Last chance to enter a fabulous giveaway!

Posted by: Emily

Today is the last day to enter our fabulous Marie Veronique Organics Giveaway (click here for all the details and Jordan’s review!).

I just had to chime in with my enthusiastic seconding of Jordan’s endorsement of MVO products. I am also a huge fan. Case in point:

I just returned from a wonderful family vacation to South Carolina. In the south, it’s still summer– it was in the 80’s, sunny, and breezy every day! We spent a lot of time on the beach, which was heavenly.

My husband and I kept our daughter all wrapped up since sunscreen use for infants under 6 months is controversial (and messy!), but the rest of us were exposed to the sun most of the time.

It's hard to see, but the baby's there under all the blankets and a hat, in the Ergo carrier, protected from the sun!

Most of my family members used Badger Sunscreen on their faces, and while I love how Badger is safe, effective, green, etc., I have to admit, it leaves a white tint to everyone’s skin, and collects in any creases so you get white stripes on your neck sometimes! While they all looked a little like Casper, I used the samples generously sent to us by Marie Veronique Organics on my face (I alternated between Everyday Sheer Coverage and Moisturizing Face Screen, both in Medium) and as a result, I felt very glam!

It doesn’t run or sweat off (I even wore it jogging!) and it evened out my skin tone. It doesn’t transfer either, which I especially appreciate with a new baby– I don’t want to get makeup or sunscreen on her!

On the beach, after the sun set, when we didn't need to be quite as covered from the sun, but it got a little chilly!

I am a big fan, and I encourage you to enter the giveaway! (See Jordan’s post here for all the details of how to enter!)


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