The Search is OVER! (For me, at least). The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 10: DeodoMom

Posted by: Emily

You might have noticed, than in the past 2+ years of our search for a natural deodorant, that I’ve been pretty quiet on the topic, letting Jordan do most of the research and reporting. It’s not that I haven’t tried a lot of natural deodorants myself; on the contrary, I’ve tried many. They just haven’t worked for me. None of them.

Well, I take that back. Some have worked well, like Soapwalla, but it, along with all the other natural deodorants I’ve ever tried, really irritated my skin. Yes, you heard correctly. I, one of the ultimate natural product junkies, am allergic to something in most natural deodorants. This is where Alanis Morissette would say it’s “ironic,” but if you ask me, it just stinks. Literally.

I’ve tried all kinds of things– using Soapwalla only every OTHER day to minimize irritation; using plain coconut oil, which, by the way, does NOT work; a week-long break from putting anything at all on my armpits (you did not want to be near me that week, even though it was the dead of winter!), making my own deodorant and tweaking the recipes to try and make it gentle… the list goes on and on. I finally resorted to using conventional deodorant, since that was the only thing that didn’t leave me with a rash.

Until now. I have found the solution, people. A natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS and does not irritate my apparently incredibly sensitive armpits. The folks from got in touch with us a few months ago and offered to send us some samples of their DeodoMom Cream. (They actually sent us each full-sizes of both the Jar and the Roll-on– so nice!)

I was hesitant at first to even try it– I mean, who wants red, irritated armpits AGAIN? But Jordan tried it first, and encouraged me to use it for a few days and see how it worked.

For the 2 weeks that followed, I sent Jordan a series of emails, with subject lines like: WTF??? THIS WORKS, and SERIOUSLY? HOW DOES IT WORK?, and OMG, REALLY??????, and finally WOW. IT WORKS. I received similar texts from my husband, who was intrigued and decided to try out the cream. “Um, what’s in this? It actually works. What’s the catch?” he texted from work one 100+degree day. Yes, I should specify, we tested this deodorant over the past few months. In gross, record-breaking, New York City summer heat.

AND IT WORKS! Turns out, the main ingredient– the only ingredient besides water– is Magnesium hydroxide – a mineral safe enough to eatYes, that’s right– that’s Milk of Magnesia. (Note: Jordan tried Milk of Magnesia once as a deodorant on its own, to limited avail, so if you’re interested in trying this, we really recommend DeodoMom’s cream– something about the concentration and the right amount of water and the consistency of the cream helps it work.)

So, the product was developed to be safe for pregnant women, and named as such, but all kinds of people use it, my husband included, so do not be deterred if you’re not a mom, or not a woman. They should call it “IT REALLY WORKS” cream or something. (Yeah, I know, I’m working on the name.) The packaging is very plain and simple, not too glam, but the point is that the deodorant actually works, and it has no bad chemicals or anything– it has only two ingredients! It’s unscented, but you can always add essential oils on your own if you wish.

And the news just keeps getting better: The generous people at Some30Weeks have offered to do a GIVEAWAY! Four of our lucky readers will each win a DeodoMom cream– 2 jars and 2 roll-ons!!! So please post in the comments here and tell us that you want to be entered to win a deodorant that really works! We will also give bonus entries to anyone who tweets about this contest (we’re @PJunkiesRehab, and let us know in the comments here if you do so), or posts on Facebook about it. Please spread the word– people need to know about this deodorant!

UPDATE:  Great news!!  The good people of DeodoMom have created a special secret page on their website just for our readers where you can buy their products at a discount!  Check it out here.  Don’t drag your feet, though–this discount will only be accessible until the end of September, 2012.



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43 responses to “The Search is OVER! (For me, at least). The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 10: DeodoMom

  1. Woo-hoo! Congratulations Emily in finally finding the right deoderant for you! I’d love to try it too.

  2. Melissa

    I have the same problem with sensitive skin and natural deodorant! Tried lots of natural deodorant recommendations from PJR but have reverted back to regular deodorant because my pits kept getting irritated and would end up smelling more, ew! (best so far though has definitely been Jor’s homemade concoction). Would love to try this new found product!

  3. Gail

    I’ve had the same issues you have with natural deodorants. I really want to use natural exclusively, but none have worked – and I’ve tried five over the past two years. So back to my chemical Secret Clinical Strength for sensitive skin. It breaks my armpits out every so often, and in the long run, trashes the fabric in the armpits of my clothes, too. I so want to find a natural deodorant that works and would love to try DeodoMom!

  4. I’ve love to win some of this stuff. I’m tweeting about it too.

  5. Can it be applied to freshly shaved underarms? I bought soapwalla’s deo because of your review and I’ve really liked it but scheduling shaving around when I need to apply soapwalla isn’t ideal! I’d love to try deodomom vs soapwalla 🙂

  6. heather

    well, that’s a relief! i’ve tried to convert in most products, but i have also really had a problem with deodorants. i thought maybe i was just extra stinky 😦 glad to hear i’m not the only one! i just kept going back to a commercial product, whose name shall remain secret, b/c i can’t stand to smell my funk, and since i work out (and sweat a lot) at least 4 times a week, i just can’t expose others to it either. and i live in a climate that has tons of 100+ degree weather days each summer. soooo, all that say, i’d love to win a deodorant that really works!!

  7. heather

    i just tweeted about the giveaway.

  8. Eve

    Emily, I think we must have the same allergy as I too have been trying all the natural product iterations with nothing to show but bright red burning angry armpits (ouch). I would love to be entered in the contest for DeodoMom Cream!

