The PERFECT Tinted Moisturizer

Posted by:  Jordan

It is a goal of mine to try every Eminence product there is because I have yet to try one that is less than perfect.  My latest trial, the new Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 25, is hands down the best tinted moisturizer ever.  I challenge anyone to find a better one because it truly is perfection.

There have been a lot of “BB Creams” introduced in the Western market this year, and I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sick of the bubbly 17 year olds on the big cosmetic companies’ commercials gushing about how her 8-in-1 BB Cream does it all, from brightening her skin (is a 17-year-old’s skin not bright enough?) to providing powerful anti-aging protection.  What in that petroleum-based, paraben-packed ingredient list provides anti-aging protection, other than sunscreen?  Personally, I’m tired of the whole “BB Cream”…maybe it’s just the name that makes me think it’s all just a gimmick.

Eminence blessedly spared me the fingernails-on-chalkboard annoyance by not calling their new  organic tinted moisturizer with SPF a “BB Cream.”  Thank you for taking the high road and not giving in to fads, Eminence.  Now, their ingredient list truly is something to make a 17 year old gush (as well as a 33-year-old like myself).  Here are some highlights, but of course the rest of the list is completely natural and meets Eminence’s high quality standard.

  • Linden Tea: supplies bioflavonoids, nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates the skin
  • Shea Butter: moisturizes and repairs the look of skin
  • Aloe: soothing and refreshing
  • Corn Germ Oil: enriches, supports and increases moisture levels within the skin
  • Jojoba Oil: supports and hydrates with one of the best absorption rates
What makes me love this product so much is its lightweight, fresh-smelling formula that gives me just enough coverage to make me feel like I applied foundation without the feel of heavy, greasy foundation.  It’s the perfect addition to your Fall beauty routine because I know I’m a little less vigilant about applying sunscreen daily, and this is like a sheer tint of skin-perfecting color that just happens to have some sun protection hidden inside…kind of like those brownies that sneak fruits and vegetables in them.  (If anyone tries this recipe, let me know…I’ve been meaning to test them out!)  I ordered the Vanilla Latte color, which blends in perfectly to my fair skin.  Thank you, Eminence, for never letting me down!  I had my eyes on this product for months and, as predicted, it was nothing short of perfection.


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17 responses to “The PERFECT Tinted Moisturizer

  1. How does it compare with Marie Veronique’s tinted moisturizers? I’m addicted to those but always willing to try new things 🙂

    • Jordan

      I hate to say anything at all negative about MVO bc I love them too, but I think eminence is easier to blend. Sometimes MVO gets stuck in my face hair and makes me look like I have a mustache (TMI??). But the benefit of MVO, and the reason it’s more difficult to blend sometimes is because it has much more zinc oxide (20%) vs eminence with 6% zinc oxide. So for this reason i’ll stick with MVO Moisturizing Face Screen for summer/major outdoor days, but eminence for the rest of the time.

  2. Autumn

    It’s funny because I honestly hate this product. I know that’s a strong word but it rang true for me. I am usually a huge (HUGE!) fan of Eminence products but this one was a flop for me. I found it incredibly hard to blend, the vanilla much too dark for my skin and it made me break out like crazy. I also just think it didn’t make my skin look better when I wore it. What’s worse is that my skin started to look worse after a few days and would make my face sting. I wanted to love this product but alas maybe it just wasn’t right for me.

    • Jordan

      Oh no, what a terrible reaction to it! Thanks for telling us your experience. Just goes to show how different skin reacts completely differently to products. Have you found a tinted moisturizer you like better?

      • Autumn

        I have yet to find one since going completely clean with my products. I really want to try out 100% pure but I feel like I need to see in it person.

      • Jordan

        I liked 100% pure a lot! But you’re right, choosing a color from their selection is easier in person.

  3. Hey Jordan, I would love to give this a try, but I’m not sure if I would be vanilla or caramel! LOL. Do you know what you are in MAC?

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  5. There are a lot of skin care products on the market today. Before purchasing anything, make sure you know your skin type. Then choose products according to skin type and what they’re used for. While there are facial toners, scrubs, masks, night creams and moisturizers, you may not have need for all of them. Using what you don’t need may have negative side effects.

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  7. Exceptional post. Never knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.

  8. Great post. Wondering if any of this tint offers sun screen or any type of UV protection? That would be great.

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