Marie Veronique Organics

Posted by:  Jordan

Photo courtesy of Fig+Sage: read their comprehensive review of MVO by clicking on photo!

You’re going to hate me after I tell you about my latest skincare obsession.  Well, I hope you’ll thank me too, because I think you’ll end up loving these products as much as I do.  But if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to go out and immediately buy every incredible product that Marie Veronique Organics makes!  Thus, the hate me part of the equation comes when you see your credit card bill.

With humble beginnings in her Bay Area kitchen, Marie Veronique Nadeau, a former chemistry teacher, started this all-natural skincare company in 2003 as a holistic and eco-friendly way to focus on aging gracefully.  Her company sincerely focuses on ways to not only help consumers make an educated decision (see the Glossary of Ingredients which explains each ingredient they use, or the News & Research page to learn more), but they also donate 10% of their proceeds to the Acumen Fund, an organization that works to create opportunities for women and children in third world countries.  Emily and I just love companies like this–an intelligent, go-getter type of woman who started her own business that helps others look and feel their best, while simultaneously helping our environment and those less fortunate than us.  See, now don’t you just want to buy everything from this company?  If you’re not yet convinced, let me just rave about the best part–their products!!

We were generously sent samples of three products to test out:

A water-resistant SPF 25+ sunscreen made with no harmful chemicals or nanoparticles.  If Sun Putty was my favorite sunscreen last year, this is the winner for this year!  It goes on smoothly and evenly and protected me from a VERY hot and sunny day out at Rockaway Beach in NY yesterday.  A 2.7 ounce bottle (travel friendly size–thank you, MVO!) sells for $19, which is competitive with other natural sunscreens on the market.  Plus, EWG’s Skin Deep gives it a safety ranking of just 1, which is great!  As a sidenote, EWG loves Marie Veronique Organics as much as I do–they recently included all three of these sun-protection products in their Top 25 Sunscreens this year!

We’ve all heard the importance of a serum in our skin-care regimen and this one is fantastic.  It has a slightly cinnamon-y scent and immediately tightens your skin upon contact, without drying it.  I was worried at first that the tightening sensation was because it was sucking all the remaining moisture out my skin, but that’s not at all the case!  In one word this serum with SPF 20 is perfection.  You can use it alone on rainy days or days when you’ll be indoors most of the day–it leaves a great matte finish.  On very sunny days or when you plan to be outside for an extended amount of time, it’s advised to use this product in conjunction with the Moisturizing Face Screen.

Update/Correction: My original post was misinforming–I mistakenly gave you the link to the Anti-Wrinkle Serum, thinking that it was the same thing as the Anti-Aging Day Serum.  It’s not!!  I have corrected the link to take you to the correct product, which is now called Everyday Sheer Coverage (it used to be called the Anti-Aging Day Serum).  Confusion abound!  But the good news is that the Everyday Sheer Coverage is only $50 for 2 oz, not $140/ounce like the super luxe Anti-Wrinkle Serum.

Behold my favorite product I’ve tried from MVO!  This stuff is like the glamour girl version of my former favorite tinted moisturizer with sunscreen from 100% Pure (which, don’t get me wrong, I still love my 100% Pure but it just can’t compare with the end results from this product from MVO!)  It evens out my skin tone, immediately makes my pores smaller and my skin firmer, and creates a nearly flawless look by blending in imperfections and discolorations.  It also gives my complexion a nice glowy look (not to be mistaken with shiny because it’s not at all a shiny, oily finish).  I can’t rave enough about how much better my skin looks after applying this miracle product to my face in the mornings!  This ultra lightweight (perfect for summer!) moisturizing sunscreen comes in three tints to choose from: No Tint, Light, and Medium.  Apparently for the fairest of the fair the No Tint is recommended since it has a yellow tint that evens out any redness without adding any color.  I’ve been using the Light Tint which blends perfectly for my skin.  Emily has been trying out the Medium Tint which works for her slightly tanner skin with olive undertones.  However, I tested out the Medium Tint to see how much different it was from the Light and it blended perfectly on my skin as well.  I think the colors are just so universally flattering that you can’t make a wrong choice!  Thankfully the price of this product won’t send you into sticker shock: $40 for 2 ounces.  One tip on how to apply this moisturizer: apply a few drops to your fingertips and then gently press the liquid into your skin, rather than rubbing it in.  I’ve found that this technique helps it spread evenly while not using an excessive amount of product.

