The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.2 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Creams

Posted by:  Jordan

This is my final installment in the Bubble & Bee deodorant series (see the reviews of the stick and spray versions), and I think I’ve saved the best for last.  I LOVE these deodorant creams so much!  They work (for me…keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different) just as well as the DIY deodorant and Soapwalla, which are my two favorite natural deodorants thus far.  Are we starting to see a trend here with the cream form of deodorant coming out on top?  But the one difference I’ve found is that they don’t cause any skin irritation!  I’m lucky in that none of the deodorant creams have irritated my skin, so I like to have Emily and our friend, Amy, test them to make sure they don’t give them irritation.  Both Emily and Amy agreed that there was little irritation.  Amy actually did experience a small amount of redness after a few days of using the creams–like a small rash–so she wisely emailed Bubble & Bee to ask for their feedback.  They responded with a surprising suggestion, but one that totally makes sense (and according to Amy, this advice works!  No irritation ever since!).  They said the irritation is caused not by the baking soda in the product (which we were all assuming was the culprit), but from a condition called Intertrigo.

“Intertrigo is caused by skin-to-skin friction, and is common in moist areas of skin in areas such as the groin, between folds of skin on the abdomen, under the breasts, under the arms or between toes.  The simple rubbing together of the skin creates friction and thus irritation and red skin.  Applying more product should actually help with this problem, as the powder helps to alleviate the friction. “

Who would have guessed that using MORE product would actually help the situation?!  The other thing I love about the deodorant creams is how smooth and silky the consistency is.  It rubs in easily with absolutely no white residue, which was my complaint with the Pit Putty stick.

I purchased the Pit Putty Cream sampler pack, which gives you six sample-sized deodorant creams in various scents to try out.  I loved trying each of the scents and deciding which was my favorite.  I think my absolute favorite is the Spearmint & Tea Tree scent.  It brings back memories of my childhood because it smells just like Wrigley’s spearmint gum!  Here’s a rundown on all of the scents I tried, in order of favorite to least favorite

  1. Spearmint & Tea Tree – fresh, long-lasting scent with an odor-fighting power that lasts all day for me
  2. Jasmint – it was a close runner-up to the Spearmint & Tea Tree.  Such a pretty, fresh scent
  3. Geranium & Lime – love it just as much as the other versions (stick and spray) but I found I liked the freshness of the mint scents even more
  4. Lemongrass
  5. Lemon & Clove
  6. Super Pit Putty (too much patchouli for my likes)
So, to sum up the Bubble & Bee deodorants, they all worked really well for me, but I love the creams the best!  Give them a try and let us know what you think.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the three forms of Bubble & Bee deodorant because of their amazing Deodorant Guarantee/Exchange Policy!


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10 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 9.2 – Bubble and Bee Deodorant Creams

  1. Stephanie

    Great post! So glad you love the creams- I thought that you would! Bubble & Bee rocks. I also liked the Jasmint but I’m still breastfeeding and my 8-month-old daughter hates it. 😦 So, I’m sticking with the Geranium Lime, which I love and she seems to like, too (or at least doesn’t mind).

    • Hey, Stephanie! So funny you mention that about breastfeeding– I worry about that, too. I always try to put on deodorant at night, after I shower and after my daughter is asleep for the night, to give the scent time to absorb before she feeds again. I LOVE all the scents of Bubble and Bee deodorants, and so far, I think my daughter doesn’t mind them, but just in case I try to give it time between applications because their little noses are very sensitive at this age 🙂 –Emily

  2. Oxana

    Did you try DeodoMom? I’ve ordered it, because I’ve read some good reviews. I guess it’s pretty close to your baking soda DYI recipe…

    • Jordan

      Hi! I haven’t heard of this one. But the baking soda does seem to work, unless it irritates your skin, which is the one drawback we’ve found with several people

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  4. Leslie

    Hey Stephanie!!

    Have you ever tried Lavilin?? Lavilin is truly amazing! My sister got me some a few months ago and I fell in love with the product! It’s all-natural and it works!

    • Nancy

      Leslie, where do you normally buy Lavilin? I’ve been hearing about how good it is for years from lots of different people. I also recently saw a great article about it in NY Mag, so I figured it’s time to try it!!

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