Naturopathica serums and SPF moisturizer

Posted by: Jordan

There is something noteworthy going on with my skin right now. I haven’t been this happy with it in a very long time. I’m not sure if there’s a divine 2nd trimester pregnancy hormone at work, or if the Naturopathica serums and day-moisturizer I’ve been using for the past few weeks are just that incredible. My skin hasn’t looked this clear since the carefree, party-all-night-and-still-look-bright-and-rested days of my twenties. Coincidence? Perhaps…but as a product junkie I immediately credit my latest skincare product!

Of course, I do still get the occasional hormone-related blemish near my chin which I’ve been treating with my Weleda diaper cream, but overall my skin has shown a great improvement in its smoothness (I had these tiny little bumps on my forehead for a really long time that were especially annoying) and a noticeable reduction in redness!  Again, this could coincide with some hormonal changes, but I’m going to give at least some credit to the Naturopathica products I’ve been trying lately.

I’ve tried out three 100% natural serums: the Geranium Regenerating Serum, the Plant Stem Cell Serum, and my favorite–the Carrot Seed Soothing Serum.  I have been applying either the Geranium or the Plant Stem Cell serum at bedtime under a Weleda night cream, and then the Carrot Seed serum under Naturopathica’s Lavender Protective Moisturizer, SPF 17 in the morning.  I’m loving this moisturizer as a day cream because it goes on lightly and doesn’t feel a bit heavy or greasy (key for the hot days we’ve been experiencing lately), and it adds a bit of added sun protection under my mineral makeup.  Plus the lavender scent is so pretty and refreshing!

Naturopathica is a holistic, local NY skincare company (their East Hampton spa looks incredible on the website!). The products aren’t exactly bargain-priced–the 1 oz moisturizer is $28 (2.5 oz bottle is $58), and the serums are all between $40-48–but the quality and results seem to reflect the price fairly.  I’m officially a huge fan!


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  1. The packaging on these is really appealing!

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