Vapour Organic Beauty Giveaway!! Siren Lipstick!

Posted by: Emily

As many of you know, we here at PJR are huge fans of Vapour Organic Beauty and we were thrilled when they were featured on The Today Show recently and offered several promotional kits for only $18! So, of course, I ordered one 🙂

Two days after the Today Show appearance, I got my Drama Queen set in the mail from Vapour. [This is kind of irrelevant, but I have to give them major props for how fast it arrived, given how inundated they must have been from all the orders from the Today Show appearance. We heart you, Vapour!]

            Anyway, more importantly, I LOVE the Siren Lipstick I got in this kit. The color, Knockout, is incredible. I have been wanting to try a new lip color from Vapour, and just wasn’t motivated because, as much as I love Vapour, I do sometimes wish I could try out the products in a conveniently located store near me, and this kept me from taking the ordering plunge. Luckily, the Today Show $18 kits broke me out of this funk! And Knockout is the exact color I was looking for, even if I didn’t know it’s what I needed. I love when that happens! It’s deep red, but sheer and equally easy to wear with no other makeup on or with a full face. And it is so moisturizing!

However, after falling madly in love with Knockout, I discovered that the shade has been discontinued! I was so sad! So I wrote to our good friends at Vapour– they have the best customer service, ever– and they replied with great news! They have just launched 10 new shades, for a total of 16 Siren Lipstick shades in all, and they sent us some to try out! The best part is that they were able to help me find a wonderful replacement for Knockout! Torrid (#413) is very similar, almost identical, and the new formula is absolutely wonderful– the shades last even longer and are just as moisturizing– amazing!

Want to hear some even better news? The nice, generous, awesome folks at Vapour have offered to give one of you, our lucky readers, 3 shades of your choice of Siren Lipstick in a giveaway! We’ll choose the winner from this post and she will get to choose the shades of Siren Lipstick she will receive! Jordan and I are busy trying them all out now, and I can tell you, they are all winners!!

Post below and tell us which shades you’d love to try! We’ll pick the winner at random after noon on Wednesday, May 18. You can also post on our Facebook page for an additional chance to enter!

Below is info about the fabulous Siren Lipstick from Vapour’s website. I personally guarantee that you will LOVE this product! And read below how natural and healthy it is!!!

New packaging! Siren is a naturally long-wearing, moisturizing lipstick in sixteen flattering, fashion–forward shades. It’s designed to flatter to all skin tones and nourish parched lips in style.

Siren is a striking new advance in lipstick formulation! Pure plant ingredients are vacuum processed, without chemicals, to produce a moisturizing shine that rivals the performance of its mainstream counterparts. That’s why Editor’s at Lucky and Allure rave about Siren!

Siren is made with 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments & vitamins. Siren is designed to protect lips from moisture loss and environmental assault. Siren’s NEW botanical infusion contains hydrating Myrrh, Rose buds, healing Lemon Balm, antioxidant Pomegranate, soothing Jojoba oil and essential fatty acid rich Camilina oil.

Siren is a long wearing lipstick and lip conditioner in one amazing chemical free formula!

Cosmetic Features

  • Naturally long wearing
  • Superior texture, never sticky or dry
  • Core palette flatters all skin tones
  • Wear Siren alone or layer with Elixir gloss

Skin Benefits

  • Revitalizes and moisturizes with organic emollients and antioxidants
  • Proprietary formula moisturizes while allowing skin to breathe

Organic Purity

  • Revolutionary non-petroleum, chemical-free formula
  • No chemicals to ingest by mouth or through the skin


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49 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty Giveaway!! Siren Lipstick!

  1. Tonya

    I would like to try Desire, Hint, Incognito, and Tempt. Thanks!

  2. navin

    pick me, pick me!! i’m new to “clean” make up and am in need of lipstick/gloss! even if you don’t pick me, i think i’m going to get me some clean stuff for my lips! 🙂

  3. Kneale

    These lipsticks look so beautiful! I would love to try Bold, Torrid, and Tryst.

  4. Nina

    OMG 3 shades for only one person! I definitely choose Torrid, Saucy and Tryst!

  5. upma

    i already have knockout and ravish, i would love to also have torrid, intuition and dare!

  6. Katie

    This would be great—I’ve been wanting to try these! Thanks so much for your blog. 🙂

  7. Jacky

    I would love to try Hint, Ravish, and Desire!! I really need some new ideas in lip color and this looks perfect

  8. kammyh

    I love ALL of them! Wow! But I would really like to try Ravish, Chere, and Possess.

  9. Robin

    I’ve heard of the line but never seen a review, they sound kin of ideal. The colors Torrid, Rant, and Ravish all look great but it’s always hard to tell for sure online. Sounds like torrid is a hit, did you get to try the other 2 out?

