Cheap Green Find: Desert Essence Shampoo

Posted by:  Jordan

A few weeks ago I was in need of a new shampoo, which is rare because I bought my last bottle of shampoo in 2010 when I was in London and discovered that they have a whole line of Weleda hair care products there, lucky Brits.  This is not a joke–one shampoo bottle lasts me that long, and that’s with my husband sharing the bottle!  I have very fine hair and the little hair he has is quickly dwindling, so we don’t go through much of it, especially since we don’t wash our hair every day.

As if Emily read my mind that it was time for me to make the big decision of what our new bottle of shampoo was going to be, she sent me this great article from Ecosalon with the best green shampoos.  What great timing!

I’m not opposed to spending some money on my shampoo since it will last me so long, but of course I ended up choosing the cheapest shampoo on the list!  I was at my local natural foods store and saw Desert Essence’s whole line of shampoos and conditioners, and I remembered that Desert Essence shampoo was one of the three shampoos listed in the Best Overall category.  And it was only $6–score!  There are several delicious sounding shampoos such as Coconut, Italian Red Grape, and Red Raspberry–each focusing on a different hair type–but I ended up choosing the volumizing Green Apple and Ginger.

This is a fantastic, all-natural, inexpensive shampoo that I would highly recommend.  Does it make every day an amazing hair day?  Of course not, it’s just a shampoo, not a miracle worker.  But it smells amazing (perfect for Fall), gets my hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils thanks to the sulfate-free formula, and doesn’t leave a nauseating, lingering, artificial smell.  (By the way, is anyone else completely turned off my artificial fragrances after going all-natural with their personal care products?  Ugh, so overpowering!)

Don’t you love when you find a great all-natural product that you can feel good about and simultaneously spend less than you would had you bought your standard chemical-packed drugstore brand?

And what’s better than a Cheap Green Find?  A FREE ONE!!!  Enter to win our current giveaway for Andalou Naturals Lemon Facial Scrub.  Winners announced tomorrow (we extended the contest to allow a few more of you stragglers to enter!). 


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2 responses to “Cheap Green Find: Desert Essence Shampoo

  1. I really do love finding cheap green products that you can easily find at your local health food store. It’s super convenient and just awesome especially when you need something last minute.

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