Babies Eat These Sunscreens Up (Hopefully Not Literally)

Posted by:  Jordan

We took our 3 month old baby girl to Puerto Rico for a little vacation last month and I asked the pediatrician if I could use sunscreen on her (I’ve read conflicting views of sunscreen on babies under 6 months).  She said to just make sure I did a test patch on her to be certain there were no allergies.   Of course, I also had to make sure that the ingredients were safe and all-natural. Being the product junkie that I am, I couldn’t be satisfied with just bringing one sunscreen with us on vacation–no, I had to bring three.  All three of these sunscreens are listed on EWG’s Safest Sunscreen list from 2011

First in my bag was my tried-and-true Marie Veronique’s Kid Safe Screen (see my review of that sunscreen here), which I mainly used for myself, but I did use it on my daughter occasionally as well…it just happens to be one of my personal favorites so I didn’t exactly want to share.  Mom of  the year award??


I had some leftover Badger Unscented Sunscreen from last summer that I also brought with us.  This one used to be my husband’s favorite until he tried the Marie Veronique sunscreen (again, I was reluctant to share).  This sunscreen was great for covering large portions of my daughter’s body because it was so thick and spreadably creamy, so it was simple to make sure we had all portions of exposed skin covered.  Notice the 2.9 oz size–thank you for thinking of air travelers, Badger!


Finally, I bought a travel and diaper-bag friendly sunscreen stick from California Baby, which is so convenient!  The small, lightweight size makes it perfect for keeping in your bag for spontaneous trips to the park, which we’ve been doing a lot this past week since we’ve been blessed with 70 degree days here in NYC.  The trick to this sunscreen is to apply it to your fingers first, and then spread it on your baby’s face, ears, etc; otherwise, if you apply it directly to the skin it can sometimes leave tiny clumps that are hard to blend in.   The stick form is great for baby’s face because when you’re applying sunscreen to a squirmy child they have an annoying tendency to want to turn their head away from the sunscreen blitzkrieg.  The stick makes it less likely for you to accidentally get sunscreen in baby’s eye as you’re trying to pin him or her down.

With this arsenal of safe and effective sunscreens, hopefully I’ll prevent my daughter from having to get her sunspots removed via light-therapy in 30 years, like I recently did.  Curses to you, pre-prom tanning beds.



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3 responses to “Babies Eat These Sunscreens Up (Hopefully Not Literally)

  1. You can also make sunscreen for your babies (and yourself) using your favorite moisturizer (or oils)–and you’ll know exactly what’s in it!

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