Andalou Naturals

Posted by: Emily

About a year ago (wow, time flies!) I posted about wanting to find a good facial scrub. Well, lucky for us, Andalou Naturals sent us one a few weeks ago. And I like it!


At first, I was worried the Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub would be too abrasive for my face, which is more sensitive than it used to be pre-motherhood, so I started slow. I used the scrub on my arms, neck, and decolletage. It was really soothing and refreshing, and not at all abrasive. The sugar dissolves as you use it, so it is actually very gentle. 


I started experimenting, mixing it in with my body wash, (I’m using and loving Pangea Organics’ Italian White Sage with Geranium and Yarrow right now), creating a nice, foamy, gentle body exfoliator. 

Then I mixed it in with my regular facial wash (still loving John Masters Organics’ Rose Foaming Facial Wash) to create a gentle face scrub. It made my face feel great and fresh. So the next few times, I used the scrub alone on my face, and it was really lovely. I wouldn’t do it every day– the product recommendation is 1-3 times a week– so it’s a good treat every few days.

At $14.95 a jar, this is actually a great deal. A little goes a very long way, so this jar is going to last a long time, even as I use it as a body scrub sometimes.


Read more about Andalou here— we had not heard of them before they sent us the scrub, but I bet you’ll be hearing more about them in the future! 



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2 responses to “Andalou Naturals

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Andalou Naturals products for some time now especially their body lotions. This seems well worth the price I may give it a go. Thanks for the review.

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