Lucky You!

Posted by: Emily


Happy Friday! I love weekends. My husband is home with me and our daughter all day and the 3 of us just love spending time together. It’s fun to see friends and go places, but sometimes, I prefer to just be around the house or neighborhood with my little family. I think Friday nights are my favorite, because the whole weekend is ahead of us. Aahhh!

If you’re not already excited that it’s Friday, here’s something to sweeten the day: A Giveaway!!

I recently reviewed this awesome facial scrub from Andalou Naturals, and now they are giving one away to a lucky PJR reader!  


So read the review if you haven’t done so already, and enter to win! Here’s how it works. Get one entry for completing each of the following actions:

  1. Like Andalou Naturals on Facebook
  2. Follow @AndalouNaturals on Twitter
  3. Sign up for Andalou’s exclusive newsletter on their website or Facebook

You can do one or all three, just post in the comments and tell us what you did so we can tally up your entries!

We’ll select a winner on Tuesday. So if you don’t enter today, you can still do so on Monday, to cheer yourself up when the weekend is over. 😦 And one person will have a great Tuesday when he/she is named winner!

Read about Andalou’s use of Fruit Stem Cells here! 


And have a great weekend!!




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10 responses to “Lucky You!

  1. Kelly

    Great review! I’ve been using a similar product from Suki but its more expensive. I would like to compare and see if I like this product as much. Their product line looks interesting as well. I liked Andalou Naturals on FB and signed up for their newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    • Jordan

      Kelly, I too LOVE the scrub from Suki. Let us know if you try this one how you like it compared to Suki. The price is definitely better for Andalou!

  2. sounds great, liked them on FB and followed on twitter!

  3. Hallie Kapner

    I liked Andalou on FB and I like your blog (and you two ladies) too! I also subscribed to the Andalou newsletter because I’m feeling like a joiner today. 🙂

  4. ecobeaut

    I liked Andalou Naturals on Facebook (under Marcella Tam), I follow @andalounaturals on Twitter as @ecobeaut, and I signed up for their newsletter! Thanks for the chance to win this facial scrub, I’ve been meaning to try some Andalou Naturals products 🙂

  5. I’ve been eying Andalou’s stuff lately…it all sounds fantastic and is refreshingly affordable! I liked their FB and followed on twitter 🙂

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  7. I Liked Andalou on, followed on Twitter and subscribed to their newsletter! 🙂

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