So, where to start with all these products?  I’m personally wanting to buy the Anti-Aging Travel Kit  which allows you to try a cleanser of your choice, the anti-aging mist, the anti-aging oil (which I’ve read is addictive!), and the Moisturizing Face Screen in your choice of the 3 tints.  All of 4 products in a handy travel/sample sizes for $51 should help you decide which products you want to invest in full-size versions of.

Or, if you’re already sold on my review of the Moisturizing Face Screen and know that you’d like to buy the full-size version of that, we’ve got a special Product Junkies Rehab exclusive deal for you, which lasts until 7/31/11! Receive a free 1/4 oz Anti-Aging Oil+ (a $20 value!) with the purchase of the Moisturizing Face Screen using code MVOJunkies at checkout.  See, maybe you’ll love me, after all!


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13 responses to “Marie Veronique Organics

  1. One of my best girlfriends designed the logo and design for this brand!!

    I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them, especially the tinted moisturizer with SPF 30!! Im glad you gals liked it as well!

    • Jordan

      That’s so cool, Jennifer!!! The logo and design/packaging are gorgeous! I really love the tinted moisturizer too, and can’t wait to get my full-size version so I can try out the anti-aging oil!!

  2. Wow! Thank you Jordan and Jennifer, we’re so happy to hear about your experiences with our products! Our tinted moisturizer (Moisturizing Face Screen) is definitely one of our most popular products–we hope making sun protection easy to do everyday 🙂

    Have a super summer ladies!

  3. Teri

    Hi, did you find it oily….I tend to break out and I’m always cautious! I know the ingredients are impeccable.

    • Jordan

      Hi Teri,
      Not in the slightest oily!! In fact, I was worried the the products were going to make my already dry skin feel not moisturized enough because they were so lightweight, but I was pleasantly wrong in this assumption!

  4. evelk

    Hi Jordan,
    I was really excited about this product but when I looked at the ingredients I saw emu oil listed and am now having a crisis of conscience. Although MVO gets the oil from a free-range emu farm I still hesitate to buy a product that is not cruelty-free. Now, I still eat the occasional fish and definitely have leather products so I am by no means vegan in diet or lifestyle, but I need some more convincing to take the leap to emu oil. What are your thoughts? Is this product worth the leap – I’m definitely in need of a moisturizer with sunscreen made for the face that won’t cause irritation or clog pores or burn a giant hole in my pocket. Help 🙂

    • Jordan

      Hi Eve! First of all, I just LOVE being a part of a community where people actually stop to consider the ingredients that they’re putting on their body! It makes me so much happier than when I used to base my skincare purchases off of airbrushed pictures of models in women’s magazines! As far as the emu oil goes, I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian (though I am very picky about the meats I do eat), so using an animal byproduct doesn’t really bother me. But, as we always say, you need to be comfortable in the purchases you make for yourself by making thoughtful, educated decisions. Personally, I think this tinted moisturizer is THE BEST so bring on the emu fat!!!! But if you’re hesitant try out the Anti-Aging Travel kit, where the other 3 products included are vegan!

      • Eve

        I went for the 100% Pure and am 100% happy! I’ll definitely be trying MVO for their vegan/vegetarian products in the future. Thanks for keeping up this community of mindful beauty product junkies 🙂

      • Jordan

        So happy to hear that you’re liking the 100% Pure–it’s definitely a great product and a beauty staple in my bathroom!

  5. Kay

    I tried both the gentle and exfoliating cleansers about 6 months ago and I LOVE them both. I have oily skin and nothing I tried was good. These are amazing. My skin is no longer oily and I am not running in the door from work to wash my face because there is NO oil. And I haven’t had a pimple or break out since I started using these cleansers. I am going to try other products too now.

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