Naturopathica’s Sustainability Contest

Posted by:  Jordan

While I haven’t personally tried Naturopathica products yet (but hope to soon, so we can report back our observations!), the East Hampton-based company has all of the qualities that I admire: they are ECOCERT-certified, pride themselves on using high-quality products from nature, and their gorgeous packaging is dedicated to being as sustainable and earth friendly as possible.  Plus, as a New Yorker, I love that it’s a local company.

From now until the end of April Naturopathica is running a contest to promote sustainability.  Simply fill out the online form and give your best sustainability tip to be entered.  You could be randomly chosen as the winner of a gift basked of 10 Naturopathica products.  I’ve already entered–I can’t resist a contest, especially when the prize is this fun!

If any of our readers have tried these products, please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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One response to “Naturopathica’s Sustainability Contest

  1. Fiona

    Never tried them but I hope I win the contest so I can! Thanks for the tip.

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