Vapour Organic Beauty on The Today Show!

Posted by: Emily

Good morning, readers! One of our favorite makeup brands was featured on The Today Show this morning, as part of the segment “Jill’s Steals and Deals,” and they are offering some GREAT deals!!

Several kits are available online, each for only $18, most with retail values closer to $100, so this is quite a bargain! If you haven’t tried Vapour yet, or if you have and have loved it as we do, here’s a great opportunity to get a bunch of products at a very low price!

Offers are good through tomorrow, Wednesday April 20th, 2011, at 11 am ET, or while supplies last.

Here’s the link! Let us know if you buy something!!


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13 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty on The Today Show!

  1. I just bought the Drama Queen collection!! I have been wanting to try the Siren Lipstick in Knockout, a deep, red berry, and it costs $22 on it’s own– here I get it AND 3 other great products for $4 less!! (or if you factor in their $5 shipping, I basically break even, and still get 3 free products!) Whoo hoo!

    I was going to buy a second collection as well, with 3 Aura multi-use blushes and a lip conditioner, but it sold out while I was trying to buy it, so move quickly, people!!!


    • Jordan

      I just bought the Hot Summer Nights collection! Plus I needed to restock on my favorite Aura Multi-Use blush/lipstick in Spark, so this was just an added bonus!! LOVE Vapour! And now I’m all set for my spring/summer cosmetics!

  2. Eve

    I went for the Drama Queen too as I’ve been yearning for some wine-kissed lips and sparkly eyes! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Emily you have to try the lip conditioner anyway as it has really saved my lips after the long winter. Jordan I too love Spark – so flattering on everyone. Thanks to you ladies I have a new favorite company for eco-friendly makeup!

    • Yay, Eve! I am so glad you’re loving Vapour, too!!
      I am totally obsessed with Vapour’s Lip Adore in Joy, which I think it just like the Lip Conditioner, but with some sparkle 🙂 I certainly use it like fancy chap stick!!! It’s very moisturizing. Let us know how the Drama Queen stuff works out for you!
      xo Emily

  3. Lyss

    I tried to buy the hot summer night collection, but it sold out before I could check out so I’m trying the vixen collection. I’ve been wanting to try the Elixir gloss for a while and what a bonus with the price! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly

    Thank you so much for the email about the Vapour kit sale! I received my order yesterday – the atmosphere luminous foundation 110, illusionist concealer in light, and siren lip adore in joy. Premium products at such a great price! I have been looking for organic cosmetics and searching EWG skindeep database, but without review it’s difficult to decide….which is how I found your blog while looking for product info and reviews. I will definitely be trying more from Vapour cosmetics!

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  6. Stephanie

    Does Vapour have anything in its collection that is anything like Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick or Black Lily Different Lipstick (my lipstick “holy grail”) in both texture (glossy) , saturation (sheer/stain), and color (garnet/purplish/brownish/orangish/reddish)? I have given up lipsticks because of the chemicals, dyes, lead and other nasty things in them, but I remain forever on the search for an organic alternative to these lip colors. The closest I have found texture/saturation-wise has been Hemp Organics Lip Tint, but none of their colors are the right shade (or it takes mixing 3 of them to get anywhere close). Any suggestions?

    • Hi Stephanie! Good for you for looking for a more natural lipstick, and great question. I used to love Black Honey as well 🙂
      One of my favorite things about Vapour, of which there are so many!, is their customer service– they are SO nice and so helpful. They will definitely be able to help you find the perfect replacement shade. Off the top of my head, I’d guess “torrid” but you should definitely call them and ask. And I think you’ll like the texture of the Siren Lipsticks– similar to the Cliniques.
      Good luck, and please let us know how it goes!!!

  7. Stephanie

    Also, I have tried Burt’s Bees’ new tinted lip balms and they are OK but not organic, not 100% natural (despite their claims), and do not contain enough pigment. “Red Dahlia” is close to Black Honey and “Rose” is close to Black Lily, but no cigar. So disappointing! Of course, maybe I should just finally accept the fact that no makeup is natural and stick with my plain old tint-less organic lip balms!

  8. Stephanie

    So, I emailed customer service, and you were right, they were very helpful. They made a few suggestions for a “my lips but better” shade akin to Clinique’s Black Honey and Black Lily shades. I purchased the sample pack and tried them out. Of all the ones I tried, the Siren lipstick in “Bold” came the closest to Black Lily (though BL is a little more brownish/purplish/orangish and sheer), and “Intuition” the closest to Black Honey (though BH is a little more raisiny/reddish/purplish and sheer). Customer service told me to blot the Bold shade to make it look more sheer, but the after-stain is a lot more red than BL and just not as natural-looking on me. So, while these lipsticks were pretty darn close to the Clinique shades, sadly my lipstick hunt must continue!

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