The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9: Bubble & Bee Organic “Pit Putty” Stick

Posted by:  Jordan

After several recommendations from readers about this organic deodorant from Utah-based Bubble & Bee Organics, I made it my mission to seek it out.  I found a place in the West Village, Lifethyme Market, that had a couple of the scents of the stick version in stock.  Bubble & Bee deodorants come in three forms: stick, spray, and the newly released creams.  So far I have only tried the stick form, so I can only comment on that.  I’m hoping to try the spray and, especially, the cream formats soon!

I picked up the Geranium & Lime scent blindly, as there were no testers  at Lifethyme Market.  At $10 for a full-size deodorant stick, at least I wasn’t spending a ton if I hated the scent.  Luckily, I’m in love with the Geranium Lime scent–it’s an addictive zesty limeade scent that’s both zingy-fresh and girly.  All of the scent options from Bubble & Bee sound really lovely–I’m especially curious to try out some of the cream scents such as Jasmine, Lemon & Clove, Spearmint & Tea Tree, and Lemongrass.

So how did the deodorant hold up?  Overall, pretty well, but there are some definite “buts” to discuss.  Of course, since it’s a natural deodorant rather than an antiperspirant, it doesn’t minimize sweating.  But I didn’t expect it to do that–sweating just comes with the territory with natural deodorants!  It does do a fairly good job of keeping body odors under control, but occasionally (and usually it depended on the fabric of shirt I was wearing) I would find that I needed to reapply the deodorant by mid-afternoon.  Not a huge deal, as I often carry some extra natural deodorant in my handbag in case a refresher is needed.  However, when I stashed this deodorant in my purse I found that when it warmed it leaked out a little bit and got white residue all over the inside of my purse.  Learned my lesson on that one!

My main concern/complaint with the stick deodorant was the white residue left not only on the inside of my purse, but on me and my clothing!  Even after rubbing the deodorant in with my fingertips, as directed on the package, I found that a few minutes later more little white balls of deodorant would appear under my arms.  And forget about wearing this deodorant with a sleeveless top–it left white marks all over the armholes.  I think this deodorant is best when worn with a loose cotton top that has sleeves.  I’ll continue to wear it for occasions like that, but I find an all-weather/all-clothing option to be more convenient for me.  It’s just a bit too high-maintenance for me to choose what I’m going to wear before I choose what deodorant to apply each morning.

Therefore, my conclusion of this deodorant is that while I love the scent, I probably won’t buy the stick option again.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try out the spray and cream options to see if those fit my needs better!  In fact, Bubble & Bee has a great Deodorant Satisfaction Guarantee/Exchange Policy which you can read more about here!  I think I’ll keep my stick version just because I love the Geranium Lime scent so much, but will wear it with only the appropriate clothing.  I plan on testing out the other versions and will keep you updated!



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15 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9: Bubble & Bee Organic “Pit Putty” Stick

  1. Stephanie

    Great review- I agree on all counts. Love the scent but limit the stick to long-sleeved clothing. I am much happier with the spray and cream versions, since they don’t leave any white residue on clothes. My standard regime involves one spritz of the spray, followed by a pea-sized dollop of the cream, and I’m fresh and girly smelling all day! If I need to freshen up when I get home from work, another spritz of spray usually does the trick. It also makes a nice perfume/body spray.

    • Jordan

      Great tips, Stephanie!! I’ll have to try that!

      • Stephanie

        Also, if you really like the Geranium-Lime scent and are into scent-layering, B&B also makes a soap in that scent as well, which is nice. (Sorry I forgot to mention it before you ordered the spray & cream deos!)

  2. Great review. I’m still not using natural deodorants, as here were I live I can’t find one in organic shops…I bought one in a organic shop, but when I read the ingredients label, it’s full of parabens, so…no natural at all…
    I want to try one day the soapwalla.

    • Jordan

      You should definitely either order some online or try making your own with the DIY recipes we’ve tried! It’s worth the extra effort!

  3. I was literally just thinking of purchasing this scent. I’m not sure how I feel about the white balls… I wear white T-shirts all the time so maybe that wouldn’t matter? I think I want to try the homemade deodorant recipe next instead.

  4. Daun

    I wore the pit putty for a long time. Very familiar with the white balls. 😉 Not only that but it did stain my undershirts as well. I’ve switched to the cream deo, and I am so much happier! For me, it’s way more effective. No more white gunk under my arms or anything.

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  7. Jimmy

    We use Primal Pit Paste and it works the best! Our whole family is never stinky!

  8. Stephanie

    If you are still interested in using a stick deodorant, I recently discovered a great USDA-certified organic brand called North Coast Organics. I have been using their Naked unscented deodorant for the past two weeks and it works as well for me as Bubble and Bee’s cream deo but in a convenient stick. I only need one or two swipes and it lasts all day. Unlike the B&B stick, it is not crumbly and doesn’t require you to rub it in with your fingers after applying. I find that it leaves some residue on my clothes or balls up a little once in awhile, but not enough to be a major concern for me, even in sleeveless clothes, and I think it mainly happens when I over-apply the stuff. Their scents are more limited than B&B — Naked (unscented but has a faintly sweet coconut aroma), Death by Lavender (an herbal lavender scent for women) and Revolver (a woodsy scent for men) — but they are about to launch a new product line in November through a new company called “The Mood Factory” with 8 different deo scents! I am excited to try “Tranquility” which is a blend of vanilla, lavender, jasmine and chamomile essential oils. Both companies also offer cute little travel size deos if you want to sample them without committing to a full size. I highly recommend!

    • Jordan

      Oh wow, that sounds awesome!! Tranquility sounds gorgeous–I agree with you! Thanks for sharing this info, have to check it out!

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