The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.1 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Spray

Posted by:  Jordan


This is a continuation of my test trials with the highly recommended (by our readers!) Bubble & Bee organic deodorants.  As I mentioned in my last review of the Pit Putty, they carry three variations of their deodorant: stick, spray, and cream. 
I have to start out by admitting that I went into trying the Geranium Lime spray deodorant not expecting for it to work at all.  So, why did I buy it, one might ask?  Well, I loved the Geranium Lime scent in the Pit Putty so much that I thought maybe it would just be a nice summer-y body spray, seeing as though the ingredients are just alcohol and essential oils.  Sounds like a body spray to me–certainly not a deodorant worth even trying on a cold day.  But try I did, and I’m so pleased–I can’t believe this stuff actually works for me!  I was expecting it to be, as Emily said when testing out the Dr. Hauschka deodorant, “Arm Pit Perfume.”  Meaning, it smells nice, but it’s not actually that effective at battling body odors unless you plan on simply sitting on your couch all day doing nothing.
So even with my negative outlook going into it, I am in shock that this stuff is actually working for me!!!   I have no idea how something so simple is working, but I’m not going to question it.  I’ll just accept that it’s working for me (and will of course update you if anything changes and it stops being effective).  It’s so easy to use too–much quicker and less messy to apply than the creams I’ve been using–just a quick spritz to each armpit, plus one on my neck because it just smells so uplifting, and I’m ready.  After using this deodorant for a week, it hasn’t failed me yet–through some super muggy days, too.  Occasionally I’ll refresh the deodorant spray in the late afternoon, but not really because it’s necessary–more because I just love the fragrance! 
I’m excited to start testing out the cream deodorants next.  As one reader recommended, she likes to layer the deodorant spray underneath a pea-sized dollop of the cream for an extra dose of odor fighter.  Stay tuned for a review of the creams–I have very high hopes!


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8 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.1 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Spray

  1. Stephanie

    Wow- that’s awesome that the spray is working so well for you! If I use it alone (w/out the cream or stick), I usually have to reapply after a few hours on hot days. Looking forward to your next deodorant review!

    • Jordan

      Oh trust me, I was VERY skeptical! I’m still smelling my armpit every 5 mins b/c i’m just sure i’m going to start smelling soon! But so far, so good! It’s magic, I think

  2. Allison

    I just ordered the spray and am eagerly awaiting its arrival! Bought the cream sampler pack a few months ago and have been working my way through the scents. Not all worked but I loved the Geranium Lime and the Jasmint. Like you, I still have odd moments where I sniff my pits but the stuff works! The creams work really well. I still have moments where I get sweaty (I do live in Hotlanta, after all!) but there is no odor. This stuff really works!

    • Jordan

      Hi Allison,
      I bought the sampler pack too–the Jasmint smells amazing! Haven’t tried it yet, but am so looking forward to it!

  3. Tonya

    Hi. I remember reading Geranium essential oil helps with body odor. So I bought it to use in my homemade cream deodorant and in the new batch added tree tea oil and love the smell, both version have worked great. I have used geranium and orange in a diffuser and that was awesome. I am really close to going to all homemade beauty products (well except make-up). I buy local homemade face scrub, lotion, and soap. Using my essential oils I’ll switch to baking soda shampoo and vinegar rinse. I have purchased fractionated coconut oil to use as a lotion of couse adding essential oils. I’ll let you know what I think. Can’t wait to vist!!

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