  10. Robin

    Oops, rant was supposed to say tempt!

  11. Rachel

    Ooooo so exciting! I also ordered the $18 deal from Vapour and LOVE the foundation/cover up. Thanks for converting me! I’d love to try Tryst, Ravish, and Restraint.

  12. Eve

    I too love the Siren shade Knockout and have been rocking it on stage every night in my show! I’m also a serious fan of the Hypnotic gloss included in the Drama Queen kit (hope that’s not discontinued too). For the give-away I would love to try Bold, Tryst & Desire. I’m thankful to you both for passing these amazing organic products on to all of us junkies!

    • I’m so glad you’re making Knockout famous on stage!! I love the Elixir Hypnotic gloss, too– and it looks like it is not discontinued 🙂 Hooray! I have it in Hypnotic from the Drama Queen kit, of course, and also have it in Hush, which is an awesome hint-of-color neutral. And one tube has lasted me almost a year– amazing value.
      Hope you win!! xoxo, Emily

  13. Fiona the images that the name combinations are painting. My picks would be Torrid (based on your recommendation), Intuition, and Naive. Those are all interesting shades that are different from anything I already have. Been intrigued by Vapour for awhile. Please enter me if your giveaway is open to Canadians.

  14. Teri

    Ooh, Hint, Incognito and Saucy (they all look so yummy!). I did order one of the Today Show kits, and while the foundation shade I chose is too dark for me (120) I will use it for a bronzer. I’m hoping to try the foundation in a lighter shade cuz I loved it! Thanks for keeping us in mind with these great reviews and special offers!

    • Good thinking to use that foundation as a bronzer! Maybe it’ll work better for you in the summer with a little tan? I have definitely had that experience 🙂 Thanks for entering– good luck and hope you win!

  15. kam

    bold, torrid and tryst are my faves but these really so all look amazing. i love Vapour!

  16. Maria

    When the offer with free concealer was around I asked for lipstick/lipgloss shade recommendations. The girl at Vapour also recommended Knockout to me so I would definitely like to try Torrid. My other two would be Restraint and Tempt.
    Btw, how did you like the Pomegranate line from Weleda? I am curious to know. I just bought the Pine Bath Milk. Excited to try it:)
    Jordan, congrats on the baby!

    • Jordan

      Thank you so much, Maria!!!! We owe you a review on the Pomegranate line, for sure! My very abbreviated review–great moisturizer, LOVE the scent, is it firming?? Hard to say at 31 when my skin is still relatively firm. But I do like it! Oooh, i love the Pine bath milk–hope you enjoy it too!

  17. Ooh — I’d love to try Intuition, Tryst, and Saucy. Fingers crossed!

  18. Lyss

    Wow. Lots of colors to choose from. I’m usually a boring natural type, but maybe I could venture out too. I would try desire, hint, intuition and tempt.

  19. I’m so pissed that I missed out on those sets 😦 By the time I got online to order they didn’t have anything to match my skin tone or anything that I didn’t already have lol. Anyway I would love to try Ravish, Bold and maybe Possess. AHhhhhhh its so hard just to choose 3.

  20. Hint, Ravish, and Desire! PLEASE

  21. I would like to try ravish, tryst, and hint! Ravish is such a risk I’d have to try because if it looks good it will look real good.

  22. Lisa

    I would LOVE to try the following shades: Tempt, Chere, Vibe. Soooo hoping to win this time! 🙂

  23. Kelly

    I love my Vapour Organics Kit (thanks to you!) and would love to try more of their line. I would pick Tempt, Possess, and Hint.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. That sounds like an amaaayzing lipstick. I’d be keen as a bean to try some of the reds: Ravish and Tryst, especially, and also Hint. Corals and reds!

  25. Vapour’s been on my “to try” list for far too long now, I should probably just give in and order one of these days 🙂 Possess, Desire, and Restraint look gorgeous!

  26. gloria

    Desire and Possess are beautiful! And perhaps Restraint?

  27. Julia

    I already love Vapour foundation and would love to try other colors of the lipsticks as well! Had less luck with the one shade I have – too pale.
    I’d love to try Torrid, Saucy and Tryst.
    Thanks for your blog – I always love reading it!

  28. Ellen

    I would like the colors that jump on your lips – my biggest problem is remembering / managing to put them on!

  29. To anybody that missed out on the Today Show deal or this generous giveaway, I just wanted to let you know that this weekend (May 21-22nd) alex+von is offering an exclusive 25% off deal for all of our Vapour Organics products!, no promo code needed, just enter my name at checkout and enjoy! Look me up on FB, avbyelizabeth, if you have any questions!!

  30. Thanks for the post. Their cosmetics are very healthy thus only contain ingredients that are highly organic. Great for skin! it moisturize and protect your lips what more can you ask for.vapour organic beauty

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