Fun Uses for Essential Oils

Posted by:  Jordan

I became interested in essential oils when I started making my own home beauty products such as deodorants, body/bath oils, and masks.  At first I used whatever oils were cheapest at Whole Foods or Fairway Market.  But then I realized what a difference a high-quality oil makes.  In honoring full disclosure, I became an Independent Sales Consultant for DoTerra Essential Oils after trying their products and discovering how much I liked them and how superior they were to the cheapo stuff I was using.  But this is NOT a sales pitch, I promise!  I’m just going to discuss essential oils in general, but to be totally open and clear, I only use DoTerra oils now because they are certified to be pure of fillers, pesticides, and preservatives (obviously important to me, as you can tell from this blog!).  In fact, these oils are so pure that you can use most of them internally, whereas cheaper brands of essential oils say “not for internal use” on the bottle.  Like most things in life, you get what you pay for (except when you’re paying for a brand name, like the big names in the beauty industry who spend billions on advertising.  But those are full of nasty ingredients anyway, so we aren’t going to get suckered by their advertising, are we?!).  So anyway, I liked DoTerra oils so much that I decided to become a consultant, which you can kind of think of like a Costco/Sam’s Club membership where you pay a one-time $35 fee and thereafter get the wholesale pricing.  Or, instead of paying the one-time fee, you could buy a starter kit, which is what I did because it gave me the opportunity to try a lot of different oils for different uses.

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, let’s talk about all the fun uses for essential oils!

  • Making my own natural cleaning products.  Lemon is my all-time favorite for cleaning, but I also love grapefruit, peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  For a completely natural and inexpensive all-purpose cleaner, I just add water, vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil to a spray bottle.  The citrus oils are especially good for cleaning due to their disinfecting properties.
  • A gentle daily detox (which I like to tell myself counterbalances my nightly glass–or two–of wine) and immune system boost.  In the morning I fill my stainless steel water bottle with filtered water and a few drops each of lemon and peppermint oils.  AGAIN, do NOT use essential oils for internal use unless they’re therapeutic grade and state clearly on the bottle that they’re safe for internal use!
  • Cooking and baking.  Just use the oils like you would any flavor extract, such as vanilla or almond.  My very sweet and talented resident ice cream maker/husband made an amazing Dreamsicle flavored ice cream for me by adding a few drops of orange oil to vanilla ice cream.  Incredible!
  • Home remedies for ailments.  Eucalyptus is great for relieving a cough.  Lavender and peppermint oils applied to your temples relieves tension headaches.    Peppermint helps cure hiccups!  Just add 4-5 drops of peppermint to 1-2 Tbs of room temperature water and drink.  The hiccups will usually stop immediately–I tried this once and it totally worked right away.  Another time it took a few times of doing it.  Either way, I ended up with really fresh breath! 🙂 This is just the tip of the iceberg on what you can use essential oils for in natural healing, though.
  • Mosquito repellent.  Here’s a link for making your own natural mosquito repellent, but I personally love DoTerra’s oil blend, TerraShield, which I applied to my family yesterday when we were sitting on our stoop.  We actually saw the mosquitoes swarming around our legs, yet they didn’t bite us!!  Amazing and completely free of the harmful chemicals found in conventional mosquito repellent!
  • And of course–my personal favorite–beauty!  I like to add a few drops to my homemade deodorants or any unscented deodorants I have.  Tea Tree Oil or Lavender applied directly to blemishes helps them go away quicker.  Making my own scented body oils is another fun use…just add whatever oil you are in the mood for with a carrier oil (Jojoba or coconut oils are what I usually use.)  Another use I love is adding a few drops of Lavender to some rosewater and putting it in a spray bottle to mist my face and body with–very refreshing and also helps set your makeup!

Of course there are about a gazillion more uses for essential oils, but these are just some of my favorites.  What do you guys like to use essential oils for?  Please leave tips for us below!


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5 responses to “Fun Uses for Essential Oils

  1. Ive been using the lavender oil with the rose water on my skin at night before bed. The smell is relaxing and helps me feel clean and fresh

  2. Love lavender for rubbing on temples and neck when stressed as well as to ease headaches. Also use lavender neat for bug bites and mix a few drops in with some aloe to apply to sunburns or regular burns. Tea tree is almost our first aid in a bottle at our house. Tea tree is used to treat fungal infections, yeast infections, bug bites, poison oak/ivy, zit zapper, general infections, and in household cleaning mixes. I use other essential oils quite regularly, but these are two I wouldn’t want to be without.

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  4. Yuonne Holscher

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