An Introduction to Eminence Organics

Posted by:  Jordan

I’ve titled this post as an introduction to Eminence Organics because I have a hunch that this is going to be an ongoing love affair.  Plus, this all-natural Hungarian company has about a million products to explore and undoubtedly fall in love with…so I know this isn’t just a fling!

I first found out about Eminence from my friend, Mary Ann, who had fallen in love with the facials at the beautiful Ballantyne Spa in Charlotte, NC.  I remember her emailing me about the Blueberry Soy Repair Masque several months ago, which I’ve yet to try, but I did smell it in the tester jar and was blown away–it actually looks and smells like real blueberries!  I wanted to spread it on an english muffin.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised by that, considering all Eminence products are made with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but it still shocks me to see something that looks and smells so deliciously edible as a face mask.

My second experience with Eminence was in January of this year when I went to the Go Green Organic Spa near Soho in Manhattan, where they use exclusively Eminence’s organic, high-quality products.  This facial was hands-down the best I’ve ever had.  It wasn’t particularly glamorous or spa-like with all the fluff and extras of a day spa, but what they make up for with the outcome of their facials, as well as the affordable prices (if you book through Lifebooker you can normally get the 75 minute $170 facial for only $85!) is jaw dropping.  After all the poking and prodding that the expert esthetician did on my face, I was fearful to look in the mirror.  But, 2 hours later (she spent an EXTRA 45 minutes on me because she had some time before her next client!) when I was handed the mirror, my face was clear and not a trace of redness to be found!  I was absolutely dumbstruck at the amazing outcome of this facial.  So, I’ve been anxious to return to Go Green ever since then (my next appointment is in a month–whee!).

While at Go Green I decided to buy the Clear Skin Priobiotic Masque, which is incredible.  I’m not going to lie, Eminence products are luxury items…this  mask was $54!  But it truly does last a super long time (I’ve been using this mask 2-3 times a week for over 3 months now and I’ve barely used 1/4 of the jar because, as with all Eminence products, you only have to use a very small amount).  This mask is such a treat to use–from the fresh cucumber smell to the cooling sensation from the yogurt, to the resulting smoother, clearer skin, it’s absolutely worth it’s price.

Just last weekend I was in Charlotte visiting Mary Ann and we made a pilgrimage to the Ballantyne Spa for facials.  Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying myself a new Eminence treat–but what to choose from all the amazing products that were used during my facial?!  I finally decided upon the tinted Sun Defense SPF 30 Mineral Powder in Peaches & Cream, which protected my skin from the sunny Spring day while also camouflaging any lingering redness.  I’ve been loving using this product (an update to my Bare Minerals mineral foundation) as either a thin veil of protective powder over my 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer, or on its own as a powder foundation.  My only small complaint is that the application brush can leave little bristles on your face (this happens with my Bare Minerals brush as well).  So I think you’d have to have a mirror handy, just for this reason, otherwise you could apply this foundation blindly and it would be fine because it blends so well.

I’ve also tried a few samples of other Eminence products and each one is equally incredible–my favorites being the Bearberry Eye Cream (which moisturizes like a dream, but soaks in immediately, thereby making makeup application even quicker) and the creamy Coconut Milk Cleanser (which removes makeup easily and smells like a day at the beach, except leaving your skin soft and hydrated, rather than sunburnt and itchy!  The perfect cleanser for easily irritated skin.)

You can buy Eminence Organics products from natural spas in your area or online at several places, including Amazon. If you’d like to experience the perfection that is Eminence Organics, leave a comment below–I have 2 sample-sized containers of the Bearberry Eye Cream to give away to PJR  readers.  My sample jar has lasted me for about 2 months of twice-daily use!  I’ll choose 2 names at random, so enter by Sunday, 4/10/11 at midnight EST!

*Update, 5/2/11: I went back to Go Green Organic Spa for my second facial this past weekend and I was sadly disappointed.  I had a different facialist this time and she was nowhere close in skill to the woman I had the first time.  The facial was fine, but not nearly the “wow factor” that I got the first time around.  Moral of the story: if you get a great facial, get the name of the person you had…this was my mistake and I fear I’ll never find her again!



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20 responses to “An Introduction to Eminence Organics

  1. Count me in for the drawing please! I love Eminence and get my facials from Melanie at Miramare here in Portland, OR because that is all she uses!

    I love their Citrus Exfoliating Wash, Stone Crop Mask, and Pear and Poppyseed Scrub. I have been tempted by the mineral makeup, but it contains bismuth which is an irritant to many, so I’ve stayed away from it. But I know it’s fine for lots of people!

    Thanks for a great review and a fun giveaway,

    • Jordan

      You’re in Trish! Thanks for the heads-up on the bismuth, too…I wasn’t aware it irritated some people. I’m shocked I wasn’t one of them, as my skin tends to react to anything potentially irritating!

  2. Eve

    I would love to be in on the drawing too! I’m on the final dregs of my old eye cream looking to switch to something organic and I know you have sensitive skin like me so perhaps Bearberry is the one to try. Thanks!

  3. Tonya

    I love reading these posts. Yesterday I was at a holistic conference and bought some apricot lemon peel sugar face scrub and kaolin clay mask, made locally here in Casper. I only tried the face scrub once and I love it.
    Thanks, Tonya

  4. AMY

    No need to enter me in the drawing because I have a sample of the bearberry eye cream but I have to join in on the comments because I really love it! It blends in so quickly and you are right that you only need a very small amount! Plus there is nothing better than a great smelling product!

  5. I’ve heard so much about Eminence Organics — I’d love to try!

  6. Rachel

    I’d love to be in the running for the free sample! I’ve been really into 100% Pure lately and have been loving the Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, but would love to compare various non-chemical brands! I just started a blog, partly inspired by yours!

  7. Lyss

    That blueberry masque does look delicious! What a treat in deed! I will be adding it to my wish list 😉

  8. I’ve never heard of the Go Green Spa. I live in Queens so that’s not too far away and with prices like that I might have to go there because I got a few weddings and stuff this summer so a facial might be nice. I love discovering new clean brands and I’ve never heard of this one before. I have to check them out now!

    • Jordan

      Jessica, I hope you have as amazing of an experience there that I did…like I said, it’s not the atmosphere you’re going for–I mean, you can hear the waxing going on in the next room and smell the lunch that the employees are eating! But the facial was so amazing and the products they use are so high-quality, that I can overlook the not-so-spa-like tendencies. I wish I caught the name of my facialist–I think she might be the manager or owner, and she might even be the only one who does facials, but she was incredibly sweet and really knew her stuff.

  9. Lisa

    Looks like a great line! I am always looking for great all natural products that provide results. Please enter me for a chance to try the eye cream. Thanks!

  10. That masque looks edible. I want it for dessert.

  11. Anne

    Please! Almost 30 and the under eye wrinkles are coming fast!

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