Natural Deodorant Giveaway: DeodoMom

posted by: Emily

In case you missed the big announcement, I’ve found a natural deodorant that actually works for me and doesn’t cause irritation! It’s a miracle!

The generous folks at 30someWeeks, makers of DeodoMom, are sponsoring a giveaway for us– 4 of you will win your own full-sized DeodoMom cream (2 roll-ons, 2 jars)! Many of you have already entered, and if you haven’t done so yet, please post in the comments here and let us know that you want to win. For extra chances to win, post on Facebook about it (tag us in the post, @Product Junkies Rehab) or tweet about it and tag us (@PJunkiesRehab).

The contest will end Monday night at 11:59pm, so enter before then and tell all your friends (especially those you want to smell good!) and we will announce the winners later in the week.

In the meantime, here’s more about the wonderful DeodoMom cream and how we’re using it.

– The website says that women tend to prefer the jar, applied with their fingers, and the roll-on is popular among men and women. I personally use the roll-on; I hate to get my hands “dirty” (you could eat this deodorant, so it’s not really dirty, but it’s just one more thing to clean my hands from). My husband actually likes the jar, so go figure! The short answer is that both work well and get the job done.

– You can apply DeodoMom after shaving. As I’ve mentioned, I have had extreme irritation from every other natural deodorant I’ve tried, even when avoiding applying post-shave, but this one has not irritated my skin at all. Like I said, a miracle!

– I like to add my own scent to it. I recently got some EO Organic Deodorant spray to try out– it’s just alcohol and essential oils. It wouldn’t work for me by itself as a deodorant, but I have started using it as a “pit perfume” over the unscented DeodoMom just for it’s lovely scent. I was given the spray in Vetiver, which smells incredible.  I received the spray as part of Green Grab Bag, a subscription service like BirchBox, but for all-natural products. More on that coming soon– we’ll be reviewing a few such subscriptions, including Green Grab Bag, Conscious Box, and Goodebox.  Stay Tuned!

– If you don’t win the giveaway– and I wish you all could– and still want to try DeodoMom, the deodorant is very affordable. The Jar is $10, the Roll-on is $12, and if you buy in bulk, you get a discount. The jar or roll-on usually lasts about 3 months. So we’re talking under $50 a year for natural, safe deodorant. Pretty good!

– 30SomeWeeks has a great FAQ page about the deodorant if you want to know more! And P.S. they’re a family-owned company– bonus!

UPDATE:  Great news!!  The good people of DeodoMom have created a special secret page on their website just for our readers where you can buy their products at a discount!  Check it out here.  Don’t drag your feet, though–this discount will only be accessible until the end of September, 2012.



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8 responses to “Natural Deodorant Giveaway: DeodoMom

  1. I am interested in the green grab bags but have not come across one in Canada yet. If there was one I would almost certainly subscribe. I subscribed to one of the regular cosmetics samples monthly boxes for awhile but although it included some natural products I was getting too many things I wasn’t going to use.

  2. Cori

    I’d love to win! 🙂

  3. Shell M

    Tweeted about the giveaway @shellshakti

  4. Kim

    I would so love to try DeodoMom as I live in Europe so have to get Soapwalia shipped over as there’s nothing similar on the market here. After breast cancer & lymph node removal I only use natural deodorant, love the effectiveness of Soapwalia but it does irritate my skin so I can’t use it every day. Thanks!!!

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