  9. Nadia

    As would I! i have ordered natural deodorants online and i have not been happy with the results. I would LOVE to try this DeodoMom Cream!!

  10. I would love to try this, As you, I had a lot of problems with natural deodorants. For me, the problem was baking soda that let my armpits on fire. Lately I’m using some deodorants from The All Natural Face made of Potassium Alum, and it’s working fine, but I want to try this one you’re reviewing too.

  11. Emily, I hear you! I too resorted back to using Dove because all the other natural stuff gave me horrible looking armpits (all dark, burned, and painful). I most try this new product…put me in the drawing…if it works I’ll freaking buy it bulk! 🙂

  12. BTW, I posted it on Facebook too…just saying…want my freebies!!! LOL!

  13. kelly

    Enter me please!!!! I have been following your hunt with great interest. I have found something that works for me but its not ideal and I have to take breaks from it to keep my armpits from breaking out in a rash.

  14. Stephanie

    Sounds a little weird but I am interested in trying it! Happy to hear that you found something that works and doesn’t irritate!

  15. Katherine McQueen

    I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant too. I’d love to try this one out.

  16. Tonya

    I am loving my homemade deodorant with DoTerra essential oils, this month I used Lemongrass but would love to try this deodorant! I posted about it on facebook but couldn’t make the links appear.

  17. upma

    I have the same problem with irritation! I like the pit putty stuff, but i still need to reapply. Even if I don’t win in this giveaway, I’ll be trying this out soon!

  18. Kate

    Awesome post!!! So excited to hear about this deodorant! I’d love to try the roll on!

  19. Deodorant is such a tricky thing to find! I’ve been experimenting with making my own, but I’m still working on perfecting the recipe

  20. VW

    I would love to try DeodoMom cream.

  21. I am searching for a natural deodorant, too! I wouldn’t mind trying the cream and roll-on!

  22. T.O.

    I want to be entered to win deodorant that REALLY WORKS. I have been searching a long time for a product like this

  23. Kelly

    Thanks for the post and the opportunity to try DeodoMom! I had never heard of it and would love to try it also!

  24. I swear i have tried everything and like you said, NOTHING WORKS! I don’t have sensitive skin issues, the deodorants just don’t seem to be effective so I would love to try this!!

  25. Well, don’t put me in for that giveaway since I don’t need any deo, thank you!
    I just write to say that yes, it’s possible to have simply no use for a deo when you eat very big amounts of fruits and veggies and very little amounts of all the rest!
    Change your diet for a few weeks and see for yourself!!
    I’ve been doing that for a bit more than two months now, I’m not 100% vegan (yet?), maybe “only” 85-90% vegan and still, I don’t smell a thing!!
    And you know, it’s summer here too (in France!) 🙂

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  27. maria

    I have been in the same natural deodorant search and still haven’t found any that work for me! I would love to win one of these to try it, especially after your glowing review! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  28. Rachel

    Please enter me in the contest! Very exciting. I also tweeted and facebooked. Thanks so much!

  29. Wow! Now I want to give it a try after that endorsement! Thanks for hunting out a good one.

  30. Shell M

    I’d love to try it. I had the same problem with Soapwalla though it worked great. I use only natural products anyway but am also trying to have a baby. And yes, its been hot in nyc!

  31. Alicia

    It’s freaking midnight, and I’m awake looking up deodorant reviews! Ridiculous! All I want is to not smell! Is that so bad? I can’t find a chemical laden deodorant that works, let alone something that is natural. I’ve tried dozens of deodorants (natural and not) and i have NEVER found one that works. If this deodoMom works, I will be a customer for life! Hook a smelly sista up!

  32. gloria

    I’ve had trouble finding a natural deodorant that lasts through dance class! Hopefully this one will work …

  33. Brinklen

    I’ve been on a natural deodoratn hunt for at least a year and here I am still searching for a deo to KO my BO!

  34. Pamela Stockland

    I know I’m super late, but I just wanted to say thank you for posting about this. I, too, have been searching for about 2 years or so for a natural deodorant. I will definitely try this one. (I actually used plain milk of magnesia successfully in the winter, but the summer heat and humidity proved to be too much for it!)

  35. AG

    I would love to try it. I would be grateful and a lifetime customer if it worked. I have had this problem since I was 12 years old and I am now 42. Nothing has worked. I have tried ALL deodorants (even old spice and I am a woman). I am an aspiring music artist and a I work in an office. i can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to be smelly and greet people. Or people address me after a show and I smell so bad that I don’t want them to come up but then I seem like a snob. I’m a really beautiful woman (inside and out) I just have this one BIG problem- BODY ODOR……

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  37. Gloria

    Hello! How about Lavilin??? It’s really such a great product, that I’m always suggesting it to people. One of my girlfriends got me to try it a couple years ago and it’s been such a pleasant surprise!

  38. Maureen

    For the last 6 months, I’ve used Soapwalla with no issues at all – it’s worked well and hasn’t had any adverse effects… until 5 weeks ago. I started to develop what I thought was a mild shaving skin irritation that turned into a full blown allergic reaction.

    I had the same response as you (– how am I possibly allergic to a natural product?! It must be something– anything– else. This is the only stuff that works). Before going to total non-deo-use (or reverting to an aluminum-packed option), I went back to “Every Man Jack” (a natural deodorant I tried once that doesn’t work). The rash has already started to subside, and I’m just reapplying every two hours or so.

    I ordered DeodoMom this morning and am hoping it works AND my skin can tolerate it! Thanks for your research + report!

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