts and support for Japan! I am thrilled to have Jordan reviewing my Nectars and best of luck to the winner! xo Janna

  5. beautiful….a prayer that captivates with it’s rapture…a wisp of moss and herbs and dewy early morning magic:)

  6. scentualsoundtracks

    I’d like to say a prayer for my family and for so many families who continue to have various struggles right now. I’d also like to pray for so many still affected in natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, and so many other places.

  7. A magical place, northern Japan. May their fierce loyalty to each other see them through as their hearts forever change with this grief. ❤ ❤

  8. Lucy Mesa

    Prayers for the world. The world needs peace. And more peace.

  9. judy Morse

    Jjust a little prayer for people like Janna who believe in what they do. Your message is delivered with grace and refinement. Just the description of the product makes me feel good. Love, Aunt Judy

  10. Leslie da Queen

    I love Ms. Janna and the feelings all her FABULOUS scents invoke! We went to high school together and were neighbors in Palos Verdes. I love her fragrances — and consistently receive compliments on them. I’m a fan of the roll ons cuz I can keep them in my purse and re-apply as needed… or desired! 🙂

  11. kam

    i have a wonderful, generous friend who is struggling right now and she so deserves some light in her life.

  12. Kathy Engler

    For baby Lee, Will and Tommy to continue to be happy and healthy

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  14. Tonya

    For my father-in-law who is becoming Catholic this Easter season. And also my japanese exchange student, Eiko and her family. This is such a great blog, thank you Jordan and Emily!

  15. Sheila Boulware

    Hello Ladies –
    Here I am again trying to get another freebie, LOL. What can I say I’m a junkie…and if this is what product rehab feels like I LOVE IT! Keep up the informative work ladies!


    • Jordan

      Hey, if you’re going to be a junkie, it should at least be for things that are good for you, right? You’re entered to win!

  16. Lyss

    I’m praying for all the parents out there. Veterans, new and expected- they all need strength and prayer when it comes to the life of our sweet children especially my friend that had a miscarriage this weekend. Thankfully one of my prayers this week was already answered.

  17. A little prayer for my mom who goes for sinus surgery tomorrow.

  18. Kneale

    I am sending out prayers for my family this month as it has been a tough one with the deaths of two dear friends, a parent’s illness, and the death of our cat. I can’t wait for March to finish!

    • Jordan

      Kneale, I’m terribly sorry to hear what a tough few weeks you and your family have had to endure this month. I hope things get better soon, but I’m sure the healing will take a long time.

  19. So many possible, it ‘s hard to know which to choose. So I’ll go with one for my friends who are celebrating the birth of their first baby, with hopes that the energy of joy and rebirth spill over onto everybody.

  20. Kim

    I would like to send a prayer to my co-worker and friend Shannon. Her sweet little boy is having eye surgery tomorrow. Good luck Nate!

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