Yes to Carrots Update

Posted by: Emily

Back in January, I did a video blog about moisturizers. I have been holding off reporting back about these because I was feeling pretty ambivalent about both of the ones I tried in this entry, but I recently bought more of one of them, and felt that was worth reporting. The repeat buy was of Yes To Carrots Body Butter. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I was using it in January and February. But when I realized I was in front of a shelf full of it in Duane Reade recently, I couldn’t help but buy some and take it home with me. Now, please factor in that I had a $5 coupon for Duane Reade, so take my medium enthusiasm about the body butter and subtract $5 worth.
It’s still not perfect. For example, it does not hold a candle to Weleda’s Skin Food (though it’s less expensive and absorbs faster because it is no where near as rich and effective). And it doesn’t compare to body butters from my past (The Body Shop, Kiehl’s, and Korres are the three I really miss, but all were probably most effective because of their chemical components, so I won’t morn them too much).

Still, I wanted you to know that I did buy more of the Yes To Carrots Body Butter. It’s okay—it spreads on easily and smells nice. I won’t lie and say that 12 hours later my skin still feels moist and fresh, like it did with the aforementioned chemical-laden body butters of my past, but I have new priorities now, and this one is a relatively cheap-ish solution and feels nice to put on post-shower. I’m certainly not in love, but it will do.

P.S. I will not be buying it again, or at least not for a while, because last weekend Weleda had a 1/2 price sale on their website, and I bought enough Skin Food and Mallow Body Lotion to open my own boutique (which I would never do because I am keeping all of it for myself!!!)


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