Dry Skin Quick Fix: Milk & Honey Cleanser

Posted by:  Jordan

Be it the weather change or just some more end-of-pregnancy hormonal changes, my skin has been extra dry the past week.  I decided to swap my morning cleansing routine with a simple homemade milk and honey cleanser.  I just combined a small spoonful of honey with a couple tablespoons of milk in a bowl and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the honey to dissolve into the milk.  Then soak a cotton square in the milk & honey mixture and apply to your face.  I like to leave it on my skin for a couple minutes while I brush my teeth and then splash clean with cool water.  I was amazed at how quickly my skin became rehydrated.  The lactic acid in the milk also helped to gently exfoliate the little dry flakes away.  After a few days of this simple, cheap home remedy my skin is feeling extra smooth and hydrated.

If your skin is feeling in need of a moisturizing & exfoliating treat, give this a try and let us know if you have as much success as I did!



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13 responses to “Dry Skin Quick Fix: Milk & Honey Cleanser

  1. I love simple home remedies like this. I’ve used straight honey on occasion…it can be a bit of a sticky mess, but it leaves your skin so soft. I’ll have to try it with milk one of these days 🙂

    • Jordan

      Hi Caitie,
      You’re so right–straight honey is such a mess…that’s why i love dissolving the honey in the milk. You get all the benefits, plus the added benefits of the milk, with way less drippy, sticky mess!

  2. Nosheen Omer

    I did use it yesterday… as my skin has start hurting me 😦 cause ofthe weather change and continuous usage of hot water… I mixed honey with milk and it worked… skin is smooth… less dry… Hope i’ll get my skin more better by using it for few more weeks 🙂

  3. darrell

    All I have to do is mix honey and milk? Can I put it in my palms and put on face?

    • Jordan

      That’s it! I like to put it in a bowl to mix the two so the honey isn’t so thick, but you could just put the two in your palms, sure!

      • darrell

        So does dis just clean the face or just releive dry skin? When u use it do u have to use a flannel?

    • darrell

      So u say milk helps as a exfoliater

      • Jordan

        Yep, the lactic acid helps remove dry skin so the combo is very moisturizing. Unless you have lots of dirt, oil, sunscreen, makeup, etc this is probably fine on its own as a cleanser. Otherwise I’d probably use a creamy cleanser to remove any of that gunk first, and then apply the milk and honey mixture. You can either just rinse off with water or use a washcloth to remove. Hope it helps!

  4. Amy

    would almond milk work? or can you suggest a dairy-free alternative? Thanks!

    • Jordan

      I believe it’s the lactic acid in the milk that acts as a mild exfoliation, so I’m really unsure of what to recommend as a dairy free alternative. You could just use honey and a little baking soda to exfoliate, maybe?

  5. I get really dry skin and love to put the milk and honey in my bath. I also really love to use rosewater and glyceriin splashed on my face. If I use that after washing, I notice I don’t even need my regular moisturizer. It works so much better that now I only use that. PLus the smell is fantastic, not to mention the price difference.

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