You oughta know

posted by Emily

First, this:

ImageThis appeared in my inbox JUST as I was thinking to myself that I needed to blog about how I am enjoying Weleda’s Pomegranate Face care! They sent us a set to try out a while back, and I have been using the night cream for a few weeks and really like it! 

Here’s what it promises:

Dermatological test shown that wrinkles are reduced by 35%* after 28 days when using Weleda Pomegranate Firming Night Cream.

Are my wrinkles reduced? I have no idea, but my skin feels great and looks good and appears to be just the right amount moisturized.  I’m sold! 


Also, tomorrow is having a sale on Pangea Organics!! I have always loved everything about this line EXCEPT for how expensive it is, so what is better than Pangea on sale?!  If you aren’t already on Gloss48, join up now. It’s awesome.



One more thing:

This Article, Natural Makeup Makes You a Better Feminist, articulates one of the reasons we do what we do on this blog. Please read and share!  


Happy Wednesday!



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2 responses to “You oughta know

  1. It makes us a better feminist or maybe just a better human being!? Looking for natural products, maybe even making your own cosmetics, learning about what’s good for you or not… that’s a process that can take you on quite a journey and not only cosmeticwise! Giving thoughts to what you put on your skin may lead you to think of what you put “inside” it! So it may lead you to reform your diet and in the end you might end up starting a garden and stopping watching tv and so on! Cosmetics are only a small part of a quest for autonomy in all ways, a quest that more and more people seem to jump into! And some men are on board! 🙂

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