The Replacements are here!

posted by: Emily

If you’re like me, and you grew up using products like Vaseline and Aquaphor, you might miss them once you’ve gone green. I don’t miss the toxic part of the ingredients, or the not-at-all-earth-friendly aspect, but I have to admit that petroleum products (aka petrolatum, petroleum jelly, paraffin) are really great moisturizers, and I miss that part. For years, I thought there was nothing like it in the natural product world.

But recently, I have discovered NOT ONE, but TWO! new petroleum alternatives that really work and are good for you! Both are technically marketed as baby products, which is how I discovered them, but I assure you they are great well-beyond their uses on little ones.


The first is from our beloved Weleda: Calendula Weather Protection Cream. (Full disclosure: Weleda sent us this product for free to try on our babies, but I had purchased a tube of it myself long before then and was loving it before we got the free one from them.)

It’s called a “cream” but it’s more like a gel, a little more oily (in a good way) than the texture of Aquaphor. Spreadable, great-smelling, and, as promised, incredibly moisturizing. I used it on my daughter’s wind- and cold-burned cheeks during the winter when the pediatrician suggested Aquaphor. It worked amazingly well and the smell is so soothing and restorative. So I started using it on my hands, chapped from way too much washing. It worked like a charm. Both my daughter and I love it year-round, regardless of the titular weather.



The other product that I LOVE as a petroleum-product replacement is Honest Healing Balm. It’s from a new company you might have heard about, The Honest Company. Read all about them here— they are a great company. You will be hearing A LOT more about them from us, as both Jordan and I have sampled products from them and loved every single one of them. We purchased their sampler packs– they send you travel-sized versions of many of their products for FREE other than shipping costs. I highly recommend doing that, and also trying their diapers if you have a kiddo in diapers in your life.

All their products are natural, non-toxic, many are organic, and all and have pure, wonderful ingredients. Many are unscented, and all are extremely effective. Their packaging is sustainable, and the company is partnered with a non-profit to provide for babies in need. We’ll be posting more reviews soon.

The Healing Balm is advertised as “soothing protection & relief for diaper rash and sensitive skin” and is “Hypoallergenic / Clinically tested / Pediatrician Recommended / Vegetarian / Sensitive for Everyday Use.” I have found it works great as an all-purpose moisturizer, healer, and protector. It’s texture is almost exactly like Aquaphor– thick and rich. Not as easily spreadable as the Weleda, but still plenty spreadable. My only complaint is that even though it’s “unscented” it has a faint odor I don’t totally love– nothing bad, just a natural oil scent. It probably won’t bother anyone else (my husband doesn’t smell it) but I’m very odor-sensitive since having my daughter. Blame hormones, what can I say?


I tried out both of these products simultaneously for comparison and can say they work equally well. First, I did one on each hand, and was thrilled to find that even the next time I washed my hands– with soap– the balms worked as moisture-providing barriers and water beaded up on my skin keeping my hands from getting dried out. From my many other uses of both balms, I know they both healed the cracks and scrapes on my over-washed hands practically over night.

I then tested the balms on my legs, one on each to compare. I tested them right after shaving, which often irritates my severely dry skin, even in summer. Both did an excellent job of immediately providing relief from irritation post-shave, and hours later, my legs were equally still moist from the balms. The next day, both legs were STILL moist, and never were they particularly greasy.

I highly recommend both of these products, whether you have a baby in your life or not!


** Special note: Weleda has new products on their site: New natural Body Lotions! I haven’t tried them yet, but I just ordered the sampler from for $13.95. I can’t wait to try them all (and post a review for you)! And if you order another product and spend more than $30, you get a free Refining Toner (worth $17)! And if you buy another product and spend more than $50, shipping is free as always.

While you’re shopping on line, order Honest’s free trial– I don’t know how long they’re going to do it. It’s $4.95 for shipping and you get both body products and home-cleaning products to try! They’re great! You have to sign up for a monthly delivery but can cancel any time.


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5 responses to “The Replacements are here!

  1. I just bought a Weleda cream yesterday, which doesn’t look like exactly the same as yours here (maybe some of their american products are slightly different from the French ones?), but it’s one from their calendula line too, for face and body and “toute la famille” (for the all family! not just babies). It was just what I needed for my hands! I work as a home help, I do a lot of cleaning, my hands are often wet (or sweating inside latex gloves!) and even in summer, they get dry. I love the scent of that cream, which says just “creeeam”! 🙂

    • YAY! So glad you like it. Products are definitely different in Europe– Jordan went to Europe a while back and brought back some awesome Weleda products they just don’t make in the US. Enjoy, and please, tell us all about them! –Emily

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