Just Say No to Petroleum-Based Products! Review: Waxelene and Egyptian Magic

Posted by:  Jordan

We all know that we should start looking at the ingredients in our beauty products and paying attention to what we put on our skin and, hence, in our bodies.  Why exactly should we be concerned about petroleum-based products?  This is a really good, succinct article that will explain why, for health, beauty, and environmental reasons, we should be avoiding petroleum.  So what should the Vaseline addicts use?  I have some great suggestions!

 Waxelene is a fantastic moisturizing balm with so many uses.  The local, sustainable ingredients are pure and simple: Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil.  It’s a great deal too–a huge 9 oz jar costs $15.99 on Amazon. So you can really lather this stuff on and not feel guilty about how much it costs.  I love using it as a super-rich hand cream, a lip moisturizer (I like to put a small amount into an old lip balm jar with a couple drops of lavender essential oil), an incredible overnight foot cream, a makeup remover, a flyaway hair tamer, a sunless tanner barrier (if you’re into that…I encourage you to just embrace your natural skin color though.  Who knows what chemicals you’re breathing and putting on your skin with sunless tanners!), a diaper rash barrier for baby…I could go on, but why don’t you just check out their list of suggested uses!  Summed up, this stuff rocks.  I think it’s a necessity in every household, but especially one with a baby when you’re washing your hands ten million times a day and need a heavy-duty moisturizer lest you have hands that are dry, cracked, and looked like you’re the baby’s great-grandmother rather than the parent!

Egyptian Magic is an ideal all-purpose moisturizer–less thick and Vaseline-y feeling than Waxelene, yet amazingly hydrating.  The ingredient list is similar to Waxelene, but just a bit more exquisite with the addition of the super-luxe ingredient, royal jelly.  Ingredient list: olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract (the resin from bee hives). A little goes a long way with this stuff, which is good since a 4 oz jar costs $36.  The consistency is that of a jelly; however, as soon as it’s warmed in your hands it becomes an oil, which we all know is the best way to moisturize.  Skin loves oil.  And I love Egyptian Magic.  It has a cult-like following, including stars such as Madonna and Kate Hudson.  Some of the testimonials are bordering on fanatical they’re so devoted to this stuff.  I admit that I bought this cream after being sold on how this “miracle cream” can cure whatever ails you–eczema, acne and old acne scars, burns, fever blisters,  warts, bug bites, crow’s-feet, etc. Perhaps I’m a little cynical–I’m not completely convinced that this stuff is quite as magical as some of the testimonials, but is it an incredible natural moisturizer worth every cent?  Absolutely!  I’m also in love with the outdated packaging.  Kind of reminiscent of kooky Dr. Bronner’s packaging, which of course leads me to believe that they actually put their money into the product’s quality ingredients instead of marketing and advertising.

So please, get rid of that cheapo Vaseline and get a product that is healthier for you and the environment.  Choose your (organic) poison and let us know if you discover any miracles!


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2 responses to “Just Say No to Petroleum-Based Products! Review: Waxelene and Egyptian Magic

  1. My skin loves Egyptian Magic! Amazing product!

  2. I developed an allergy to Propolis, after using Waxelene for a year or so in conjunction with eating local honey that contained the beeswax which I chewed! Lips swelled, with a red, sore rim around the outside edges I had eliminated just about everything, except my ‘organic, natural Waxelene’ trying to isolate the cause of my allergic reaction, until one night when I really ‘slathered’ Waxelene on my sore lips and woke up the next morning with enormous lips! Stopped using Waxelene, my raw honey and my hairspray, which also contains Proplis! Am in the process of identifying other products in my home, is furniture polish or anything that contains beeswax. Egyptian Magic too! Brought it back to Costco and they gave me my money back!

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