Zuzu Luxe Mascara

Posted by:  Jordan

I had been wanting to try Zuzu Luxe Mascara for a long time, ever since one of our readers recommended it to us.  So when I was placing a big order on Amazon for baby necessities, I added this little $16 treat to my basket.  If you’ve been following our natural cosmetics search, you know that we’ve had a really tough time finding a natural mascara that we love as much as our old conventional ones.  And unfortunately the same goes for this mascara.  It’s not bad at all–but it’s nothing to shout from the rooftops about either.

The ingredients are very clean, which I appreciate, and the formula is super-gentle so it’s great for people with sensitive eyes.  And like the company promises, the mascara resists most smudging (I do occasionally find myself having to do a little q-tip cleanup under the eye after a few hours but it wipes off your skin very easily, thereby avoiding raccoon eyes.  Or worse, when you’re trying to clean up the raccoon eye thing you end up with red, irritated eyes from tugging at the skin…none of those problems exist with this mascara, thankfully).  However, the mascara doesn’t do much for me beyond that.  It’s a very natural look; certainly not the mascara you’d want if you’re trying to get a thick, dramatic look for your lashes.  You definitely need to add a few coats to make this mascara show up on your lashes.  Natural is fine for me most days, but sometimes by the end of the day I look at myself and try to remember if I even put any makeup on that morning or not.  That’s how natural it is!

Zuzu Luxe is a brand of Gabriel Cosmetics.  I do love the company’s philosophy and how they got started.  The CEO and Founder, Gabriel DeSantino, became interested in natural cosmetics as a child, after watching his grandmother create healing, homeopathic products utilizing ingredients from the sea near her home in Mexico. After years of research he founded Gabriel Cosmetics. You can buy all products online on their website (free shipping if you spend over $100), on Amazon (as I did), or at Whole Foods.  I would love to try more of their cosmetics in the future so I can report back on more products from this 100% natural, cruelty-free line…let us know if you have tried any other products from this company and can recommend anything!



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8 responses to “Zuzu Luxe Mascara

  1. I really like this mascara, I found that it does give me a good amount of volume. Of course not as much as conventional brands, but when I put on a few coats I think my lashes are pretty dramatic. I love how clean the ingredients are too.

    • Jordan

      Yes, the ingredients are super clean–love that! And after applying a few coats I can get a decently defined lash for a few hours, but it seems to disappear by the end of the day. Which is odd b/c it doesn’t smudge much, so I don’t know where the mascara goes! It’s like reapplying lipstick–it just disappears!

  2. Kelly

    Thanks for this post. I’m going thru the same search and have just been going without mascara for months now. Have you tried bare minerals waterproof mascara. I saw some positive reviews on sephora and that it has a “2” rating on EWG, but am still holding onto my dollars for now.

  3. Samantha

    I’m a bit late responding, but just wanted to mention that I totally agree–natural/clean mascaras just aren’t the same as conventional mascaras. However, I’ve found that using a coat of Jane Iredale’s Pure Conditioning Lash (or whatever it’s called) under a coat or two of clean/natural mascara (I’ve used a number of different natural brands, always get good results) makes a big, big difference. Suddenly, you can see my lashes! That combo is the closest I’ve gotten to great results using clean mascaras.

  4. Agitsi

    A few years ago I started using this mascara and I had stubby lashes. Today I have longer lashes I’m thinking it’s because this product is so gentle and I don’t have to work hard to remove it. I’ll never use anything else. My daughter uses the liquid eyeliner and swears by it…I must say she is quite the fashionista and picky about the eyeliner choices. She uses the onix and sometimes the blue. She loves that retro look! She says it’s as easy to use as anyother eyeliner but a little difficult to remove, however, she uses olive oil to remove it and that works just fine. Hope that helps!

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