Lanolin Agg Tval – Swedish Eggwhite Facial Soap

Posted by:  Jordan

My mom and I are both suckers for cute packaging, so when we saw this soap at a Scandinavian gift shop in Geneva, IL, we couldn’t resist trying it out.  And isn’t the folksy charm of this soap just too cute not to buy?  Especially when the product promises Old World Nordic beauty results.   This facial soap is made with a vegetable base, rich lanolin and glycerine, egg white powder, and rose water.  I find that the fattiness of the lanolin (lanolin comes from the fat of sheep’s wool, so this soap is not vegan-friendly; however, this product is not tested on animals) and the calming rose water help alleviate the tight feeling that the egg whites impart.

The pore-tightening quality of the egg whites is what makes this soap unique.  I use it once or twice a week as a mini-facial by first removing any makeup, then creating a rich lather and letting the soapy lather sit on your skin for a few minutes–thereby allowing the egg whites to do their thing.  Rinse off with cool water to give your skin a brightening little pick-me-up.

I really love using bar soaps while traveling–no liquids to have to worry about spilling all over your bag, or making sure you abide by the TSA’s 3 oz travel restrictions.

You can buy this adorable Swedish facial soap at various gift shops or online at Amazon for about $5-$6 a bar, which is a great deal considering it will last you months if you only use it a couple of times a week.  Makes for a great hostess gift/stocking stuffer, or just a treat for yourself!  It’s amazing how happy a $5 adorably packaged box of soap sitting on my bathroom sink can make me!

Update 3/9/12:  Thanks to a sleuthy reader who has been trying to find this soap, it has been discovered that there is something fishy going on.  You can’t find the original formulation of this soap–by the Victoria Company– in stores anywhere!  I did notice that a seller on Amazon has a 6-bar box for sale, but who knows how many they have in stock since there seems to be a nationwide (worldwide?) shortage.  If  you find the imposter soap by the Kala company that looks to be nearly identical in packaging, be forewarned that it’s not the original formula;  I hear the new version is quite drying, but I haven’t personally tried it.  The photo below is what the new soap looks like; if you’re trying to find the original formula that I fell in love with last summer, this isn’t it.  There is a lawsuit currently in progress filed by the Victoria company against Kala, so hopefully our original eggwhite soap formula will return to us soon!



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19 responses to “Lanolin Agg Tval – Swedish Eggwhite Facial Soap

  1. I love the sound of this! You’ve convinced me to get a bar.

  2. Oh, this is too cute! I’m having a hard time finding it online in anything but a multi-pack, so I hope to stumble upon it in person sometime!

  3. Nina Tosca

    I’ve been using this soap for that last 5 years after seeing it in a fashion magazine article and I absolutely love it. It’s gentle enough to use every day and I do! I’m in my early 40s and get compliments all the time on the youthfulness and texture of my skin. This soap is my secret beauty weapon.

  4. Melissa

    Oooh Jordan – where did you see it in Park Slope? I live in NYC & am always in or near that area of Brooklyn!

  5. I haven’t tried this, but since its Swedish and I’m Swedish I’m very interested in doing so (might have to ask family/friends in Sweden if they can get it). Looking around I found which looks like original and might be worth giving a shot!


    they sell it online at The Soap Bar. I haven’t actually tried this soap but have been reading about it since reading a rather favourable review at Rookie Mag. $30 a box ain’t cheap and shipping to Canada is rather prohibitively expensive (unless I want to be THAT GIRL), but someday I’d love to try it!

  7. If you’re looking in the Chicago area, I have about 2 dozen of the original bars in my store right now. Nest Vintage Modern, 3750 Grand Blvd, Brookfield, IL. 🙂

  8. Dan

    Actually, it was Victoria (a giant multi national company) who ripped off the Kala formula and product.

  9. Dan

    It was a Victoria product that they asked Kala to redesign for the American market. Which Kala did and it sold very well for a small business out of Rhode Island. The problem came when Victoria never paid Kala for the redesign and Victoria starting distributing worldwide with a design that was not there own. It’s an intellectual property matter.

    I just hate big multi million dollar corporations ripping off small mom and pop places…that and I love, love, love this facial soap.


  10. Brandi

    I live in Fort Smith, Ar are there any websites or stores you could recommend that keep this soap in stock?

  11. Jisoo

    Idk how my dad was able to get one, but he managed to get three boxes of these and it is by the VICTORIA company. It should say on the back: Victoria helsingborg Sweden. The packaging I have has little four gold circles on each side of the front box with some kind of fancy rose embroidery and on the front it should say EGG WHITE FACIAL CARE VICTORIA HELSINGBORG SWEDEN. 🙂 I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited. My skin has been so bad lately because well to be honest I haven’t been taking care of it because of exams, labs, and things to memorize in the name of SCIENCE! (science major LOL). But this stuff smells..amazing so I’m excited to try it. Glad someone had a review of it!

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