Calling All Dreamsicle Lovers

Posted by:  Jordan

I just got home from visiting my mom in Chicago and she bought my baby the most incredible bath products: organic shampoo & body wash and baby lotion from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  It goes without saying that the ingredients are as clean as can be, and now my baby is too because I couldn’t stop bathing her, thanks to these addictive products!  I usually only bathe her every 2-3 days, but I was so in love with these products that I wanted to give her a bath every night so she’d smell just like a Dreamsicle.  The natural orange-vanilla scent was soft and sweet, not cloying and overpowering.  I also loved the design of the bottle with the self-foaming dispenser.  It makes washing her squirmy body even easier since the liquid soap is already foamed for you and you don’t lose a portion of the soap in the water.  I used this deliciously scented natural soap on myself, too, and I can attest that it doubles as a wonderful foaming shave cream for my legs.

After  bathing I applied the Angel Baby Lotion on my daughter’s skin and it was left soft and sweet-smelling.  Of course, I used it for myself too and love it as an everyday body lotion.  It has the perfect, non-greasy lotion consistency, the scent is addictive (have I mentioned yet that I love the orange-vanilla scent??), and it’s very moisturizing.  My skin usually dries out pretty quickly in the dry, cold Midwestern air, but this trip neither of us had any scaly, dry patches.  I reluctantly left these delightful products at my mom’s house so they would be there for our next visit, so I’m thinking that once we run out of our current supplies, we’re going to need some of these products at our house as well.

If you’re going to a baby shower, these would make a perfect gift along with a cute bath towel and wash cloths.  Ditch the cheap Johnson & Johnson standby lotions with synthetic fragrances and cancer-causing ingredients and upgrade to these healthy, gourmet-smelling products (remember to print out the $1 off coupon online!). And don’t just write these off as a baby product–I love them just as much for myself!



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8 responses to “Calling All Dreamsicle Lovers

  1. i Love this product! So delicious!

  2. The packaging is SO cute!! Sounds like it smells wonderful, too. I love sweet smelling things like vanilla. I don’t have children, but it’s products like this that make me reconsider. 🙂

    • Jordan

      Jean, I’m wanting these products for myself just as much as for my daughter. No baby required to enjoy these sweet, healthy body treats!

  3. Stephanie

    Great post– I absolutely love this EMAB products- for mamas and babies! For those with babies, I highly recommend the Bottom Balm, which miraculously eliminates diaper rash within 24 hours. I also highly recommend the New Mama Bottom Spray for anyone. Sure, it is a great post-partum spray for soreness and freshness, but it actually works great as a facial toner as well, if you can believe it! The ingredients are so natural and pure (water, witch hazel, cucumber extract, vegetable glycerin, peppermint & lavender essential oils), it smells so great and it is really refreshing!

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  5. Stephanie B.

    Update– EMAB is now available in unscented and Lavender Vanilla scents. Love these!

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